Eco health Tourism Resort in Sishui Shandong Province

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Eco health Tourism Resort in Sishui Shandong Province

"Shandong Sishui Violent Eco-health Tourism Resort" is a pioneer in China, which combines superior ecological environment, long-standing health culture and modern leisure and vacation industry. The project will meet people's growing needs of travel, recreation, fitness, health and vacation in an all-round way, and lead a new tourism form. The Wanziyuan Project is located in Sizhang Town, Sishui County, Jining City, Shandong Province. The Qingjie Reservoir in the upper reaches of Jihe River, the first branch of Sihe River, is adjacent to Pingyi County in the east, Shengshuiyu Township in the west, Zoucheng City in the south, Miaoguan Town in the north and Quanlin Town in the north. The Park fully embodies the concept of modern energy, maximizing the use of light, wind, water, geothermal energy and other ways to reduce energy consumption.

Basic introduction

With the approval of the National Tourism Administration, Sishui County Wanziqianhong Eco-health Tourism Resort has been promoted to the national 4A-level scenic spot, becoming another 4A-level scenic spot in Jining after Liangshan, Liuyicheng, Fushan, Mengmiao, Mengfu, Weishan Lake and Baoxiangsi scenic spot.

The project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, with 1000 mu of Qingyuan Lake as the center, surrounded by mountains on all sides. It has a rare natural landscape in the north, including lakes, gentle slopes, shallow hills, mountains and dense forests. Supported by SPA Resort, VIP Eco-health Club, Pastoral Holiday Villa, Chinese and Western Farm Experience, Organic Agriculture Science Popularization, Private Yacht Wharf, Helicopter Yard, as well as the largest and most complete American car camps in the province.

Project background

In China, with the sustained and high-speed development of the economy, while the material living standards of urban residents have been greatly improved, the rhythm of life and the pressure of work have been increasing day by day. More and more people have begun to enter the sub-health state. Therefore, improving the quality of life and maintaining physical and mental health have gradually become the focus and trend of consumption, and people have gradually begun to shift from tangible material consumption to non-material health. Health and spiritual consumption, which provides a broad market space for health and leisure vacation industry. According to statistics, Americans have 1/3 of leisure time, 2/3 of their income for leisure, and 1/3 of their land area for leisure. Time magazine predicted that around 2015, developed countries will enter the leisure era in an all-round way. The development of new technology enables people to spend 50% of their lives on leisure, and leisure industry will occupy half of the gross national product of developed countries.

Basic information of the project

Base profile

The planning scope of the Wanziyuan project is mainly Qingjie Reservoir, with Guishan and Liujialing in the north, Hedong in the south, Daqingjie Village in the West and Shandong Watershed in the east, covering an area of about 6900 mu.

Traffic location

Wanziyuan project has unique location, convenient transportation, 90 kilometers away from Qufu Airport in Jining; less than 200 kilometers away from Jinan City, Yaoqiang International Airport in Jinan and Xuzhou Airport; 30 kilometers away from the exit of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, two hours by high-speed rail to Beijing and two and a half hours to Shanghai; 240 kilometers away from Rizhao Port and 360 kilometers away from Qingdao Port; and is located at the junction of Beijing-Fuzhou, Beijing-Shanghai and Ridong Expressways, Ridong. The high-speed exit to the entrance of the project park is only 200 meters, and the traffic conditions are extremely favorable.

Environmental situation

The project is centered around Qingjie Reservoir, with a bay of clear water and sparkling waves, surrounded by mountains and peaks turning around. The park has a large fluctuation in topography, with a natural shallow hilly basin eco-environment rarely seen in Shandong Province. It is a typical landform with hills, gentle slopes, platforms, lakes and dense forests as a whole. The first case of peach blossom jellyfish, known as the giant panda in water, was found in the Qingjie Reservoir. The water quality is very good and it is very suitable for health preservation. At present, soil erosion is serious in the area. Except for more than 300 mu of land in the west of Zhangzhuangcun Reservoir, it is mostly hilly and ridge land, 75% of which is above 25 degrees. After the ecological transformation, the park not only conserves water resources, but also enhances the environment of vegetation, ecology and air by returning farmland to forestry and replanting suitable growing tea, fruit and rare trees, and further extends health-keeping projects to health-related industries, which promotes the overall development of new rural construction and economic level in the region.

Project Development Concept

1. Based on the principle of "ecological priority, protection and development", and on the basis of respecting nature, protecting nature and conforming to nature, the planning and construction of ecological concepts Park lays stress on optimizing ecological environment, perfecting ecological system, creating ecological atmosphere, resolutely eliminating the destruction of natural environment and ecological environment by development and construction, so as to form a harmonious and unified whole between architecture and environment, man and nature. 2. In the design of health-preserving vacation products, the concept of traditional Chinese medicine health-preserving culture, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and folk health-preserving products are introduced comprehensively. Through clean air, beautiful environment, organic food, traditional Chinese medicine, health physiotherapy, sports, health-preserving interaction and other health-preserving products and methods, people can integrate into nature, regulate body and mind, balance Yin and Yang, and balance Yin and Yang. Restoring function and firming essence, realizing the goal of comprehensive recuperation from the aspects of spirit, living, diet, sports, medical treatment and so on, and realizing the perfect combination of health preservation and heart preservation. 3. Concepts of environmental protection and energy conservation In environmental protection, a series of environmental protection prevention measures will be formulated for waste gas, waste water, waste, noise, etc., so that Wanziyuan will become a demonstration base for practicing modern environmental protection concepts. 4. Landscape design concept Landscape planning and design will implement the idea of "people-oriented, nature first, ecological construction, beautiful environment", highlight the theme of ecological health preservation and traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, organic integration of natural landscape and human landscape, create a quiet, comfortable, tranquil, elegant and soft modern health-preserving leisure residential resort. At the same time, we should fully draw on and absorb the essence of traditional Chinese architectural geomancy and landscape art, combine the connotation of Chinese health culture, according to the local climate characteristics, back mountain and surface water, Tibetan wind gathering, and strive for the best landscape effect and living environment. 5. The architectural planning and design of Wanziyuan will focus on the overall orientation of "ecological health", follow the concept of original organic architecture, and integrate the architecture with the natural combination of streams, lakes, rocks, plants and so on. In planning and layout, make full use of natural topography and landform, and build according to the situation. Each building has its own characteristics, or hidden or obvious, or raised or even, constituting a natural architectural landscape. Appearance style pursues simplicity and plainness, not luxury. It forms texture contrast between original stone, log and exquisite metal and glass, reflects the harmony and unity of original environment and exquisite life, and integrates modern into nature, so as to perfect the combination of modern and nature. Building materials widely select local stone, wood, etc., reflecting the elements of building materials and natural environment in a continuous line, the unity of man and nature, advocating nature. Architectural space adopts open courtyard, broad balcony, transparent glass, lake and mountain scenery, lake and stream with moist breeze and sound of water drift into the house, let the sound of nature permeate from every corner of the building, make the inhabitants melt in the poetry of the countryside and enjoy the gift of nature.

Project orientation

Theme positioning: Chinese eco-health leisure resort image positioning: natural return to heaven and earth health goal positioning: shaping the core brand of Chinese health industry, building a high-end demonstration base of ecological health, promoting the vertical development of the production chain, to show the world a broad and profound Chinese health culture and products.

Main Contents of Construction

Main Construction Contents

According to the types, characteristics and spatial distribution of resources in the park, the park is divided into dynamic and static districts. Considering the functional characteristics, the teaching and scientific research districts and economic and commercial districts are arranged separately. A. Moving area: From West to east, from Yingbin Avenue into the entrance landscape area, including central service area, ecological wetland landscape area, organic products and agricultural cultivation and aquaculture area, public ecological leisure area, as well as the leisure and sightseeing belt around the lake built along the Qingjie Reservoir, which is the open dynamic zone for sightseeing; B. Static area: northwest side of Qingjie Reservoir, West from Guishan, east to Liujialing. For high-end health preservation areas, including VIP clubs, health culture centers, health theme hotels, high-end health rooms, health sports centers, flower mineral spring health hall (SPA spa), forest health preservation areas, etc.; c, teaching and research areas: in quiet areas, health culture centers are the main, health sports centers and forest health preservation areas are supplemented, as teaching and research areas, centralized display and research. China health culture, training health personnel; d, economic and commercial areas: in the central service area and the project surrounding the construction of tourism business service areas, community participation, guide and encourage farmers in villages and towns to produce and supply characteristic organic agricultural products, and promote the prosperity of villagers.

Major projects under construction and proposed in the near future

A. Infrastructure construction: from 200 metres north of the spring forest exit of Ridong Expressway, a landscape road (Yingbin Avenue) with a length of 1737.4 metres and a width of 12 metres will be constructed; from Sizhang Substation, a 3-kilometre long special line will be erected to Wanziyuan, Sizhang Substation will be rebuilt, and a closing station will be built in the park; from Nanchen, high-quality mineral water will be diverted to the park to carry out Chinese-style and Chinese-style. Thai-style, European-style, Bali-style mineral spring bath, SPA, enrich the life of ecological health zone and high-end customer needs. Construction of branch roads such as Huanhu Road and Huanshan Road in the park; construction of sewage treatment plants; construction of solar energy and wind power facilities; water recreation projects, reinforcement of Qingjie Reservoir and construction of water storage facilities in the park; b, theme hotels and clubs: planned and designed by well-known design companies in Australia and the United States, which are currently in progress; c, construction of health rooms: divided into China and the West; In ancient and modern architectural style, there are Chinese, Swiss, French and modern style. D. Project park greening project: Park 4620 Mu barren hills and slopes greening, planting more than 30 selected varieties of trees. In 2009, 900,000 plants are planned, with an investment of more than 30 million yuan. E. New development of 100 mu tea garden in the southern part of the park; construction of 420 Mu fine orchard in the southeast; construction of 400 mu ecological agriculture experience garden; construction of 400 mu low-lying wetland in the park; use of existing Qingjie reservoir, fish pond and new reservoir for aquaculture; development of ecological livestock and poultry breeding; production and development of agricultural organic products and cultivation of precious medicinal materials. In 2010, some of the management projects of Wanziyuan will be opened one after another. By then, Wanziyuan will show the infinite charm of Dier Group's health-preserving vacation industry to the world with its unique health-preserving tourism products, beautiful ecological and natural environment, rich organic food, diversified sightseeing and leisure experience and international services.

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