Dazhous secondary industry

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Dazhou's secondary industry

In 2019, the added value of all industries in Dazhou is 46.35 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7% over the previous year, of which the added value of industries above Designated Size will increase by 9.6% (see Table 2). Among the industries above Designated Size, the light industry grew by 10.3% and the heavy industry by 9.4%. The growth rate of state-owned enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao decreased by 18.3%, while the growth rate of state-owned enterprises decreased by 10.4%. The output of main industrial products increased or decreased in varying degrees.

In 2019, the total profit of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size will reach 9.501 billion yuan, down 2.1% over the previous year; the profit and tax will reach 14.95 billion yuan, down 6.5%; the asset liability ratio will be 46.1%, increasing by 1.9%; the turnover rate of current assets will be 3.4 times / year, increasing by 0.3 times; the profit rate of cost and expense will be 7.3%, decreasing by 1.2%; and the contribution rate of total assets will be 14%, down 0.1%. The added value of the whole society's construction industry reached 25.75 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2% over the previous year. The total output value of qualified construction enterprises in the city reached 69.439 billion yuan, an increase of 34.7%. The fixed assets investment of the whole society increased by 12.0%. Among them, state-owned investment decreased by 5.9%, and private investment increased by 39.5%. In terms of industries, the investment in the primary industry increased by 110.9%, the investment in the secondary industry increased by 20.1%, and the investment in the tertiary industry increased by 3.6%. From the perspective of real estate development, investment in real estate development increased by 29.1%. The construction area of commercial housing was 14.8475 million square meters, an increase of 23.1%; the sales area of commercial housing was 5.6759 million square meters, an increase of 10.0%; the area of commercial housing for sale was 272100 square meters, decreased by 61.8%, and the effect of de stocking was obvious.