Ding Zhen heaven on earth with fire

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This "paradise on earth" with fire Ding Zhen absorbed tens of millions of powder overnight, and the search volume increased by 620%

Ding Zhen is definitely the most concerned person recently. To tell you the truth, Ding Zhen is really popular. It is the old saying that a good appearance can change one's life! But Xiaobian has no malice to Ding Zhen, just want to sigh like this. After all, who doesn't like a boy who laughs like this, who's wild and has a little bit of innocence? "Red" has always been a kind of opportunity. It has always been a kind of opportunity. However, there are many people who have been popular, and there are also many people who have fallen down. Many people are very popular for a while, but they still end up miserable. After all, people's love for Zhang San is not long-term. If you like Zhang San today, you can change to Li Si tomorrow. However, Xiaobian believes that Ding Zhen still knows this truth, and Xiaobian is also eager We hope that he can grasp this "opportunity" and realize the turning point in his own life. We also hope that Ding Zhen can keep his unique "pure" temperament all the time.

Ding Zhen's popularity, whether for the cultural and tourism industry or his hometown, has brought an indelible role in promoting. His popularity is just what the cultural and tourism circles need now. Before, people always thought that Ding Zhen's hometown was Tibet, but in fact, this was not the case. Ding Zhen was actually a Sichuan native. This news also shocked a lot of netizens, Sichuan? Is there such a place in Sichuan? How could it look like Tibet? Yes, there is such a place, which is very similar to Tibet, but more like "heaven on earth", that is Litang County in Sichuan Province.

Litang County is an area belonging to Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. It is located in the west of Sichuan Province and the southwest of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is an area inhabited by many ethnic groups. In fact, "Litang" in Litang County is a Tibetan language, which roughly means that kuangzi looks like a bronze mirror.

Although the area of Litang County is not very large, its scenery is very beautiful, and its unique scenery is even more fascinating. Originally, the nameless Litang County is now also because Ding Zhen is popular, absorbing tens of millions of powder in a day, and the search volume of Litang County on the Internet is surging, which can reach the previous 670%. It's amazing.

This is probably the perfect performance of "Ding Zhen effect". People originally only wanted to buy instant noodles, but they became so popular. It has to be said that such a "life" is really enviable, but the envy is not to be envied.