Deyang natural resources

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Deyang natural resources

plant resources

Deyang City is a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest area in Sichuan Basin. The horizontal distribution of vegetation is not different, but the vertical distribution difference is obvious. The forest vegetation is complex and diverse, and the vegetation community is extremely rich. Longmen Mountain Area in the Northwest has great relief, with a relative height difference of more than 4000 meters. There are a large number of naturally preserved virgin forests and a wide variety of plants. Due to the differences in altitude, obvious vertical vegetation belts are formed. Camphor, nanmu, Qianzhang, sandalwood, Toona, Melia azedarach, peach, plum, pear, apricot and citrus are often found in the central plain area. The arbor layer in the hilly area of Southeast China is mainly composed of cypress, masson pine, oak, camphor, eucalyptus, Ligustrum lucidum, Qianzhang, alder, Paulownia, Robinia pseudoacacia, Ginkgo biloba, Pistacia chinensis, Salix, Liquidambar, Koelreuteria, etc.

Animal resources

In the plain area below 700 meters above sea level in Deyang City, there are no large wild animals except domestic animals and animals. Generally, there are only small wild animals, such as weasel, hare, vole, house mouse, Apodemus, she mouse, frog, pheasant, cuckoo, lark, sparrow, crow, magpie, thrush, swallow, Pulsatilla, Yangji, kingfisher, turtledove, egret, wild duck, etc. In the low and middle mountain areas with an altitude of 700-1800 meters, the common wild animals are wild boar, black bear, weasel badger, pig badger, deer, deer, leopard, porcupine, squirrel, bamboo rat, zokor, snake, forest frog, eagle, owl, magpie, crow, pheasant, pheasant, pheasant, woodpecker, etc. The middle and high mountain areas with an altitude of 1800-3600 meters belong to the first class of national protected wild animals, including giant panda, golden monkey, takin, hairy crested deer, etc. Wild animals under Category II protection include red panda, argali, red bellied Tragopan, green tailed red pheasant, mandarin duck, Little Swan, giant salamander, etc. In the high mountain area with an altitude of 3600-4300 meters, the main wild animals are blue sheep, mice, rabbits, mountain pheasants, white horse chickens, blue eared pheasants, snow chickens, eagles and eagles. There are 300 species of wild animals in the city. There are 81 species of wildlife under national and provincial key protection, including 9 species of national first-class protection, 46 species of national second-class protection, and 26 species of key protected animals in Sichuan Province. There are 219 species of animals which are beneficial or have important economic and scientific research value in Sichuan Province.

mineral resources

There are 35 kinds of mineral resources and more than 200 ore producing areas in Deyang City. Energy minerals include coal, natural gas, oil shale and peat; chemical minerals include phosphorus, pyrite, serpentine, strontium, iodine, rock salt, brine, and potassium bearing rocks (potash feldspar, mungbean, glauconite); building materials minerals include limestone, dolomite, construction gravel, clay, granite, marble, sandstone, gypsum, asbestos, vein quartz Feldspar, quartz sandstone; other non-metallic minerals include bentonite and muscovite; metallic minerals include bauxite, siderite, magnetite, lead-zinc ore, copper molybdenum ore, copper ore, uranium and thorium mine; and groundwater, mineral water, etc. Proven reserves of minerals include phosphorus, coal, natural gas, mineral water, limestone, dolomite, serpentine, strontium, iodine, bauxite, pyrite, sand gravel, clay, etc. The developed and utilized minerals include phosphorus, coal, natural gas, limestone, dolomite, sand gravel, granite, marble, sandstone stone, pyrite, clay, mineral water, etc.