Ear song

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Ear song

"Earsong" is also known as "Decorative Red". In Bai language, "ear" means simple son, and "song" means dance. It originated in the mountainous Bai nationality inhabited area of Jiancao area. Up to now, as long as there are marriages in the countryside, they have to perform ear songs. It belongs to folk Nuo culture performance.

The performance of Earsong aims at the inheritance of moral culture, suggesting the mystery of "the beginning of man", praying for the harmony and happiness of husband and wife, and the simple truth of prosperity of family. It is the transmission of the concept of human reproduction and reproduction.

The whole activity of Earsong is divided into three stages. The first "Earsong Banquet" is carried out with "Three Blows and Three Strikes", "Lion Greeting Shed", "Central Guest Attendance", "Vegetable Dance" and "Ear Grabbing Red Meat".

The second performance is "Ear Marriage", "Blocking the Gate", "Worshipping the God of Joy" (Reproductive Worship), "Order the name of dishes", "Ear Dance" and "Judging the case".

The third performance is "Ear Prayer", including "Sacrifice to the Earth God", "Rise the Five Ways of Earth", "Send the Earth God" and so on.

The ear song activity takes about 30 minutes. Activities are held in the evening in the courtyard and lobby of the married couple. The dialogues in the couplets and performances are written in Bai language (the performance is to achieve linguistic communication, using Tu-Han dialect), and the tune is Yunlong tune (Bai folk song). The harmonious language of dialogues and ordering names occasionally arouses applause and laughter on the field, and gives the audience the basic principle of "being a man" and the Heirloom magic weapon of "home and everything".






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