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Diabolo is a splendid flower in Chinese traditional culture garden. Diabolo used to be called "Hu Dao", also known as "ground bell", "empty bell", "wind gourd". Jinan is commonly known as "old cow". Diabolo is also known as "buzzing", "trembling bell" and "pulling bell". Chinese folk recreational activities. It can be seen all over the country, especially in Tianjin, Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang.

brief introduction

Diabolo was originally a courtyard game, which was processed and improved to be competitive and became a traditional acrobatic event. The axle, wheel and wheel surface are made of wood, the wheel ring is made of bamboo, the bamboo box is hollow, with whistle holes, rotating sound, the waist of the middle column is thin, and the rope can be twisted to produce rotation. Players take two two two-foot-long bamboo sticks in each hand, and tie a cotton rope about five feet long at the top. They wrap around the spool one or two times, hand in hand and hand in hand, constantly shaking, and when they speed up the rotation, the bell rings. When shaking, the posture is changeable, the rope turns over, performing the actions of stringing, lifting, throwing and crossing the bridge, which are called "chicken on the shelf", "immortal jumping", "flying all over the sky" and "twisting". There are also pot caps, wine bottles and other appliances in place of diabolo.

Diabolo material

Diabolo is usually made of wood or bamboo, hollow, so it is named as a toy with the sound of high-speed rotation caused by threads and ropes shaking. "Diabolo shaking" is a representative program of Chinese traditional acrobatics, with simple, compact, hands-on objects, to develop superb skills. It is a very interesting Chinese folk game. In the north of China, people, especially children, like to shake diabolo during the holidays, and they can play many tricks. Diabolo is a combination of entertainment, games, fitness, competitiveness and performance. It has various techniques. There are more than 100 known techniques, including many collective patterns such as double, multi-person and so on.

Diabolo is disc-shaped, with a wooden shaft, with a bamboo stick tie rope wrapped around the wooden shaft pulling and shaking. Diabolo is divided into two types: single wheel (one end of the wood axis is a disc) and double wheel (each end of the wood axis has a disc). The disc is surrounded by whistles, with a large whistle as a bass hole and several small whistles as a high-pitched hole. They are divided into double, four, six, and up to thirty-six. When pulling and shaking diabolo, each whistle pronounces at the same time, high and vigorous, sound into the cloud table.

Wind gourd

Diabolo, commonly known as wind gourd, has long been a palace plaything. In ancient times, young women played diabolo as an elegant act, and modern young women performed diabolo as a wonderful skill. Diabolo represents the quintessence of China in acrobatics programs. It plays all over the world and occupies the limelight. As early as 86, Diabolo won the "Golden Prize of the French Republic of Tomorrow Acrobatics Festival" and won great honors for China.

Learning method

Diabolo is deeply loved by middle-aged and old comrades. Diabolo is cheap, easy to learn and practice, and is not subject to site restrictions. Diabolo buzzes and buzzes like a bull, which is very pleasant to the ear. At the same time, it can also make many tricks, which are highly skilled and ornamental. Therefore, many comrades enjoy it.

To learn how to shake diabolo, one must first learn how to shake double-headed diabolo, and then learn how to shake single-headed diabolo. After mastering the basic skills, then increase the difficulty to do tricks. As long as we are willing to study hard and keep on practicing, there will be benefits. Not only can we shake and fish freely, but also we can achieve the rules of hand, eye, body, law and step. We can pick, throw, back, straddle and roll our hands exceptionally, and become a master of Diabolo shaking.

Health activity

Diabolo was first used as a palace toy, then spread to Chinese folk and became popular. Especially in northern China, it has been popular among urban and rural people and become a well-known fitness and entertainment toy. After the founding of the People's Republic, especially with the development of China's reform and opening up and the construction of a well-off society, people's material and cultural life has been greatly improved, and there are higher requirements for the promotion of cultural taste and physical fitness. Diabolo, as an old and young sport activity, has been rejuvenated with youthful vigor.

Diabolo shaking is a combination of fitness, entertainment and performance. It can be practiced in all seasons. It is suitable for both men and women, young and old. It is welcomed by the masses. In recent years, diabolo has developed greatly all over the country, especially in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Shijiazhuang, Jinan and other places where there are many practitioners and exchanges. In July 2001, Jinan, a provincial city, set up the Diabolo Team of the Association of Physical Education for the Elderly, which put the Diabolo shaking sport on the track of healthy development. The Diabolo Team consists of four sub-teams in the four districts of Jinan, with more than 20 activity points. They cooperated with the propaganda of the Party's line, principles and policies, actively implemented the national fitness activities, and also improved the skill level of Diabolo Shooting in Quancheng. At present, jiggling diabolo has become popular in Jinan. Diabolo practitioners can be seen in all major parks and leisure venues. With diabolo members as the core, the number of Diabolo practitioners in urban areas has reached 2,000 people, among which there are many masters of Diabolo shaking. At the same time, it has also led to diabolo shaking activities in various cities in Qilu.

Inheritance significance

Diabolo is a kind of entertainment, fitness, skill, flexibility, performance and collection value item which is old and fresh in Chinese cultural origin and deeply loved by the people. Whether as a toy or as a sports instrument, diabolo is a rare thing.

Like Wushu, it should be excavated, sorted out, inherited and developed. The development of Diabolo shaking is also a good supplementary exercise for other sports such as martial arts, gymnastics and running. Especially in primary and secondary schools, the increase of Diabolo shaking training in physical education classes is also of great benefit to the development of teenagers.

With the rapid development of the city and the change of people's life style, Diabolo, as a witness of historical development and a way of inheriting folk culture, is facing a shrinking cultural space. Therefore, it is necessary for relevant departments to take various effective measures to protect it.

Intangible heritage

The state attaches great importance to the protection of intangible cultural heritage. On May 20, 2006, Diabolo was approved by the State Council and listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. On June 5, 2007, Zhang Guoliang and Li Lianyuan in Xuanwu District of Beijing were identified as representative successors of the cultural heritage project by the Ministry of Culture, and were listed in the first batch of 226 representative successors of the national intangible cultural heritage project.