Danba pig leg

Home Food 2020-12-06


Xiang Pigs are mainly green fodder. They never feed artificial feed. They graze with cattle and sheep all year round. They have long mouth and small ears, narrow head, straight forehead, narrow body and protruding back, strong limbs and fast running. Danba pig leg is famous in beauty Valley and loved by many tourists. Its unique production method is amazing. Every winter, every family in Danba slaughters fat pigs. Before slaughtering the pig, the pig's four feet were tied up, a hole was made in the chest with a knife, the hand was stretched into the chest cavity to break the heart lung joint, and then the knife edge was sewn. The pig hair was burned up repeatedly with dry grass, and then it was cut open. The fat and lean pork were separated, and the pig leg was separated according to the original shape, and then stored in the storage room after frost, Cupressus fumigation and air drying. The pork leg is good in color, aroma and taste after being stored for a winter.

When eating, cook it half cooked or bake the skin with charcoal fire, cut it into small pieces or tear it into vermicelli shape. You can smell the fragrance within 100 meters. It is fresh and fragrant, nutritious and appetizing.