Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort

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Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort is the first national AAAA-level scenic spot in Chaozhou City. It is located in the Dongshan Lake scenic spot of Shaxi Town at the junction of Chaozhou, Shantou and Jieyang. It is well-known both at home and abroad for its unique advantages in terms of mountains, mountains of benevolent people and waters of wise people. It has rare health-care hot mineral resources with a temperature of up to 100C at the mouth of the spring, rich in beneficial ingredients. A hot spring flowing alone.

geographical position

Its geographical location is at the junction of Chaozhou, Shantou and Jieyang. Its coordinates are 116.592423 longitude East and 23.510815 latitude north.

Climatic characteristics

Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort has a subtropical oceanic monsoon climate, and June to October is the main period affected by tropical cyclones every year. Therefore, there are many heavy rains and heavy rains. Affected by the cold air from the north in autumn, the temperature drops gradually. At this time, more sunny weather and less precipitation begin to enter the dry season. Northeast wind or northerly wind is prevalent in winter. It comes from the cold and dry air in the north. After a long journey, the intensity has been greatly weakened. Therefore, it is relatively warm in winter here, with very few severe cold weather below 0 C.

natural resources

There are abundant hot mineral resources in the scenic area of Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort. Dongshan Lake Hot Spring belongs to natural hot mineral springs. The water temperature of the spring mouth reaches 100-102 C. It has the characteristics of high water temperature and good water quality. Its main mineral components are fluorine, silicon, strontium, lithium, zinc, etc. Colorless, transparent and high-quality CINa alkaline brackish hot spring water has extremely high medical value and is a rare medical and health-care type. Hot springs, effective for neuralgia, muscle ache, joint pain and other symptoms, can activate collaterals and bones, eliminate fatigue, improve health, beauty, is a bright pearl of hot spring tourism in eastern Guangdong.

Main attractions

Wenshan mountain

Hot Spring Mountain is planned as an artificial mountain area, which forms the first hollow sky-style hot spring in China. The entrance lobby is set up in diamond-shaped glass with a total floor area of 6340 square meters. Hot Spring Mountain is five stories high. Every 1.2 meters rise of the mountain forms a new building plane. The space exchange is complex and it is a cave style. Hot Spring Mountain utilizes natural super hot springs (2000 tons of sunrise water, 90-104 degrees centigrade annual water temperature) to produce a large amount of steam. Based on the concept of "pastoral scenery, local flavor", nearly 100 hot spring baths with different temperatures, different shapes and unique styles are built. Finnish baths and Turkish baths are set up, and then open-air hot spring baths and baths are opened by using hot springs which produce steam and then cool down. Chinese and Thai medicine baths and open-air hot spring swimming pools; various hot spring pools are located at different elevations, the central heavenly pool is located at the highest elevation, under the hot spring water storage tower, the sight is rich and the space is interesting. The water body around the hot spring mountain "moat" plays a dual role of landscape and fence. The column network is arranged triangularly, which changes the sight from the original two directions to three directions. The design greatly increases the independence, security and interesting of the hot spring pools, at the same time makes the visual landscape far-reaching, and greatly improves the utilization rate of the surrounding natural landscape. Hot Spring Mountain has the following types of hot springs: Cave Spring, Overlooking Spring, Stone Spring, Massage Spring, Fountain, Hot Spring, Falls Spring, Family Spring, Drug Spring, Stream Spring, Mist Spring.

Meteor Falls

The meteor waterfall area has the largest artificial hot spring waterfall in eastern Guangdong, with a drop of 16 meters. At night, the stars in the waterfall are just like meteors in the sky, so it is called meteor waterfall. Hot Spring Falls sloping down the cliff, such as the Nine-day Galaxy hanging, when you enter the pool to Mu the waterfall, standing in the water curtain, through the hazy vision, full of white and green fight, you will sigh: the mountains are indeed beautiful because of water, water is indeed full of inspiration because of people.

Entertainment area

Fishing area (fisherman's wharf) with 100 meters long fishing platform erected in the grass near the lake;

Barbecue and fireworks area has self-service and self-made barbecue, which can enjoy the pleasure of baking delicious food while enjoying fireworks.

Beer Square plus outdoor stage, where singing, dancing and drinking can be carried;

Camping area is a comprehensive outdoor activity area recently launched by Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort.

Humanistic history

Bubble hot spring in Guangdong, has been the lifestyle of thousands of households for tourism, vacation, leisure and health. Hot springs are a major brand of tourism in Guangdong. With the emergence of high-end hot springs resorts around the world, the industry has made continuous efforts to explore and gradually formed the "Lingnan style" of hot springs in Guangdong. Dongshan Lake Resort was born as a result.


Chaozhou is the first national 4A-level hot spring tourist attraction.

Guangdong Hot Spring Tourism Demonstration Base.

First Prize of Excellent Engineering and Construction Engineering in Shantou City in 2006

Traffic information

Dongshanhu Hot Spring Resort is about 2 kilometers away from Shaxi entrance and exit of Shantou-Jieyang Expressway, 10 kilometers away from Dongguan New Airport, 20 kilometers away from Chaozhou City, and 30 kilometers away from Shantou and Jieyang City.

Bus Line of Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort

Shenzhen to Chaoan Dongshan Lake Hot Spring: at Luohu Station, Futian Passenger Station, Longgang Passenger Station, Henggang Station (where Henggang Tower is) where there are cars to Chaozhou or Shantou! They hit Chaozhou or Shantou directly.

Self-driving Line of Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort

Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort is located in Dongshan Lake Scenic Spot at the junction of Chaozhou, Shantou and Jieyang. It is about 2 kilometers away from the Shaxi entrance and exit of Shantou-Jieyang Expressway, 10 kilometers away from the new airport in eastern Guangdong, 20 kilometers away from Chaozhou City and 30 kilometers away from Shantou and Jieyang City.

1. Guangzhou: Shanghai-Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, Shenshan Expressway and Shanfen Expressway. They are exported from Chaozhou to Chaozhou City. Along Chaozhou-Shantou Highway and Jinghong Road, they can reach Dongshanhu Hot Spring Resort. The whole journey is about 480 kilometers, about 5 hours.

2. Shantou: Chaoshan Road-Jinshi Road-Jinghong Road-Dongshanhu Hot Spring Resort

Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort High Speed Railway Line

Take the Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed railway line and get off at Chaozhou Station. It can be freely transported by Dongshanhu Hot Spring Resort (24 hours in advance).

Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort Airport Line

After arriving at Chaozhou Airport by plane, you can pick up and transfer by special bus of Dongshan Lake Hot Spring Resort (24 hours in advance).