Devil City

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Devil City

The Devil City is also known as the Wind City of Urho. Wuerhe Mining Area in the lower reaches of Jiamu River, located in the northwest margin of Junggar Basin, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is 100 km southwest of Karamay City. There is a unique wind erosion landform, strange shape, the local Mongolians call the city "Sulumuhak".

Uyghurs call it "Shayi Tanksi", which means Devil City. In fact, this is a typical Yadan geomorphological area, Yadan is the meaning of Uygur "steep hill". Yadan geomorphology is named for the most typical Yadan area near Lop Nur, Tarim Basin, Xinjiang. It is a wind erosion geomorphological type formed in the arid and windy environment.

Devil City is northwest, East-West trend, about 5 kilometers long and wide, about 10 square kilometers around, the ground is about 350 meters above sea level. According to the investigation, it was a huge freshwater lake during the Cretaceous period about 100 million years ago. The lake shore was full of flourishing plants. The water inhabited and reproduced Wuerhe Stegosaurus, Ophioceratosaurus, dinosaurs, Junggar pterosaurs and other ancient animals. It was a "paradise" where aquariums gathered. After two major crustal changes, the lake became sandstone and mud between them. The land and sea of slate are called "Gobi Platform" in geology. April 13, 2018, was included in "Magic Northwest 100 Scenes".

Spectacle spectacle

Wuerhe Fengcheng is far-sighted and not obscene. From a distance, you will admire its magnificence, grandeur, marvel at the ingenious work of nature, go deep into the windy city, you will feel its extraordinary terror. Surrounded by many strange-shaped mounds, four stories high, the side wall of the mound is steep. From the side wall section, you can clearly see the principle of deposition. There are all cracked loess under your feet. The grass on the loess is barren and there is no life around you. If you come here alone, you need to pinch your face with your hands, otherwise you won't believe everything you see in front of you. It's all true. Even in a windless night, people tremble with fear.

The hills have been blown into various "buildings" by the wind, some like the Liuhe Pagoda along the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, some like the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, some like the pyramids in Egypt, some like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and some like eagles spreading their wings. Because of its unique scenery, many movies regard Devil City as a location, such as the Oscar-winning film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. More and more tourists come to Xinjiang to travel and explore.

The landform was selected as the first of the three most beautiful Yadans in China by the "Beautiful China" campaign of National Geography of China. Because it is located in the wind outlet, the devil city is constantly windy all the year round, the maximum wind power can reach 10-12 levels. The strong northwest wind gave the "name" of the Devil City, but also made it have the "shape" of the Devil and become strange. Looking over the windy city, it is like a great castle in medieval Europe. Castles, large and small, stand in great numbers, with varying heights and heights. For millions of years, because of the erosion of wind and rain, the ground has formed trenches of different depths, and the exposed stone layers have been carved in strange shapes by the strong wind: some grinning teeth, like monsters; some dangerous terraces are tall, butterflies are distinct, like ancient castles; here, like pavilions and pavilions, like eaves; there, like grand palaces, proud and upright. It's so imaginative. On the ups and downs of the hillside, covered with blood red, blue, white, orange and yellow stones, like the bequeath of the devil, add a little mystery. Fengcheng is located in the wind outlet, whenever the wind blows, sand and rocks fly away, the sky and the earth are dark, and strange shadows are blurred. Such as the arrow of the air in the strange stone mountain craftsmen shuttle and circle, make a sharp voice, such as wolves howling tigers, ghosts crying gods, if in the moonlight bleak night, surrounded by desolate, the situation is even more terrible.

Devil City is also rich in natural asphalt and deep underground oil.

In addition to the above-mentioned Wuerhe Devil City, there is Qitai Devil City in Xinjiang, which is located in the northwest direction of Qitai County. Starting from the county town, walk 90 kilometers along the highway leading to Beishan Coal Mine, go 3 kilometers further through the border guard station, turn into the Qinghe direction sidewalk, after about 60 kilometers into the General Gobi, and then through 50 kilometers of turbulence to reach. It covers an area of 84 square kilometers and is mainly composed of the Yadan Group of "young and middle-aged people".

In addition, there are two devil cities , one located in the northern edge of General Qitai's Gobi, and the other is the colorful city in the northern part of Jimsar.

Scenic spot distribution

The main development zones of the scenic spots are arranged in turn with nine distinctive canyons: Valentine, Snake Valley, Broken Bridge Valley, Desperate Valley, Jiuqu Ileum Valley, Crane Valley, Falcon Valley, Falcon Valley and Falcon Valley. They are strange, dangerous, secluded and beautiful everywhere. Broken Bridge Valley, Valley in Valley, Valley in Bridge, Bridge seems to be broken, across the valley; Eagle Valley, Eagle circling, dangerous still alive; Lost Valley, ancient road wind, puzzling and confusing; Jiuqu Ileum Valley, full of deep, swinging air and ileum.

Traffic information

After arriving in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, it takes about 4 hours to get to Mingyuan (Karamay's office in Urumqi). The bus goes to Karamay City and Baijiantan District once an hour. The fare is 105 yuan from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (overtime at half-time in some periods).

After the 9:30 bus (22 yuan) from Karamay Passenger Station arrives at Urhe Passenger Station (one and a half hour's journey), it goes to Devil City in Urhoda, less than 10 kilometers, 10 yuan per person. You can also take a taxi to Devil City at Karamay Passenger Station for 50 yuan per person and 200 yuan per chartered car.