Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World

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Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World

China's Romantic Marine Theme Paradise and Romantic Dalian Tourist Resort - Dalian Sanya Marine World. Located on the west side of Xinghai Square and in Xinghai Park, facing the sea and adjacent to yacht wharf, Xinghai Park Bath and Xinghai Bay Bath are within walking distance. There are four major venues in Sanya Ocean World, Sanya Polar World, Sanya Deep Sea Legend and Sanya Coral World, with an operating area of more than 50,000 square meters. They are a collection of marine polar environment simulation, marine animal exhibition, shopping and entertainment. A comprehensive tourism project integrating leisure and leisure. In January 2001, it was awarded National AAAA Tourist Scenic Spot.

Key Visit Projects

Sun Asia Ocean World

It mainly displays marine animals. It has performances of dolphins, beluga whales and sharks all the year round. Opened to visitors in June 1995, it is the first submarine passageway aquarium in China. It has the longest 118-meter submarine passageway in Asia at that time, and pioneered the construction of the third generation aquarium in China. In July 2005, the ocean world of Sanya was revamped and the Ocean Museum and theme park were organically integrated, so that visitors could complete the fantastic journey of "from land to sea, and then from sea to sea" as a role in a marine sitcom. Therefore, the ocean world of Sanya became the first scenic ocean theme park in China and even in the world.

1. One of the "two trump cards" of Sanya, the seabed city, is China's first seabed passage, which is 118 meters long. It is like walking on the seabed.

2. The performance of Dolphin Bay Love, one of Santa'a's three major performances, is co-starred by dolphins, beluga whales, mermaids, princes, pirates and moonlight angels. The plot is ups and downs, and the style is romantic and aesthetic. Place of performance: Dream Dolphin Bay. Performing time: 20 minutes or so (10 minutes before the peak season performance, foreign clowns interact).

Sightseeing route

Entrance Shark Cave Seabed Pyramid Seabed 20,000 Li Seabed UFO (the first four areas are dominated by seabed fantasy scenery) Jellyfish exhibition area Seabed Walker Shark Dance Zone Seabed City China's first seabed corridor, with seabed skate show Discovery Story Corridor Shark Island Shark-loving Pool Egg Hatching Exhibition and Shark Touch Pool Great White Shark Theatre Starfish Square Havana Avenue Restaurant, Leisure, Souvenir Store; Recommendation of Hemingway Cabin with Delicious Chinese and Western Simple Food Dream Dolphin Bay Exit Tour Time: About 2 hours (according to the reasonable planning of performance time).


The performance time of "Dolphin Bay Love" will be adjusted according to the season, you can click on the official website of Sanya to inquire; the performance venue can accommodate more than 1000 people, 20 minutes before the off-season performance before admission; during the peak season (July and August), due to the large number of tourists, usually 30-40 minutes in advance to open the door for visitors to enter, there will be no seats later.

Saint-Asian Polar World

It mainly exhibits Arctic and Antarctic animals. There are performances of beluga whales, walruses and sea lions all the year round, and small performances of spotted seals in peak season. Built in April 2003 and opened to the outside world, it also adopts the style of scenic theme park to fully show tourists the features of the polar world.

1. The performance of Moby Dick Legend, one of Sanya's three major performances, Moby Dick underwater performance, double whale upgrade, shocking deduction of "Moby Dick Knight" and "underwater waltz" underwater battle "heart shape", extreme challenge of the great circle of human whales, simultaneous rotation 1080 degrees, excellent performance of the whole water scene, the most difficult and creative human whales tacit dance together, only beautiful Sanya Sea World.

Place of performance: Moby Dick Underwater Stadium (Open Stadium, visitors can watch Moby Dick swimming through the glass window when there is no performance).

Performing time: about 10 minutes.

2. The performance of Kung Fu Walrus, one of Santa'a's three major performances, starred by the walrus sea lion, can imitate Michael Jackson's dancing Kung Fu walrus, with humorous style, and visitors can participate in interaction. A large indoor situational theatre with 3D multimedia dancing effect, Lapland Village in Taoyuan, Polar Region, has been moved onto the stage. It is equipped with the largest circular screen, special lighting and sound effects facilities in China, as well as large stage machinery and equipment such as airships and sledges, so that tourists can watch animal performance audiovisual feast on the spot. Place: Kung Fu Walrus Stadium.

Performing time: about 20 minutes.

3. Antarctic Penguin Island, one of the "two trump cards" of Santa Asia, "China's largest Antarctic Penguin Base", has nearly 100 white-eyed penguins and King penguins.

Sightseeing route

Polar Base Ticket Gate Seal Bay Polar Spacecraft Moby Dick Underwater Show Arctic Animal Village Antarctic Penguin Island Seal Feeding Area Seal Watching Platform Kung Fu Elephant Performing Stadium Exit

Tour time: about 1.5 hours (according to the reasonable planning of performance time).


The performance time of Moby Dick Legend and Kung Fu Walrus will also be adjusted according to the season. You can click on the official website of Sanya to inquire about it. After the performance of Kung Fu Walrus, you can take pictures with the walrus or sea lion, bring your own camera, 50 yuan per person.

Seal feeding area visitors can buy fresh fish to feed seals, 10 yuan per copy, can take photos with their own camera; if you need a trainer to guide seals to pose for POSE photos, you need to pay an additional fee: 20 yuan per time with your own camera; no camera 30 yuan per piece, six inch plastic seal, take photos.

Located on the second floor, the platform has an excellent view of the sea, with wooden tables and chairs for visitors to rest; the catering area serves mineral water, coffee, fruit juice and other drinks and ice cream, with a wide range of snacks: roast squid, lamb kebabs, roast sausages, bone and meat, chicken willow, octopus balls, Guandong boiled, cooked corn, egg tarts, hamburgers, popcorn and so on, with prices ranging from 3 yuan to 15 yuan.

Saint-ya Coral World

Pure exhibition venues, coral as the theme, no animal performance. There are more than one hundred species and more than one thousand coral reef biota in the world, using living coral life-support technology, through various modern scientific and technological expression techniques, vividly reproduced the coral ecosystem in the ocean; at the same time, there are thousands of rare fish and more than a dozen rare shellfish, which are interesting to the coral, and together constitute a magical, gorgeous underwater flower. Garden. Tour time: about 0.5 hours.

Saint Asia Deep Sea Legend

Dalian's high-tech multi-media-based, brand-new tourism projects, with the Saint Asia Ocean World, the Saint Asia Polar World, and the Saint Asia Coral World, constitute the four core scenic spots of Saint Asia. Opening to the outside world in May 2012, with the theme of deep-sea adventure exploration, the use of top-notch multimedia technology, combined with micro-electrical machinery, linkage and sound, light and electricity simulation, to create a mysterious and exciting "deep-sea experience area" and a gorgeous and fantastic "curtain theater area", which can be called the most magical and exciting deep-sea experience journey in history!

Tourist routes: entrance (electronic map) ticket gate captain's cabin magic oil painting seabed Mermaid strange cabin thriller bridge 10,000 Zhang abyss deep mud pool seabed volcano space-time corridor seabed laboratory deep-sea movement (Tianmu Cinema)

Key recommendation items:

1. Deep-sea movement: the largest super IMAX Sky Screen Cinema in China

Over three times the IMAX HD audio-visual shock, panoramic display of dazzling underwater biological wonders! Benjamin, the first Chinese avant-garde cartoonist, painted by hand; Li Hong, director of the American animated film Kung Fu Panda; Zhang Zheng, a master of sound effects at Shanghai Film Translating Studio, created music and produced sound effects; top-level post-production team, unprecedented seabed scenes, so beautiful that people forget to breathe!

2. Small surprises, small surprises, the unrecognizable phantom of deep-sea experience area, the strange oil painting that can speak, the strange cabin that makes people lose balance, the crumbling cable bridge, the abyss that has no way to retreat, the sinking mire, the moving underwater volcano, the space-time corridor whirling around the world... Amazing everywhere, but wonderful experience!

Three Performances: Dolphin Bay Love, Kung Fu Walrus, Moby Dick Legend

Love in the Gulf

Fantastic 360-degree multi-dimensional water show, an emotional performance of beluga whales and dolphins, a romantic love of princes and princesses, and the moonlight angels, pirates to deduce the real version of the "mermaid fairy tale". Various artistic forms, multiple emotional experiences and international performance teams bring visitors fantastic and moving fairy tales.

Kung Fu walrus

"Kung Fu Walrus" imitates Michael Jackson's dance. The giant, natural and dull elephant jointly performs with the black and shiny skin and flexible sea lion, creating the most HIGH laughing action "blockbuster" in history at the 3D multimedia dance performance venue.

Legend of beluga whale

The largest underwater performance venue in China, Moby Dick underwater performance, shocking interpretation of underwater Moby Dick Knight, underwater waltz, deep-sea kiss, extreme challenge of human whale underwater loop, 1080 degree synchronous rotation and other extremely creative and difficult performance actions, bring you an unprecedented audio-visual shock!

Two aces

Two trump cards: Undersea Passage, Penguin Island, Antarctica

Submarine passage

Walk into China's first seabed passageway and experience the first time to be touched by the seabed. Walking on the sparkling blue sea floor, more than 300 species and nearly 10,000 marine creatures are within reach; encountering the great sharks, shading the sky, enjoying the dazzling glory of the rocks and reefs, listening to the debris and telling about the past prosperity; holding her/his hand, walking together through the 118-meter fantastic journey, traveling together to Atlantis in the legend.

Penguin Island, Antarctica

China's largest breeding base for Antarctic penguins. The amphibious primitive ecological display environment, Wang Penguin and White-eyed Penguin, makes it a big stage of penguin community life: love, marriage, stoning, hatching eggs, taking care of children, dressing up sculptures... Have you ever seen a group of penguins carefully descending the slide, diving in line and flying fast in the water? Penguin family "Meng" many things!

A big sky

Big Sky Screen: Super IMAX Sky Screen Cinema

Deep sea movement

Super IMAX Arch Sky Screen Cinema, 40 meters long, 10 meters wide and 5 meters high, the huge arch screen will cover you 180 degrees. Four times the resolution of the IMAX film, 32 dynamic holograms, plus "Kung Fu Panda" director Li Hong as animation director... Let your heart and soul immerse in the unparalleled shock of the deep sea. The film is divided into three major movements: "sardine waltz" vitality; "jellyfish Serenade" gorgeous beauty; "whale Symphony" magnificent, if you think you have seen the scenery in the sea, then go to the deep sea to feel it.

Ticket information

Tickets for Dalian Sanya Ocean World Scenic Spot can be purchased in the following two ways:

Way 1: Buy tickets in the market: SeaWorld / Dinosaur Legend Ticket Office in Sanya, you can buy tickets on the same day.

Ticket species

Rack rate

Saint Asia Four Pavilions Package (Ocean World + Polar World + Coral World + Deep Sea Legend )

190 yuan per person

Notes: 1. Coral World Tickets do not retail, buy package tickets will be presented.

2. Tickets for students in Colleges and secondary schools are limited to full-time enrollment of undergraduates (including undergraduates and specialists), postgraduates and above. They are required to show their valid student certificates when purchasing and entering the library.

Way 2: Online ticket purchase: To log on to the following website, you need to book at least one day in advance and enjoy the discount.

1. Landing on the official website of the Marine World of Santa Asia.

2. Landing at the flagship store of Skycat in Sanya Ocean World.

Notes: The official self-operated network platform of Sanya Ocean World is only the above two, reminding tourists that there are transaction risks in other ticket purchasing methods.

Special tickets: college students above the age of 65 can buy student tickets with their student ID; senior citizens above 65 can buy old age tickets; children below 1.3 meters can be led by adults free admission, 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) - 18 years old minors, full-time undergraduate students and students below the degree of 18 years old (required to produce valid certificates) enjoy a discount of 20%.

Traffic information

Metro: Metro Line 1, Dayi Second Hospital Station, Exit C, 200 meters walk.

Bus routes: 16, 22, 23, 28, 37, 49, 202, 531, 901.

Airport Bus Route: Take Metro Line 2 to transfer to Line 1 at Xi'an Road Station, and get off at Dayi Second Hospital Station. (TAXI takes about 10 minutes and costs about 19 yuan)

Dalian North Railway Station Bus Route: Metro Line 1 gets off at Dayi Second Hospital Station.

Dalian Railway Station Bus Route: 531 in front of the station, 16, 23 and 901 in Friendship Square Bus Station.

Self-driving at freeway entrance: freeway entrance - East Expressway - Wuyi Square - Shengli Road - Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center - Sanya Ocean World (non-peak period: about 30 minutes drive)