Dragon Tower

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Dragon Tower

Longta refers to Heilongjiang radio and television tower. It is the landmark building of Harbin. The tower is 336 meters high and is a famous high-steel tower in Asia. On November 8, 2008, the Steel Tower (Dragon Tower) was officially approved to join the World Tower Association.

Dragon Tower, a good place for winter tourism in Harbin . Longta, a radio and television tower in Heilongjiang Province, is a comprehensive multi-functional tower integrating radio and television transmission, tourism, catering and entertainment, advertising and wireless communication.

Longta has passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification and GB/T 2801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. It is the first enterprise in the province to pass the "three standards in one" certification. It has been assessed as AAAA-level tourist attractions by the National Tourism Administration and awarded the only innovation award by the World Tower Committee.

Architectural features

Located in Harbin, the largest city in Northeast China, with a height of 336 meters, Longta is a comprehensive multi-functional tower integrating radio and television signal transmission, tourism, catering and entertainment, advertising, environmental meteorological monitoring, microwave communication, wireless communication and other functions.

Since opening to the outside world in 2000, Longta has become one of the top ten scenic spots in Harbin, the landmark landscape in Heilongjiang Province, one of the most worthwhile scenic spots in Heilongjiang Province and the national AAAA-level scenic spots.

In 2008, Longta officially joined the World Tower Association and won the annual staff award and Innovation Award from the World Tower Alliance in 2008 and 2009.

The total area of the tower is 15991 square meters, including 12951 square meters of tower base and 3040 square meters of tower building. The tower base is composed of the first floor underground and the fourth floor above the ground to form a spherical crown. The tower is octahedral in shape, parabolic in shape and cylindrical in the middle. It is enclosed by seven silver-white aluminium alloy plates and nine dark-blue coated glass, including a 2.5-metre-per-second sightseeing elevator. The tower is located between 181 meters and 206 meters. It consists of a flying saucer-shaped lower tower and a circular upper tower. The antenna is set at 220.5 m to 336 M.

The altar of the descendants of Yanhuang

On the first floor, "the altar of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor" is the only landscape exhibition in Heilongjiang Province with the theme of "the Yellow Emperor".

Damei Longjiang Scenic Spot

The second floor "Damei Longjiang" landscape exhibition is 269.2 meters long, with a total area of 716.435 square meters. It shows the landscape of Heilongjiang with large wall paintings.

The Northeast Language Corridor, full of pictures and texts, shows the Northeast dialect.

Experience of Modern Science and Technology

Harbin Modern Science and Technology Experience Tour Second Floor Start-up Paradise, awarded the title of "Heilongjiang Youth Science Popularization Base", introduced the exhibition of China Science and Technology Museum, at the same time, there are many interactive participation projects for tourists.

Dinosaur Science World - Simulated Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Fossils, Interactive Speeches.

Three-dimensional Museum of Art, Dynamic 4D Cinema.

Dynamic 4D cinema is developed on the basis of ordinary movies. First of all, it chooses different shooting angles, keeps the motion of the background picture, lets the camera shoot in motion, and makes the audience seem to be on the moving object and watch the surrounding scenery. At the same time, let the audience sit on the movable seat while watching, and do relative movement for the film screen, so as to achieve the integration of human and film.

4D film is a new type of film and television product, which is composed of three-dimensional stereo film and surrounding environment simulation, on the basis of three-dimensional film. In the "six-degree-of-freedom dynamic chair", you can complete the lifting, forward and backward, pitch, lateral movement, roll, yaw and other actions, but also simulate spray, jet, rain, thunder and lightning, snow and other scenarios.

Tower Top Entertainment Place

181 meters sightseeing layer - with the world's longest "Adventure Ring in the Cloud Walk". The "Adventure Ring for Walking in the Cloud" is more than 60 meters in circumference and the longest in the world. The load-bearing capacity of transparent vacuum glue glass with Dragon Tower thriller ring is 1000 kilograms per square metre.

The 186-meter Sky Rotary Restaurant, with an area of 1256 square meters, is the largest skyscraper landscape rotating restaurant in the world. It can accommodate 350 people at the same time.

190 meters indoor and outdoor light platform, standing on the Longta open-air platform, overlooks the urban landscape from a 360-degree perspective.

Longta Longtenghuyue Project is located on the outdoor light platform of Longta 190 meters. The game method is: the Challenger wears a seat belt and walks around the edge of the circular platform outside the protection of the 190-meter sightseeing platform. The project is also known as the "Brave Game".

203 m air tea house.

The 206M Prayer Hall, with 10,000 characters in more than 100 fonts, is the highest Prayer Hall in China, the Longta Prayer Hall.

210m high-altitude swing - the highest swing in China.

Travel Tips

Located at the northernmost end, Harbin is a metropolis with the highest latitude and the lowest temperature in China. The four seasons are distinct. Winter is long and cold, while summer is short and cool. The concentrated precipitation period in Harbin is from July to August every year, and the concentrated snowfall period is from November to January next year. The average annual temperature is 3.6 C. In the coldest month of January, the average temperature ranged from minus 13.2 to minus 24.8 degrees Celsius, and in the hottest month of July, the average temperature ranged from 18.1 degrees Celsius to 22.8 degrees Celsius. March to May is spring, which is prone to spring drought and gale. The temperature rises rapidly and varies rapidly. The temperature can rise or fall at one time to about 10 degrees centigrade. June-August is summer, hot, humid and rainy, the average temperature in July is 19-20 C, the highest temperature is 38 C. The average precipitation accounts for 60% to 70% of the year. Because of the concentration of precipitation and the frequent rainstorms, floods are prone to occur. September to November is autumn, the rainfall decreases obviously, and the temperature difference between day and night varies greatly. The average temperature in September is 10 C. In October, the northern region has reached 0 C, and the southern region has reached 2-4 C. February of the following year is winter, long and cold and dry, snow covered the earth. The average temperature in January ranged from minus 15 to minus 30, and the lowest temperature was minus 52.3.

Traffic information

Buses of No. 7, No. 112, No. 71, No. 24 and No. 209 can reach the Longta at No. 178 Changjiang Road, Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province.