Drifting in Baotianbang Canyon

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Baotianbang Canyon Drifting Scenic Area is located in Neixiang County, Nanyang City, Henan Province, which is an excellent tourist city in China. Baotianman is the only World Biosphere Reserve in Henan Province. It is the core scenic spot of Funiushan World Geopark in Nanyang, the National Nature Reserve and the national AAAA-level scenic spot. The drifting of Baotianman Canyon is an ecological Canyon drifting, and it is also the first real Canyon drifting. Baotianman Bangkok drifting is 12.8 kilometers long. It is divided into two-way drifting of torrent warriors and recreational entertainment. The "waves" of "surging waves" give me a different sense of refreshment. The overall drop of 239 meters, the drifting channel with nine curves and eighteen curves, the surfing area, the rapids area, the water battle area and the free-living area give me joy; the tortoise stone, the boulder beach, the cuckoo hill, the butterfly valley, the Valley of Lovers, the Shenlong Bay, the crescent stone, the Hanwangtai and the torrential river overlap verdant, which surprise everyone everywhere and challenge the limit. 。 Riverway stimulation, adventure and romance: In this elite river, there are four amusement zones and nine landscapes in two drifting sections. The torrent warrior drifted 8 kilometers and lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Baotianbang Canyon drifting is located in Neixiang County, Nanyang City, Henan Province. It is the only ecological Canyon drifting in China, such as brilliant pearls embedded in the core of Dabao Tianman Ecotourism Area. Within 30 kilometers of square circle, Baotianman (Baoding), Qixingtan, Tianxindong and Taohuayuan scenic spots, such as Gongyue, surround the canyon with drifting stars, which is more dazzling. She is an old pastoral song that resounds through her homeland. She is also a dream-driven childhood.

Main attractions

Torrent channel

Traveling here, you can not only experience the adventure and romance of natural drifting, but also enjoy the magnificent scenery and rich accumulation of the World Biosphere Reserve, Funiu Mountain World Geopark, National Nature Reserve, National Youth Science and Education Base: Baotianman is a landscape painting, Qixingtan is like garden poem, Tianxindong is like Yaochi sculpture, and Taohuayuan is like the world. Fairyland.

Riverway stimulation, adventure and romance: In this quintessential River section, there are four amusement zones and nine landscapes in two drifting sections. The torrent warriors drift 8 kilometers long, 3 hours, and many torrents. They are ideal places for teenagers to explore and drift. Leisure and entertainment self-service drifting section, 4.8 kilometers long, drifting time of 1 hour and 20 minutes, the river level is slow, suitable for both old and young, people can open pulp Artemisia annua, self-boating, as they like. While experiencing the charm of drifting, people can enjoy the scenic spots of stone forest in water, double waterfalls in torrential currents, emerald rivers, butterfly valley, cliff stone carvings, Longtan flying waterfall and so on. In the long river valley, mountains and ridges fly by the bank, forming several S-ways, one bend has not passed, one bend has risen again, the peak circuit turns, the bend is connected, giving people a different feeling of "repeated mountains and rivers, dark willows and bright flowers".

Rivers are equipped with rapids, surfing, water warfare and leisure zones to provide customers with many different recreational areas. When a boat crosses a torrent and speeds down, people like swallows spread their wings, relax and relax; when surfing area is full of waves and sprays, they enjoy themselves; when the water battle area is wide, the river surface is wide, and the boats are circling and staying here, rolling and closing, or advancing side by side, sailing in a thousand sails, or splashing boats in front of the water, its joy is melting; when the shallow of the Xiaoyao area is stable, the lover depends on it, the beautiful scenery of the shore tempts you to come down, Butterfly Valley and the Golden Beach. Golden Bend,... It is desirable to listen to its name.

Four seasons beauty

Canyon drifting, first-class quality: Baotianbang Canyon drifting is the largest, the highest grade, the most personalized Canyon drifting brand in the north of the Yangtze River in China.

In the 12.8 km reach, the natural drop is 239 meters.

Cliffs on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are towering, or stretching for thousands of meters, or bending three times. People are traveling in boats, with a blue sky above their heads, stepping on a flat boat, looking up at the cliffs and forests on both sides, and can not help singing loudly and passionately.

In spring, there are ten thousand trees on both sides of the turbulent River competing for glory, Ying Geyan dancing, spring tide with rain, boat ferry crowds.

In summer, azaleas are evening, green branches are shaded, the river breeze is refreshing and pleasant. Golden autumn, blue trees, red mountains, egrets, blue sky full of poetry.

In winter, evergreen hangs upside down, streams ripple, snow on the hilltop and red shadows on the shore. Every year, every season, every season can float popular.

Tourism information

1. There are flights from Guangzhou and Beijing to Nanyang.

2. Nanyang Railway Station has trains for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and Ningxi Railway also passes through Nanyang.

3. Change to express bus or bus at Nanyang Long-distance Bus Station. The fare is 13 yuan, and you can go to Neixiang County Town in about an hour.

4. Drive to Nanyang by yourself, then take G312 National Highway to Inner Town.

5. There are two ways to go to Baotianman.

One way to prepare for World War II is to drift 80 kilometers from Nanyang-Guanchang-Mashan-Qiliping-Dalong-Baotianbangcanyon.

Nanyang to Qiliping is the asphalt road, Qiliping to Baotianman is the asphalt road; the other is through Neixiang County Town - Zhaodian - Chimei - Qiliping - Xia Guan - Baotianman, or Qiliping through Dalong to Baotianman.

Among them, the Neixiang-Xiaguan section is asphalt pavement, and the Xiaguan-Baotianman section is cement pavement with a total length of 80 km.

They can transfer directly to Yutong Bus (ticket price is 40 yuan) at the Yamen gate of Neixiang County, and drift in Baotian Bangkok Canyon in two hours.

Mileage from Baotianman to surrounding cities:

Baotianman-Inner Township 80 km Baotianman-Nanyang 140 km Baotianman-Zhengzhou 397 km Baotianman-Pingdingshan 268 km Baotianman-Xuchang 307 km Baotianman-Luoyang 400 km Baotianman-Shangqiu 540 km Baotianman-Luohe 40 km Baotianman-Zhoukou km Baotianman-Kaifeng 393 km Baotianman-Xi'an Yungong Libao Tianman - Xiangfan kilometer Baotianman - Shiyan 390 kilometers Baotianman - Wuhan 570 kilometers Baotianman - Beijing 1020 kilometers location is superior, convenient transportation: 110 kilometers from Nanyang City, 58 kilometers from Neixiang County Town.

Nanyang City, a famous historical city in the east, Xi'an City, an ancient cultural city in the west, Luoyang City, an ancient capital of nine dynasties in the north, Xiangfan City, a famous city in Hubei Province, and Shiyan City, a new industrial city in the south.

National Highway 312 and Wanping Expressway transit through the counties of Neixiang. Southwest Railway has four-level stations in the counties, relying on Nanyang City. Highways, railways and civil aviation are all accessible and convenient.

Ticket Price

Baotian Bangkok rafting 188 yuan, knight-errant travel network discount price 160 yuan

Ticket description:

(1) No other special discounts

(2) No drifting for children under 1.1 meters in height, and no drifting for the elderly over 60 years old.

Baotianman Drifting Open Time: 11:30-15:00

Accommodation nearby

Nearby accommodation is Baotianman Tianyuan Hotel, three-star hotel: Baotianman Tianyuan Hotel, 800 meters below the drifting dock

The turbulent river runs down from northwest to southeast of Baotianman, like a glittering silver line, which intersperses the dazzling pearls of the five scenic spots.