Cultural undertakings in Luzhou

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Cultural undertakings in Luzhou

By the end of 2017, Luzhou had 8 cultural centers and 142 cultural stations, including 128 Township comprehensive cultural stations, 14 urban community (street) cultural centers, 9 public libraries, 2 art galleries and 13 museums (memorial halls), all of which are free of charge. The city's library has a total collection of 1456100 books (pieces), including 1089900 books and 1153400 circulation person times. Among the libraries, there are 2 Municipal Libraries (including 1 children's Library), with a total collection of 739800 books (pieces), 552500 books, and 581100 person times in circulation. There are 1.8601 million e-books in the public library. There are 574 seats in the children's reading room of the library and 140300 volumes of children's literature. There are 16 theaters and cinemas in the city.

In 2017, 16779 rural and community public welfare films were shown free of charge in Luzhou. More than 500 local brand activities have been held, such as "Luzhou? People's stage" weekend theater, "Luzhou River" Sichuan Opera in-house performance, "scholarly wine city · national reading" series brand activities, and Dragon Boat Festival folk culture tourism activities. It has hosted more than 10 national and provincial activities such as the Song Dynasty stone carving and song culture international seminar, China dragon culture summit, Chinese wine music and happy season, and introduced more than 10 classic plays.

By the end of 2017, there were 8 cultural relics protection and management institutions in Luzhou. There are 280 cultural relics protection units above the county level, 16 at the national level, 51 at the provincial level and 120 at the municipal level. There are 6 national intangible cultural heritage protection projects, 45 provincial intangible cultural heritage protection projects and 173 municipal intangible cultural heritage protection projects. Three kinds of periodicals were published, with a total printing number of 30000 copies, and five kinds of newspapers with a total printing number of 24.995 million. By the end of the year, the total length of cable radio and television transmission trunk network was 4700 km. There are 353600 cable TV users, including 233900 digital TV users. The actual users of radio and television Internet were 95100, 11700 less than the beginning of the year.