Duyi barley roasting technology

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Duyi barley roasting technology

Duyi Maiguan was opened in 1738, the third year of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty. The entrepreneur's surname is Wang, and his native place is Shanxi. For the first time, it is a small hotel in a shed, east of Qianmen Waijie Road, south of Xianyukou. After making money, in the Qianlong seven years (1742) built a small building with a front. Business varieties include boiled peanuts, rose dates, marigold meat, airing meat and other vegetables.

In the seventeenth year of Qianlong, he was famous for his name and a plaque of "Tiger's Head". During Tongzhi period, roasted wheat was added, which was characterized by not only thin skin and full filling, but also excellent taste. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, although one of them survived bankruptcy, business was still depressed. Until the liberation of Beijing, one of the new-born barley restaurants was located at No. 36 East Qianmen Street Road, Beijing. It has a history of more than 260 years. It mainly deals in barley, fried triangle, marigold meat and Shandong flavor fried vegetables.

In the course of hundreds of years'development, a set of exquisite barley-roasting techniques has been formed one by one, among which the barley-roasting rolling technology is excellent, and each barley-roasting sheet is 24 folds. There are many varieties of roasted wheat in Duyi, which is the only one in China. The old shop was originally famous for pig meat, beef stuffing, vegetarian stuffing and three kinds of fresh pork (pork, sea cucumber and shrimps). Then, according to seasonal changes, it added the steamed wheat stuffed with seafood, crab meat, shrimp meat and pork, which was mainly matched with Chinese cabbage, leek, fennel, southern melon, green onion and summer squash. Since the 1980s, Hawthorn barley, poinsettia barley, wolfberry barley and other nourishing barley have been developed one by one in all places, and the technology has been innovated to produce two-color barley, color barley, emerald barley, Mint barley and other special barley. At the same time, we actively enrich the taste of roasted wheat, and have launched more than ten series of more than 30 kinds of roasted wheat, such as sour, sweet, salty, fresh, fragrant and spicy.

Duyi baked wheat has its own characteristics. It is delicious and has high ornamental value. There are 24 folds of wheat ears on the top of the roasted wheat, just like a skirt with thin waist, thin skin, transparent green and white, graceful and elegant. Food is fragrant but not greasy, with endless aftertaste. Duyi has won the first prize in the national cooking contest, "Golden Ding Award" and "Famous Chinese Snacks", and an old shop has also won the title of "Famous Chinese Restaurant".