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Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourist Area is located in Zixing City, Hunan Province. It is a national scenic spot, a national 5A scenic spot and a national wetland park.

Dongjiang Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Area is a large-scale water conservancy scenic area formed by relying on Dongjiang Reservoir. The area of the scenic area is 312.75 square kilometers, of which the water area is 165.13 square kilometers. It is a large (I) reservoir with comprehensive benefits of flood control, power generation, water supply, tourism, shipping and multi-year regulation functions.

Dongjiang Lake has unique tourism resources. The landscape of hills, rivers and lakes, islands, karst caves, famous temples, hot springs and historic sites in Dongjiang Lake is unique, and the natural landscape and human landscape are intertwined.

Historical evolution

In 1991, Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spot was approved by Hunan Provincial People's Government as a provincial scenic spot.

In 1996, Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourist Area was selected as the best tourist destination by the public of Hunan Province, and Dongjiang Drifting was selected as the best special tourism activity by the public of Hunan Province.

In 1997, 1998 and 2001, Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spot was successively rated as the "Best Tourist Spot" by Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau. In 1998, Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spot was listed as "98 Classic Scenic Spot of Castle Peak and Water Tour in China's Urban and Rural Areas". Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourist Area has become the key base of ecological tourism and vacation leisure in Hunan Province. In 2001, it received 554,300 tourists from home and abroad.

On October 25, 2002, Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spot was awarded "AAAA Class Scenic Spot" by the Tourism Bureau.

In the first half of 2011, Zixing City received 13.271 million domestic and foreign tourists, with a total tourism income of 895 million yuan, an increase of 14.01% and 11.04% respectively. Since 2013, the city's people have mobilized to create the 5A scenic spot.

geographical environment

Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourist Area is located in Zixing City, southeastern Hunan Province . It is situated in the Xiaodongjiang reach of Zixing City, which stretches between Qingshan Mountains. It is situated in the range of 25 34'~26 18 and 113 08'~113

Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourist Area is a lake-island tourism area with a total area of 200 square kilometres, featuring Dongjiang Rapids and Dangerous Beaches, Douzhao Lingyan Scenic Spot, Longjing Canyon Wonderful Scenic Spot and Island Community Landscape.

Main attractions

The main landscapes in the scenic area are: Dongjiang drifting, foggy Xiaodongjiang, Dongjiang Dam, Longjing Canyon, Du Shu Lingyan, Dongjiang Lake Cultural Tourist Street (including Dongjiang Lake Qishi Museum, Photography Art Museum, Humanities Xiaoxiang Museum), as well as antique paintings, luxury yacht lake and thrilling water skydiving, water motorcycles, etc.

1. Dongjiang rafting

Dongjiang drift, known as "the first drift of China's ecotourism", is located on the Zhejiang River in Huangcao Town, the upper reaches of Dongjiang Lake. It is 26 kilometers long. The upper section is from Longwangmiao to Yanzipai, about 12 kilometers long, with a drop of 75 meters and 108 rapid beaches. It runs through the primitive secondary forest of Weishiqingquan. The lower section is Yanzipai to Huangcao Town. It is about 14 kilometers long and drifts along the Dongjiang River. Dongjiang drifting is famous for its beaches, waves and sharp drops, and excellent forest vegetation on both sides of the river.

2. fog and small East River

Xiaodongjiang International Eco-Photography Base , foggy Xiaodongjiang is located at the main entrance to the north of the scenic spot. It is made up of the Dongjiang Hydropower Station upstream and the Dongjiang Hydropower Station downstream. It is 12 kilometers long and is a narrow Pinghu Lake.

3. Dongjiang dam

The dam is 157 meters high, 35 meters wide at the bottom, 7 meters wide at the top, 438 meters long at the central arc of the dam top, and 500,000 kilowatts installed. The dam body is unique, magnificent and magnificent. It is the first in Asia and the second in the world. The hyperbolic thin-shell arch dam is designed and constructed by China itself.

4. Dragon King Canyon

Longjing Canyon is located in Wutong Village on the upper right of Dongjiang Dam Wharf. The Canyon is 2.5 kilometers long from the mouth ridge to Longjing by grinding and bending. The mountains are steep, the mountains are green, the ancient trees are towering, the primitive sub-forests are dense, a clear stream travels through the canyon, and the waterfalls are clustered. Among them, 18 waterfalls, 26 deep pools, or hidden in primitive secondary forests, or hidden in rocky rocks. The famous Shuikou Ridge Waterfall is nearly 100 meters high and 20 meters wide. The waterfall curtain is vertical and the sound-shock Valley is hollow.

5. pocket rocks

Dudu Island is the largest island in Dongjiang Lake. It looks like a giant lion crouching on the water. The most famous of the island is the magical Du Du Du Cave, a limestone karst cave with karst topography, which has been more than 2.7 million years ago. It hides behind the monastery at the southern end of the island. Its myths and stories are widely circulated. It is known for its high, large, deep, wide and strange. The depth of the cave is about 5000 meters, the widest part is about 70 meters, and the height is 40 meters. There are holes in the cave. The cave is deep, circuitous, warm in winter and cool in summer, with stalactites hanging upside down and pillars supporting the sky; it is crystal transparent and strange in shape.

6. Dongjiang Lake

Dongjiang Lake covers a total area of 160 square kilometers, with an average water depth of 51 meters and the deepest water depth of 157 meters. Because of its deep water body, the water storage capacity of Dongjiang Lake is quite large, reaching 8.12 billion cubic meters, which is equivalent to half of Dongting Lake. Therefore, it is known as "Dongting Lake in South Hunan", and is the largest artificial lake in Hunan Province.

7. humanities Xiaoxiang Museum

Dongjiang Lake Humanities Xiaoxiang Museum is the first professional exhibition hall in Hunan Province to display the theme of Hunan Humanities for thousands of years. The total display area of the museum is 2800 square meters. The name of the museum is inscribed by Han Shaogong, a famous writer. The Museum combines space modeling, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, embroidery and other artistic forms, and combines sound, light, electricity, Internet and other high-tech display technologies to create. On the basis of objective knowledge, a three-dimensional and vivid cross-border cooperation mode presents the prosperity of Huxiang humanities.

8. stone pavilion

Dongjiang Lake Qishiguan is an important exhibition hall of Dongjiang Lake Tourism Culture Street in Chenzhou City, which is built to meet Hunan International Tourism Festival. Construction of Dongjiang Lake Qishi Museum started in June 2013, with a total area of more than 6500 square meters. It integrates five functions: popular science education, exhibition, identification, appreciation, learning and training, trading and auction. There are more than 10,000 kinds of exotic rocks and specimens, including rock ornamental rocks, paleontological fossils, agate jades, mineral crystals, totaling more than 300 varieties.

On the basis of the Qishi Pavilion, a red cultural exhibition hall has been added to the pavilion, which contains 60,000 portraits of Chairman Mao, a total of more than 40,000 varieties, as well as the quotations and works of Chairman Mao from 16 countries and the quotations and works of six ethnic minorities.

9. Shou Buddha Temple

Zixing is the homeland of Wuliangshou Buddha Shiquanzhen. Shoufo Temple originated from Shoufo. Shoufo Temple is located in Liangshu Bay on the beautiful Dongjiang River. It is one of the important scenic spots of Dongjiang Bay. It is situated on Zhouyuan Mountain, facing the small Dongjiang River, surrounded by mountains, embraced by green bamboos, interlinked mountains and rivers, with different scenery. Its overall planning area is 30.7 hectares, with 11 hectares of construction land and a total investment of 35 million yuan. Shoufo Temple adopts the ancient architectural style of Tang Dynasty temples, with Mountain Gate hall, Shoufo Hall and Daxiong Baodian on the central axis in turn, bell tower, drum tower, Zhaitang and living room on the East side. The whole temple is simple, vigorous and elegant.

Characteristics of scenic spots

The total area of Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area is 200 square kilometers, which integrates the meaningful mountains and the charm of water. It is known as "a Lake in the sky on earth, and thousands of scenes in the world".

Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourist Area has beautiful mountain scenery, charming scenery, distinctive, strange, beautiful, secluded and open features. It better collects the advantages of fame, novelty, peculiarity and danger. It is a natural landscape and humanistic landscape, blending mountains, waters, lakes, dams, islands, temples, caves, villages, drifts, waterfalls, fogs, forests, gardens, stones and hot springs. Hunting and water entertainment are national scenic spots and tourist resorts.


In 1996, Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area was selected as the best tourist destination, and Dongjiang Drifting was selected as the best special tourism activity.

In 1997, 1998 and 2001, Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spot was successively rated as the "Best Tourist Spot" by Hunan Tourism Bureau. In 1998, Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spot was listed as "98 Classic Scenic Spot of Castle Peak and Water Tour in Urban and Rural China" by the National Tourism Bureau.

The Best Tourist Area of Hunan Province in 2001 . On October 25, 2002, Dongjianghu Scenic Area was rated as "AAAA Class Scenic Area" by the National Tourism Administration.

In September 2005, it was awarded "the most popular tourist area in China" by the Organizing Committee of Hunan Tourism Festival China Tourist Exhibition. Best Class Tourist Area in 2005

Excellent grade tourist attractions in 2010.

In 2015, the State Forestry Administration agreed to list Dongjiang Lake as a national wetland park.

On July 20, 2015, the State Tourism Administration issued a bulletin that the Dongjiang Lake tourist area in Chenzhou City was designated as a national 5A-level tourist attraction by the National Tourism Resources Planning and Development Quality Assessment Committee.

On November 20, 2015, the Leading Group of the Ministry of Water Resources on the Construction and Management of Water Scenic Spots will consider and vote to become a national water Scenic Spot through the Dongjiang Lake Water Scenic Spot.

Tourism information

Tickets for scenic spots

Line A (foggy Xiaodongjiang, Monkey Gushan Waterfall, Dongjiang Dam Scene, Longjing Canyon, Dongjiang Lake (View), Qiyou Museum, Photography Museum, Humanities Xiaoxiang Museum): 80 yuan.

Line B (foggy Xiaodongjiang, Monkey Gushan Waterfall, Dongjiang Dam Scene, Longjing Canyon, Dongjiang Lake (Tour), Dou Rate Cave, Qiyou Museum, Photography Museum, Humanities Xiaoxiang Museum): 100 yuan.

Line C (foggy Xiaodongjiang, Monkey Gushan Waterfall, Dongjiang Dam, Longjing Canyon, Dongjiang Lake, Xiaoxiang Fengshui Town Huangcao, Dongjiang Drifting): 318 yuan, including 248 yuan for admission ticket and 70 yuan for yacht.

Tour around the island (foggy Xiaodongjiang, Monkey Gushan Waterfall, Dongjiang Dam, Longjing Canyon, Dongjiang Lake (take a tour around Yandi Island by imitating the ancient painting "Huilongquan", need more than 15 people)): 200 yuan, including 80 yuan for admission ticket and 120 yuan for yacht.

Children under 1.3 metres in height are free of charge. Active servicemen and disabled servicemen with valid certificates can enjoy tickets for Line A (foggy Xiaodongjiang, Monkey Gushan Waterfall, Dongjiang Dam Outlook, Longjing Canyon).

Students and disabled persons with valid certificates can enjoy preferential tickets for Line A (foggy Xiaodongjiang, Monkey Gushan Waterfall, Dongjiang Dam Outlook, Longjing Canyon).

Note: 1. The drifting of the Dongjiang River on Line C is seasonal and is only open from April 15 to October 10;

2. Self-selected free items (transportation fee self-care): Shoufo Temple, Wuling Agricultural Civilization Museum;

3. Foggy Xiaodongjiang fog viewing time: every year from April to mid-October morning and evening.

Traffic information

1. The taxi from Chenzhou Railway Station goes directly to the comprehensive service area of Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spot Gate Building. The fare is about 120 yuan.

2. Chenzhou Railway Station will get off and take bus No. 101, No. 18 and No. 26 to Tianlong Station, Chenzhou, and transfer to No. 201 Intercounty Bus to Zixing City (Luowei Station). Buses No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 of Zixing City will all reach Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area.

Best play season

March-May and September-October are the best. Chenzhou is a subtropical seasonal rheumatic and humid climate, summer is not hot, winter is not cold, the annual average temperature is 15.4-18.3 C, all the year round is suitable for tourism, especially in spring and autumn. Play time is recommended in 3-4 hours.

Scenic food


Salmon, also known as salmon and salmon, is a local dish produced in Dongjiang Lake.

Good fortune goes ahead.

The steaming method keeps the fresh fragrance of the fish head as far as possible in the meat quality, and the taste of chopped pepper seeps into the fish meat appropriately. The fish head is sticky and soft, fat but not greasy, salty and slightly spicy.

Zixing rice goose

Zixing local herbivorous black goose as the main raw material, is a green food. Its meat tastes delicious, high amino acid, low protein, low fat, low calorie high-grade wild food green food. Especially goose liver, tonifying Yin and blood, goose blood can cure anemia.

Zixing mountain treasure

Rural households cook delicious dishes with traditional methods of poultry storage, vegetable cultivation and local natural growth specialties as raw materials. According to the traditional farming and planting habits, livestock and poultry are generally fed only rice, bride crushing, vegetable leaves, grass and so on. They grow slowly and mature for a long time. Therefore, the meat quality of livestock and poultry is strong and the content of amino acids is high.