Ding Zhen becomes popular and half moon looks haggard

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Ding Zhen became popular half moon, haggard face, eyes full of bloodshot, confessed that he liked riding and herding cattle most

In a short period of time, from domestic red to foreign, Ding Zhen is indeed the top traffic in the current network world. However, with the sudden increase of fame, the incidental changes can not be ignored. On December 4, Ding Zhen was interviewed by the media and the live broadcast made many fans want to cry. In the live broadcast, Ding Zhen looked nervous and was not in a high mood. He did not see the cheerful smile in the past.

In the interview, when the reporter asked, "which kind of life do you like better than the previous life?" Ding Zhen confessed that he preferred the days of riding and herding cattle to the life that attracted much attention. This answer is very cruel to Ding Zhen. It also indirectly reflects the social effect after the popularity of Ding Zhen, which has caused some troubles to Ding Zhen's life. The first possibility to bear the brunt is to face continuous interviews. Take the latest group interview as an example. The posture is similar to interrogation, which has created a strong sense of oppression and restraint on Ding Zhen.

If Ding Zhen first attracted everyone is "clear eyes, pure smile", and wants to protect this piece of simplicity, then we may be disappointed.

From Ding Zhen's popularity to his signing company's itinerary, his itinerary density is comparable to that of a star. He has been shooting Litang promotional films, going to Chengdu to attend publicity meetings, studying, going to work and live broadcasting. It can be said that he has been paying the price of popularity with his freedom every day after his popularity. Therefore, in the latest live broadcast, when you see that Ding Zhen's eyes are tired and his eyes are full of red blood, you can realize that Ding Zhen's identity has changed. He has become a social worker and is far away from his free riding life.

Moreover, his smile has become unnatural, and he is more nervous about the camera than in the past. Earlier, Ding Zhen said that he didn't know why he was liked by everyone. His colleagues told him that his netizens liked his smile, so every time he appeared, he would greet everyone with a signboard smile. This time, his smile was too embarrassed to smile.

The Ding Zhen effect lasted for a long time because of his choice. When other networks became popular, they directly turned into live broadcast to make money. He used red to feed the construction of his hometown, which won great favor from passers-by and further stimulated the interest of the outside world. However, excessive exposure is a kind of injury to ordinary people. The media swarmed to his hometown with the risk of high altitude reaction, watching, tracking and broadcasting his life, hoping to find the first-hand news.

Internet users with his every move or advocacy or ridicule, almost every second someone is looking forward to his car overturning. However, we all forget that Ding Zhen was originally a cowherd boy, and ignored his real living environment and acceptance ability, and whether he could withstand these great changes.

In this interview, Ding Zhen said that he would learn Chinese well. He would go out without relying on others and take his parents to see the outside world. This is also Ding Zhen's psychological reflection after his popularity. Of course, he also maintains his self-esteem. Before that, Ding Zhen's dream was to be the first pony runner. After a business trip in Chengdu, he had a new imagination of the world and a new plan for his own life.

In that sentence, Ding Zhen's red is accidental. There is a big gap between Ding Zhen's red star and other Internet celebrities or stars in terms of social experience and cultural level. If he is overexposed for traffic, it will only backfire. As Ding Zhen's boss said, protect his self-esteem and give him enough room for growth.