Crab Island

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Crab Island

Crab Island Green Eco-Resort is based on agriculture, characterized by villages, with environmental protection, green, organic and healthy as the solid connotation of tourism and vacation. The typical "front shop and back garden" management pattern of the resort allows visitors to experience the pleasure of plowing, planting, harvesting and picking in the countryside. In the production process of organic crops, crab island adopts organic cultivation completely, and uses purified water to irrigate farmland to produce safe, healthy and pollution-free organic food. The resort takes eco-agriculture as an effective carrier of tourism, sightseeing and leisure. It combines agriculture with tourism organically through agricultural sightseeing, agricultural machinery exhibition, agricultural science popularization and local human relations exhibition. It not only extends the industrialization of agriculture, but also constructs individualized characteristic tourism.

brief introduction

Crab Island Green Eco-Resort is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. It covers an area of 3300 mu. It integrates planting, breeding, tourism, vacation, leisure and eco-agricultural sightseeing. The resort takes the production and marketing of "green food" as its greatest feature, catering, entertainment and fitness as its carrier, so that guests can enjoy a fresh, natural and pollution-free high-quality life as its business purpose. The resort is a key demonstration unit to promote the structural adjustment of agricultural industrialization in Chaoyang District of Beijing, and is also the base of Beijing Green Eco-Park designated by the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences. The environment of the resort is elegant, the air is fresh and the equipment is complete. The layout of the "front shop and back garden" is unique. The whole park is divided into four parts: planting park, breeding park, science and Technology Park and Tourism Resort park, which can maximize the convenience of your tourism.

The total area of the green eco-resort is 2 square kilometers, including 0.2 square kilometers for tourism resort and 1.8 square kilometers for eco-agricultural sightseeing area. It adopts the "front store and back garden" management pattern and the scientific mode of combining agriculture and tourism, and uses the "eco-environment" of material circulation (rice and crab mixed cultivation), energy cycle (water resources, waste comprehensive utilization) and information cycle (industrial coordination and integration). The concept of "sustainable development" integrates agricultural ecotourism, organic food production, processing logistics and sales into an independent and perfect closed system. While highlighting the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure and industrialization management have been well realized.

In terms of management layout, the resort mainly embodies the rural features of old Beijing. With the eco-tourism environment of "returning to nature" and the unique features of "village appearance" and "village appearance", the modern and comfortable leisure tourism resort hotel is placed in the idyllic scenery of shady trees, fragrant rice and wheat, six livestock groups and fertile crabs, which makes agricultural production and hotel management, urban civilization and rural areas. Feeling, exploiting, benefiting and ecological protection circulate and sustain development in the natural biological chain structure. The guests who come here for leisure and vacation can not only experience the interest of eating farm meals, living in farmyards and living in farms, but also buy all kinds of healthy and safe organic farm and sideline food by themselves in the rural supermarket of Crab Island. They also get the opportunity of agricultural practice and affinity with nature and animals, and receive the opportunity of environmental protection and popular science education. Every year, the resort holds many festivals such as Lotus Festival, Crab Festival, Beer Festival, Chrysanthemum Festival, Hot Spring Festival, Ice and Snow Festival.

Practical information

"Pet Paradise" lets you have a good eye for pets. There are 70 different rooms in Crab Island, which can accommodate about 170 people at the same time. There are three kinds of rooms: single room, standard room and suite. In addition, the modern characteristics of the farmhouse courtyard can accommodate 6-12 people, lead-gray courtyard walls, giving people a sense of simplicity and heavy; the eaves hanging red lanterns, golden corn rods, dried pepper string, full of agricultural charm; outdoor placed a variety of "rare" agricultural tools, such as horse lanterns, iron anvils, grinders; a variety of evergreen plants and purple red flowers to bring you a melting spring, good. Enjoy the comfort of being light at home. In addition, the large and small meeting rooms for group activities are ideal places for you to discuss and decide major events. With the German Alpine Ski Club, the project of Crab Island Alpine Ski Center was officially launched in September 2001. The ski resort is planned to invest RMB 200 million, covering 150 mu, with a construction area of 53500 square meters. The Skiing Hall is planned to be built in 2003 and will become the largest indoor skiing hall in China and even in Asia.

Service facilities: ballroom, disco, karaoke hall, nightclub, chess and card room, video game room, video room, children's park, billiards room, table tennis room, bowling court, tennis court, golf course, beach volleyball, indoor swimming pool, massage room, sauna bathroom, sunbathroom, outdoor swimming pool, foot bath, SPA, water sports

Food and beverage leisure: catering: Chinese restaurant, barbecue, cafe, bar, tea room, lobby bar, all-day meal delivery service; leisure:

Surrounding Landscape: Jingang Automobile City, Traffic Police University

Credit cards: Master, VISA, AMEX, Dinners Club, JCB, UnionPay


Address: No. 1 Xiedao Road, Chaoyang District (Middle Section of Airport Auxiliary Road)

Self-driving route:

1. Airport Expressway - Weigou Exit (5 yuan) Turn right - Airport Auxiliary Road 500 meters south - See Crab Island Resort Lightbox - Turn left.

2. Dashanzi Circle Island - Airport Auxiliary Road 6 km northward - See Crab Island Resort Lightbox - Turn right.

Bus routes:

Take No. 688 from Dongzhimen to Xiedao Dongmen (Terminus) and get off. Get off at No. 418 and No. 909 from Dongzhimen to Xiedao Station and walk 600 meters north along the sign to enter Xiedao Island.

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