Ding Zhens voice is on the rise and the tiktok of Ganzi Sichuan has doubled

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Ding zhenhuo, along with Sichuan Ganzi tourism industry is also hot.

In November 11th CCTV news and Oriental tiktok were put on a short video of the tremble. Ding Zhen, the "sweet boy" in the video, triggered a phenomenal network event with a transmission volume of more than 5 billion times. At the same time, Ding Zhen also became the propaganda Ambassador of his hometown Litang County, driving the search volume of "Litang" to soar by 620%.

Everything starts with a 10 second tiktok. Photographer Hu Bo takes some beautiful scenery and daily life of Tibetans. On November 11, he went to Ding Zhen's hometown to photograph Ding Zhen's younger brother, who happened to be away from home. After meeting Ding Zhen by chance, we can see the Kangba man with "wild nature and innocence coexisting" - Ding Zhen, whose eyes are "cleaner than the water of Lugu Lake".

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In November 11th, at 8 o'clock, Ding Zhen's tiktok video volume exceeded millions. One day later, the hot topic tiktok, how handsome and handsome, how quickly he got on the hot list and long overtook top5. From November 12th tiktok, the 42 TikTok Related words were listed on the top of the list. The number of hot topics in the hot list was over ten, and Ding Zhen almost lived in the hot list of the half tone for half a month.

In November 14th tiktok tiktok was in the jitter, and the tiktok was 3 days, 2 million 570 thousand fans, and the first trembling point was 2 million 200 thousand +. A week later, Ding Zhen signed two contracts with Litang County Cultural Tourism Investment Company (a wholly-owned company of SASAC) to become Litang tourism ambassador.

Ding Zhen signed the "tri tiktok" identity for second days. After that, Ding Zhen made the first live broadcast of the tremble and released a tiktok record. At present, "Li Tong Ding Zhen" has gained about 4000000 fans and about 10000000 points tiktok. Ding Zhen's beloved "pony pearl" also has 77000 fans.

"I want to stay in Litang and do something for my hometown." Ding Zhen said so in the short film. Led by Ding Zhen, in the last week of November, "Litang" search volume soared 620%, four times more than the national day; the order volume of Ganzi Kangding airport and Yading airport as the destination increased by nearly 20% over the same period last year, and the single day booking volume on the 17th increased by 90% compared with the same period last year. In addition, the single day air ticket booking volume on the 21st, 23rd and 25th also increased by more than 50% compared with the same period last year. On November 17 alone, hotel bookings in Ganzi District of Sichuan Province increased by 111% compared with the same period last year. In the following week, the daily hotel bookings in Ganzi region kept more than double year-on-year.

Ding Zhen's popularity in tiktok has successfully led to the growth of the tourism economy in his hometown. With the help of tiktok, more people can see the beauty of Ganzi and China.

Tiktok has released the plan of "DOU is a good scenery" in 2018, with trembling sound as the main platform to help tiktok travel to help poor areas in more poverty-stricken areas. In July this year, byte beat launched the "golden rice panicle plan" and announced that 500 million yuan would be subsidized to the creators of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, so as to help the information of agriculture, rural areas and farmers inclusive.

China has a vast territory, many places like Ganzi, beautiful scenery but little known, tourism economy is also an important way to help local economic development. With the power of information dissemination, the trembling voice has made the world more beautiful, tiktok, like Ding Zhen's hometown, Ganzi, which has turned the online traffic into real economic benefits.

In the era of pictures and texts, the spread of beautiful scenery depends on the works of literal photography. When mobile phone enters the short video era, everyone can pick up the phone, open the jitter, and tiktok the beautiful moment. And the characteristics of the whole screen, tiktok, and music elements are also very suitable for recording the beautiful scenery of the original ecosystem. Meanwhile, the user base and artificial intelligence technology of the shaking platform also provide more opportunities for the spread of beautiful scenery in the mountains and distant places, helping the good scenery in the mountains and becoming a good tiktok in the world.