Dragon elbow mountain

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Dragon elbow mountain

Longcub mountain, also known as yuxu mountain, is located in Longquan Township, northwest of Huili County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. It is also known as yuxu mountain at the junction of Baiguowan Township and Liuxian Township and Pingshan township of Miyi County, Panzhihua City. It is also known as yuxu mountain. The peak ridge is about 36km long and 3610m above sea level. The climate at the top of the mountain is relatively cold and there is snow in winter. The annual average temperature is 7 ℃ Around, every year March and April for the azalea blooming season, the peak of ten thousand acres of Rhododendron in full bloom.

geographical environment

Longcub mountain is located in Longquan Township, northwest of Huili County, Sichuan Province. It originates from Luoji Mountain and is located 15 kilometers north of Huili City, also known as yuxu mountain, with an altitude of 3585.7 meters.

Because of the winding mountain, the top of the main peak is like a dragon holding its head high, and the peaks on both sides are like a dragon moving its elbows, so it is named.

Longcub mountain belongs to the branch of Luoji Mountain and is the third highest peak in the county. The mountains are steep and magnificent, and the natural scenery is beautiful. There are many records in historical records from Ming and Qing Dynasties to modern times.

Longcub mountain has long been well-known for its steep cliffs and steep peaks, streams and streams, lush forests and groves, ancient trees and flowers, misty mist and snow, songbirds and animals. In the old local records, "Yuping Zhaoxia" and "yuxu spring tent" have been listed in the "eight sceneries" of Huili.

Longelbow mountain forest park has been listed in Huili County nature reserve. With the development of Huili tourism, Huili longcubshan Xianren Lake Resort has been approved by the provincial government. As a provincial scenic spot, it has been formally incorporated into the sixth tourism route of Liangshan Prefecture. The tourism prospect of longcubshan mountain is very considerable.

Landscape features

The mountains of longcub mountain are arranged vertically from north to south, just like a giant dragon. There are tens of thousands of mu of virgin forest in the mountains, of which only the original Rhododendron forest has tens of thousands of mu. In spring and summer, the sea of flowers is in full swing. At the foot of the mountain, Baima river meanders along with the mountain, and the water is clear. Xianren lake is beautiful with beautiful water and beautiful scenery. The immortal cave on the lakeside is deep and mysterious, so far its source is not poor. Huili, an ancient city, is one of the famous historical and cultural cities in Sichuan Province. When the red army passed by during the Long March, there were many cultural relics and cultural landscapes.

In particular, it has described the scenery of mountains and rivers, especially the mountains and rivers.

There are some ancient poems and Fu that praise the natural scenery of longcub mountain in historical records, such as the spring account of yuxu written by Yang Yu, a Huili scholar in Ming Dynasty, a tour of yuxu mountain written by Deng Yi, an experienced chasi in Yunnan Province, and a Fu on yuxu written by Juren of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty and Yan Erzhen, the editor of Huili Zhouzhi.

According to Sichuan Tongzhi, the peak of longcub mountain is "towering, with snow in four seasons, just like jade screen".

The endless scenery is in the dangerous peak. Standing on the top of longcub mountain, which is 3585 meters above sea level, you can see the ups and downs of the mountains. You can see all the small mountains, including the fertile fields in pingchou, the farmhouses in villages, and the city walls of Huili. Dragon elbow peak is also a good place to watch sunrise, sea of clouds and Buddha light.

Longcub mountain is also an excellent place to watch the sunrise, the sea of clouds and the light of Buddha. Standing in front of the 614 microwave station, you can have a panoramic view of the Miyi River Valley on both sides of the mountain and the fertile fields of pingchou in huiliba, village farmhouses, riverway city walls, distant mountains and near waters. At dawn, there are thousands of clouds and clouds in the distance, and the indigo naturalis in the sky are dyed golden red The red sun is coming out. At this time, the surrounding is surrounded by four volumes of cloud, stretching boundlessly, where the mountain seems to be floating on the sea of clouds, which makes people feel extraordinary. On a sunny autumn afternoon after rain, the legendary light of Buddha can be seen occasionally: facing the cliff, there will be a circle of light shining on the cloud sea in the distance, and the figure in the center is faint. It seems that there is a treasure statue, a solemn Buddha statue sitting upright, which can be comparable to the Buddha light illusion of Mount Emei's Sheshen rock.

Main attractions

Memorial archway

Two pairs of couplets with profound meaning are engraved on both sides of the archway. The first couplet is written by Mr. Yang Yanzong, which says: "when you are able to reach the top of the mountain, you can see the world through the mountains; if you want to rebuild your ability, you can have a natural heart." The first word of the upper and lower couplets is embedded with the word "Huili", which is ingenious. The second couplet is written by Mr. Yu Kaizhi, which says: "mountains are passed on by dragons, and thousands of miles of smoke and clouds are close at hand; people are intoxicated by flowers, and they are surrounded by green waves and talk about life.".

Yuling flower sea

The most attractive natural landscape of longelbow mountain is the "Yuling flower sea" called the Azalea Forest with an area of 10000 mu. In April and may, after the cuckoo flowers on longelbow mountain are opened for the second time, tourists come in a large number of places. Longelbow mountain enters the golden season of tourism. Along the way, the green and shrubby trees with new leaves are lush. Azalea has been widely seen in the area below 2000 meters above sea level. With the extension of the highway and the increase of altitude, it has entered the cloud filled mountain hinterland.

Looking around, there are more and more species of Rhododendron, and their growth is becoming more and more prosperous. Rhododendron from sparse to dense, from low to tall, into a forest, almost no gap. Far and near are all pleasant, dazzling Azalea Forest, colorful, colorful, beautiful.

On a sunny day, the flowers are colorful, as bright as the rosy clouds; while in the rain, the flowers are misty and misty, looming and colorful, which makes the viewers relaxed and happy and linger on. It is rare to have Rhododendron of this scale above 3000 meters above sea level. There are rhododendrons in the wild, which is not uncommon, but it is rare to see such a primitive ecological phenomenon as longcub mountain.

First, it has a wide range and dense forest. The area of Rhododendron longcubitae forest is more than 11000 mu, so there is a saying of "ten thousand mu Rhododendron", and the largest one is 3-4000 mu. Secondly, the density, tree appearance and surface are unique. All the Rhododendron forests grow in a dense manner, with few gaps between the plants. All the branches and trunks develop to capture the sunlight, forming a deep and mysterious landscape with extremely high crown, crisscross branches and dense space. The third is that there are many kinds of vertical distribution. There are more than 50 kinds of Rhododendron longcubitae, including the elegant yellow brocade Rhododendron, the charming King Rhododendron, the simple and elegant green dot Rhododendron, as well as the long core Rhododendron, round leaf Rhododendron and beauty Rhododendron. The diameter of Rhododendron is only about 1cm in diameter, and 15cm in large.

Microwave station

Located on the top of longcub mountain, 614 microwave stations cover an area of about 11000 square meters, with a construction area of nearly 800 square meters. The microwave tower is 52 meters high, standing on a mountain peak of 3580 meters, which directly pierces the sky. This is exactly: the giant tower is at the top of the cloud, and the microwave has broken the fog to thousands of homes.

The station was completed in September 1992 and formally incorporated into the southwest microwave trunk line operation management of Sichuan Provincial Radio and Television Department in March 1993. It is responsible for the TV transmission and transmission and news transmission tasks in Panxi area.

tourist resources

Longcub mountain is densely forested, especially characterized by "ten thousand mu Rhododendron sea". More than 30 kinds of rhododendrons, covering an area of more than 10000 mu, gradually open from low mountains to high mountains from early spring to Midsummer every year, competing for beauty and colorful. The whole mountain is decorated as a sea of flowers, attracting the surrounding counties and cities and local tourists to visit the flowers and take photos.

You can get off at Yimen town on national highway 108 between Xichang and Huili, about 180 kilometers away from Xichang. There are also cars to longcub mountain in Huili city. If you start from Chengdu, you can get off at Yonglang town on Chengdu Kunming line, and then transfer to Yimen to enter the scenic spot. To longcuban mountain, you can choose to get off at Baiguowan and go from Shuanghe village. The third day of March is the day to climb longcuban mountain.

Longcuban mountain is a natural barrier in the north of Huili Bazi. The west slope is steep with many cliffs, adjacent to Miyi County; the northeast slope is relatively gentle, with many valleys and highways leading to the top of the mountain, which is the main way to visit the mountain.

In addition to taking the bus along the 614tai highway to longcub mountain, tourists who love outdoor sports can choose to climb on foot and get close to the beautiful scenery along the way. Take a bus from the county seat to dawanying village, Waibei township. After getting off at Dading bridge, you can go upstream along the Bailong River, which originates from longcuban mountain. You can enter the Walnut Valley with luxuriant trees and beautiful scenery. Then you can climb along the mountain on foot. You can enjoy the deep ancient trees and the dense Rhododendron, camellia, wild grass and Fargesia. You can climb to the top of the mountain in about four hours.