Crab congee

Home Food 2018-10-31

crab porridge is a snack in Macao. Macao is located at the junction of saltwater and fresh water, and the crab produced is delicious. Water crab porridge is the essence of three kinds of crabs: water crab, paste crab and meat crab. It is enriched by special oyster porridge.

The crabs are all local crabs, because Macau crabs grow in the salt and fresh water boundary, crabs taste sweet, meat is rich and tasty. The crabs in the crab porridge are chopped to a large extent, so that crab crusts can be prevented from mixing into the porridge, affecting the taste and insecurity. As soon as crab porridge comes out of the oven, you'll be attracted by its fragrant taste and clear yellow sales, which will make your mouth water. Porridge is not thick, not thin, rich crab yellow, delicious crab meat, full of crab flavor.