Ding Zhen from the plateau Village

Home Other 2020-12-07

The 20-year-old Tibetan boy is from a small mountain village in Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. More than 20 days ago, a photographer released a short video on the short video platform, which made Ding Zhen popular overnight. His clear eyes, bright smile, snow mountain and grassland behind him pierced the hearts of thousands of netizens eager for pastoral life, and set off a "Ding Zhen boom" on social network.

Later, Ding Zhen was employed as an employee of Litang County Culture, tourism and Sports Investment Development Co., Ltd. and served as the tourism image ambassador of Litang County. In the past 20 days, he took tourism propaganda films for Ganzi Prefecture and went to Chengdu, the provincial capital hundreds of kilometers away, to attend tourism promotion meetings. This is the first time Ding Zhen has been to such a far away place in his life. In addition to the image endorsement, Litang County Culture, tourism and sports investment and Development Co., Ltd. will also arrange Ding Zhen to act as the commentator in the miniature Museum group in the ancient town of Letong, where the Tibetan folk culture is intensively experienced in Litang County.

Today, through Ding Zhen, people not only see a poetic pure land, but also see China's arduous poverty alleviation cause and countless people who have paid silently. With the development of society, transportation, power, communication and other infrastructure continue to improve, paving the way to a broader world for "Ding Zhen men" and opening a window for them to understand the outside world. In Ding Zhen's hometown, many young people played with short videos and live broadcast to publicize the beauty and characteristics of their hometown through the Internet, which also opened a door for the outside world to understand beautiful Litang.