Daur Folk Songs

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Daur Folk Songs

Daur people mainly live in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Heilongjiang Province, and a few live in Tacheng County, Xinjiang. Daur means "pioneer". Ethnic origin of Khitan. Daur people have their own language, but no written language; influenced by the Manchu culture of the Qing Dynasty, Manchu is commonly used, and then Chinese is widely used. Daur folk music has many forms, such as folk song, counterpart singing and dance lyrics. It is characterized by enthusiastic and unrestrained tone, euphemism, clear rhythm and rigorous rhythm.

On June 7, 2008, Daur folk songs were listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council.

artistic characteristics

Folk songs, known as "Zasidale" by Daur people, are usually sung in the gap between field production and work or on the journey of driving cars. The lyrics are vivid and can be improvised. The melody is high, melodious and multi-tremolo. It has the unique style of Daur folk songs.

Counterpart singing is a popular song in Daur songs. It reflects the production and life of Daur people. It asks and answers questions. The tune is clear and cheerful. The singers can fill in words and answer each other extemporaneously.

Representative works

Folk song

Daur folk artists have adapted and processed folk songs such as "Sweetheart of the Heart", "Mountain Township", "Hypnotic Song" on the basis of their own folk songs, which can be regarded as excellent works of Daur folk songs today. For example, "Sweetheart" is not only beautiful in tune, but also touching in lyrics. The following are its first and last two paragraphs:

Time is like running water. Spring comes to my hometown again.

The vast wilderness, covered with green spring clothes,

The Nenjiang River is deep and long, but the boats have to sail long distances.

My darling, you are not on board.

Song and dance

Songs and dances are another part of Daur folk music. They are equipped with lyrics. The melody is beautiful and soothing. The lyrics are mostly about Daur people's family life, ethics, morality and love. It also shows scenery, sentiment and impromptu lyrics. At the beginning of the party, the dancers started slowly, singing and dancing. The following is a popular one:

Walk into the house and sing.

What I sing to my uncle is quail song.

Outside the door, singing.

When lonely, the song of the mandarin duck is the song of the Mandarin duck.

Daur folk songs mainly include Zandal, which is a folk song of folk song genre, usually sung in the forest, grazing or driving. The lyrics are not fixed, mostly touching scenes, impromptu chanting, and filled with function words such as "Naye Zao", with melodious tunes and more tremolo, which has the unique style of Daur folk songs.


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