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East China Wine Manor is located in Jiulongpo, Nanlongkou, Laoshan, Qingdao. It is the first European Wine Manor in China built strictly according to the European Wine Manor Model. It covers an area of more than 1000 mu and is known as "Eagle Crown Manor" in China. East China wines have attracted much attention for their outstanding quality. East China Chardonnay and East China Jocelyn won silver medals at Bordeaux Wine Exposition in 1987, 89 and 91. In 1989 and 1998, they won gold medals at Brussels International Wine Tasting Competition in Belgium and were wearing golden palm leaves. Since then, they have won many awards in France, Italy, Hong Kong and other international competitions.

Qingdao East China Grape Wine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985. It is the first enterprise in China to produce single variety, origin, year, East China Wine Manor and all-dry high-grade wine in accordance with international wine standards.

Essential information

In the beautiful Jiulongpo of Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao, a white villa-style complex is covered by numerous green vines, just like a European manor.

This is the ancient picture scroll of Qingdao East China Grape Winery Co., Ltd., which is known as the first winery in China.

Qingdao East China Grape Wine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985. It is the first Chinese vineyard built by Mr. Mike Bailey, an Englishman in Qingdao, China, according to the European winery model. It is also the first Chinese enterprise to produce single-variety, origin and year high-grade wine according to the international wine code.

In 1982, the 34-year-old Mr. Baili set foot on the closed land of China for too long and began to realize his dream of "brave" action. Running all over the north and south of China, it concludes that the geographical location, climatic conditions and geological structure are similar to the Jiulongpo, the hinterland of the Laoshan Mountains in Bordeaux, France, which is famous for its wine-making. As a result, he invested $400,000 in a joint venture to establish Qingdao East China Grape Wine Co., Ltd. with a 40% share. Thereafter, 42,000 grapes were introduced from France, including 13 varieties, such as Jocelyn and Chardonnay. They were planted in Jiulongpo and Pingdu Daze Mountain vineyards respectively.

Historical development

Wine industry

Mr. Bailey devoted almost all his energy to the wine industry. From 1985 to 1986, he came to East China Manor almost once a month from Hong Kong. Every time, many foreign books and pictures about planting and wine-making technology are sent to the managers of enterprises one by one. After getting off the plane, instead of going to the hotel, he goes to the countryside to see his vineyard first. He pulls weeds and prunes, and pays attention to the growth of each grape.

At the end of 1986, the first bottle of wine was successfully brewed by the company. The dry white of "Cosmine" and "Chardonnay" produced by East China Manor were repeatedly awarded in the International Wine Exposition in Bordeaux, France and the World Wine Elite Competition in Brussels, Belgium, and were included in the World Wine Encyclopedia.

It is believed that the dream of hope of the British people has been realized through perseverance and diligence. The beautiful Eagle Crown Manor, together with the simple manor culture, has endowed East China Manor with new connotation and vitality.

Characteristics of manor

East China Manor covers an area of more than 1000 mu. Tens of thousands of valuable European wine grape varieties, such as Chardonnay, Coixlin, Cabernet Sauvignon and Jiamei, have been introduced into the manor. Ten thousand mu grape bases have been established in Daze Mountain and other places. Its unique "East China single-stem and double-arm" cultivation mode, together with Qingdao's unique natural conditions, ensures the distinctive high-grade of "East China" products.

Process technology

East China Company has advanced technology, equipment and strict management system. It employs brewers and horticultural experts from France, Australia, the United States, New Zealand and other countries as its consultants every year. At the same time, it sends Chinese horticulturists and winemakers abroad every year to learn advanced planting, brewing and management technology from abroad, so that the company's products remain in the leading position in the domestic industry. First level, and truly achieve international standards.

East China Wine Series is of outstanding quality and has attracted much attention since its advent. In 1987, Chardonnay of East China won the Silver Prize at the Bordeaux Wine Exposition in France. Since then, she has won many awards in international wine tasting competitions such as Brussels, Belgium. She has become the only winemaker listed in the World Wine Encyclopedia in China. In 1996, she took the lead in obtaining the certificate of "Green Food" and "Green Food" in the same industry. ISO9002 international quality system certification, has been awarded provincial and municipal famous brand products for many times, in 1997 was awarded as China's advanced environmental protection units, and in 2002 passed the ISO14000 international quality system certification.

With the development of the company and the improvement of its efficiency, the company has invested nearly ten million yuan to renew and import advanced brewing equipment from abroad, and built a new storage tank with 2,000 tons. At present, the production base of East China Company has occupied more than 1,000 mu, and the annual processing capacity of liquor has reached 3,000 tons. The construction of the production base and the renewal and transformation of the equipment have greatly improved our production capacity, in order to meet the market demand and meet the needs of the market. The development of the company has laid a solid foundation.

product development

The development of new wine products of East China Company has also injected new vitality into the development of the company. The manor series, cellar series, Supreme series, ice wine series and gift box series of East China Wine are changing with each passing day and emerge in endlessly. East China Brand high-grade wine is crystal and dignified, simple and mellow, which is favored by wine experts and drinkers at home and abroad. East China Company is a modern international level winery which combines planting, brewing, management, Chinese and Western culture, tourism and entertainment.

Product Brief

The launch of East China Bailey Wine Series is a milestone for East China wines. Qingdao East China Grape Wine Co., Ltd., which has witnessed the development of Chinese high-grade wine for 20 years, has once again truly stood in the top ranks of Chinese wine with its persistent pursuit and profound accumulation, leading the consumption of new fashion in Chinese high-grade wine market.

Persistence in A.O.C. Achieves China's First "Single Variety, Origin, Year" Wine

A.O.C, that is, wine of single variety, origin and year, belongs to the highest grade of wine. It is the first class wine in French AC classification and the wine produced by the name of origin.

Qingdao East China Grape Brewery Co., Ltd. has positioned the "East China" brand series wines at the highest level - A.O.C. since its establishment in 1985, and produced the first bottle of "single variety, origin and year" high-grade wines in China according to international standards. In 1986, the first batch of East China Chardonnay brewed by East China Wine Company won the first medal of single-variety, origin and year wine in China at Vinexpo Expo in Bordeaux, France in 1987, which filled the gap of high-quality single-variety, origin and year wine in China and was praised as "the first wine in China" by consumers.

East China Bailey Winery Collection of Chardonnay Dry White, 2005 Style New Works

The latest collection of Chardonnay Dry White Wine from East China Bailey Winery in 2005 can be regarded as the model work of East China Dry White Wine Series.

The wine is made from Chardonnay, a famous European wine grape from the high-quality production area of the winery, with all the efforts of Chinese and foreign winemakers, strictly in accordance with O.I.V. international grape brewing regulations, and aged in French oak barrels. This wine is dignified and elegant, elegant and elegant. Look at its color, light green goose yellow, clear and crystal; smell its fragrance, such as ripe fruit, refreshing; taste it like butter, harmonious and long feeling, is a typical representative of dry white wine in China. Lobster, oyster, crab and other excellent seafood, wonderful.