Ding Zhen first salary to buy washing machine and battery car

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Ding Zhen's first salary to buy a washing machine battery car, do not want her mother's hands frozen

Recently, young Kangba lads are really popular on major video websites. He has been interviewed and praised by the state and the media for many times. Even his horse has been reported in the media. It's no exaggeration to say that popularity and traffic are the top of the list.

Ding Zhen became popular overnight, not only because of his super high appearance, but also because of his rare simplicity. Unique Tibetan Boy's "sweet wild style". However, Ding Zhen a smile, curved smile eyes and lovely tiger teeth let his whole person full of sunshine, it is sweet burst watch.

Ding Zhen's unexpected popularity caught anyone by surprise, but surprise was greater than shock. After all, behind Ding Zhen is the beautiful but little-known Kangba land. His hometown Litang has just been lifted out of poverty, which is a good opportunity for healthy development and growth. At this time, Ding Zhen appeared to let you know the beauty of Litang in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. At the same time, we know that there is a charming small mountain village at the foot of gnei mountain. Ambassador Ding has made his hometown a success

What's more touching after Ding Zhen's popularity is that he has not been affected by the hustle and bustle of the outside world, nor has he become impetuous and vain after seeing the big cities full of wine and wine. She is also the middle-aged parents of maixinlao. Recently, some media released an interview about Ding Zhen, explaining the whereabouts of his first salary in his life after he joined the state-owned enterprise. Get the first money, Ding Zhen did not spend at will, but bought two big pieces for the family. Considerate Ding Zhen knew that her mother would freeze her hands when washing clothes in winter, so she bought her mother a washing machine as soon as possible. Ding Zhen also bought a battery car for his father, hoping to provide a more convenient way for his father to travel. He is really a man full of parents. Ding Zhen is too filial to his parents.

Xiao Bian finally wants to say that Ding is really pure and really worth learning. In this flashy era, there are too many fame and wealth that will blind people's eyes. Ding Zhen's popularity is not only because of his appearance, but also because of his pure heart. What do you think of Ding Zhen?