Daur Costume

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Daur Costume

The Daur nationality has a long history and agricultural culture in northern China. Daur garments are greatly influenced by Mongolian and Manchu nationalities. Men wear large-skinned leather gowns with long gowns, white cloth wrapped around their heads, straw hats and leather boots.

On November 11, 2014, Daur costumes were approved by the State Council and listed in the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Daur men wear leather caps, robes, leather trousers and boots. Hats are made of the scalp of roe, wolf or fox, with hair facing outward, ears and horns standing upright and lifelike. When hunting, they are both cold-proof and protective. Boots are made of bamboo deer, bamboo deer and cow hide. In addition to leather clothing, Daur people also wear cloth robes and trousers. Wear cotton gowns in winter, jackets and vest in cold weather, jackets in spring and autumn, and single gowns in summer. Women wore leather clothes in their early years, and after the Qing Dynasty they mainly wore cloth clothes. The color of clothing is mostly blue, black and grey. Older women also like to shoulder their jackets in long gowns.