Deyang local culture

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Deyang local culture


On April 2, 2013, the Information Office of the people's Government of Deyang City, Sichuan Province announced the city logo of Deyang to the public. Among them, "the source of ancient Shu, the city of heavy loading" has become the main logo of Deyang City, "ancient Shu Fenghua sunshine city" and "Dade Ruyang" are auxiliary signs of Deyang City, which are matched with the main logo for use in different fields and periods.

The main logo of Deyang city adopts circular structure as a whole, which not only has the connotation of harmony, but also takes the pictograph of the sun, echoing the word "Yang" of Deyang. The left half of the figure is a gear shape, representing Deyang's position as the capital of heavy equipment manufacturing. The upper part on the right side of the figure is the pictograph of ancient Shu characters, implying that Deyang is the source of ancient Shu civilization; the pattern of the lower part is Sanxingdui of Guanghan, which represents the most precious cultural heritage of Deyang - Sanxingdui site of Guanghan. The bright colors of red orange and blue-green reflect the vitality and rich and colorful cultural life of Deyang.