Crab Dumplings in Soup

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Crab yellow soup bag is a traditional snack in Jiangsu Province. The crab yellow soup bag is made of crab yellow and crab meat with stuffing. The soup is the original chicken soup. The main materials are live crabs, hens, pork skins, and high gluten flour.

The crab soup bag has enjoyed a high reputation in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its characteristic is that the skin is thin as paper, and the bullet is broken, making "absolutely", "form beauty" and "eating". The most famous ones are Nanjing Longpao Crab Yellow Soup Bag , Jingjiang Crab Yellow Soup Bag , Taixing Quxia Crab Yellow Soup Bag , Zhenjiang Yanchun Crab Yellow Soup Bag , Huaian Wenlou Crab Yellow Soup Bag. Nanjing holds the Dragon Robe crab soup package food festival all year round.

Legend has it that crab shells have been produced in the Three Kingdoms. In the late Three Kingdoms, when Zhuge Liang was seriously ill, he thought that Liu Bei, the forerunner, had left the Kingdom shortly after he recruited relatives from the kingdom. Sun Shangxiang was forced to stay in his mother's home by Sun Quan. Later, sun and Liu each called the emperor, and the two sides were at war. Liu Bei was defeated and died in the White Emperor city. When Mrs. Sun heard that she missed her husband and wife, she was so painful that she boarded the Lingyun Pavilion in Beigu Mountain, looked to the West and sacrificed herself. Zhuge Liang was too busy to pay attention to the sacrifice of the spirits. While still alive, Zhuge Liang sent people to the East Wu Dynasty to offer sacrifices, but he wished.

Ge Liang summoned his lieutenant Wu old man who followed Liu Bei to the East Wu Dynasty to pay homage to his wife Sun. Wu asked him what to bring to the memorial. Zhu Geliang said that he would pay homage to his steamed bread with meat. When Old Wu heard this, he knew that this was a sacrifice offered by former prime ministers when they were crossing the Lushui River, instead of killing any living creatures, they used dough and meat instead of human heads.

Old Wu obeyed the orders and said goodbye to the Prime Minister. He sailed to Jingkou in Dongwu and told the local officials that he had come to pay homage to Mrs. Sun. When the governor listened to it, he did not dare to neglect it. He arranged for Wu old man to stay in the post office.

After staying, Wu old man looked for flour and he chopped and chopped the pork with a knife. I also thought that when my wife was alive, she liked eating crabs best, cooked some crabs, peeled crab yellow and crab meat into pork stuffing and stirred them to make fillings.

On the second day, some local officials and their attendants held a memorial ceremony with Wu Lao. When he arrived at the Bank of the Beigu Mountains and rivers, old Wu asked people to set up incense cases, light incense and candles, stick forty-nine meat steamed buns, and take out the memorial inscriptions written by the Prime Minister. When we look at the drum shaped meat buns, we do not know what they are. Wu old man, after reading the funeral oration, threw these things into the river.

After the memorial ceremony, we asked Wu old man. What was left in the river just now? Old Wu smiled, so he said mysteriously that this was Mrs. Sun's favorite food when she was alive. It was "crab yellow hot bag." Old Wu dropped a few teeth and spoke a little unconventionally. People listened to the word "hot" as a "soup", and they echoed the word "crab yellow soup bag". 

Crab yellow soup bag is a delicacy of Nanjing Liuhe dragon robe, Dragon Robe crab yellow soup bag has nearly 200 years of history, legend has been tributed to the court. Siwon was in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. According to legend, when Qianlong was in the south of the Yangtze River when he was visiting the Dragon's robe, he tasted the steamed bun specially made by the villagers with crab and crab meat as stuffing. After that, Longyan was delighted and praised "delicious and delicious", and the villagers were also flattered, they called it "Qianlong soup bun".

In the late Qing Dynasty, master Tao Ming of Liuhe, Nanjing, founded the Taiping Spring Restaurant. He inherited the traditional technology of Qianlong soup bag and reprocessed the stuffing of the soup bag. With various ingredients, the soup bag tasted better and was renamed "crab yellow soup bag". In the 1930s, Tao spread this art to Qin Youfa, Yi Chunbing, Shen Lao Er to continue to operate, won the praise of diners, reputation in the countryside.

In the 1960s, Zhou Yuchun, a prominent figure in Nanjing Qin Dynasty, took over Laohong Garden, inheriting and developing crab yellow soup bag technology. Since the 1980s, the good situation of reform and opening up has provided an excellent opportunity and environment for the development of soup and bags industry in our town. Restaurants such as "68 Restaurant" and "Yangtze River Hotel" have emerged as the times require and achieved good social and economic benefits. In 2004, with the concern and support of the Nanjing Food and Beverage Chamber, the "Longpao Crab Yellow Soup Bag Branch" of the Nanjing Food and Beverage Chamber of Commerce was set up, which made the Longpao Crab Yellow Soup Bag Industry bigger and stronger, unprecedented grandeur, and enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad.

It is famous for its fastidious materials, unique formula, excellent production and difficult to copy. There are as many as 33 Production processes. For a long time, the ancestral motto of "no legend" has been adhered to by the successors of crab yellow soup wrapped in dragon robes in Nanjing, which adds a bit of mystery to it. Every year, the season of chrysanthemum and crab has to attract hundreds of thousands of customers in the north and south to enjoy their happiness. It is reported that the main ingredients of the Dragon Robe crab yellow soup packet must be selected. According to the "Liuhe County Chronicle," the "dragon robe crab yellow soup package in late Qing Dynasty is famous for its thin skin, tender filling, delicious, not greasy, in crab oil, skin soup, filling, rolling, pinching, steaming and other processes have strict requirements, it looks like autumn chrysanthemum spit, eat fresh and not greasy.

Crabs are rich in protein and trace elements and have a good nourishing effect on the body. Crabs also have anti tuberculosis effects, and eating crabs can be beneficial to the rehabilitation of tuberculosis. Crab cold, salty taste, liver, stomach meridian; have clearing heat and detoxification, bone marrow, nourishing tendons and bones, blood and phlegm, dampness and yellowing, limbs and joints, nourishing liver yin, gastric juice effect; for blood stasis, jaundice, lumbocrural pain and rheumatoid arthritis have a certain dietary effect.

Chicken protein content is high, and easy to be absorbed by the human body into the use of physical strength, strengthen the body's role. Gentle, warm, sweet taste, into the spleen, stomach meridian; can warm in Qi, nourish essence and add marrow; for the treatment of fatigue and emaciation, lack of food, diarrhea dizziness palpitation, irregular menstruation, less postpartum milk, thirst, edema, frequent urination, sperm loss, deafness and tinnitus.

Wheat flour is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, nourishing the heart and kidney, strengthening the spleen and thick intestines, eliminating heat and thirst. Wheat taste sweet, cool, into the heart, spleen, kidney meridians; nourishing the heart, kidney, except for heat, thirst; the main treatment of restlessness, fever, thirst, diarrhea, carbuncle, traumatic bleeding and scald.

Suitable cannibalism: the general population can eat. It is suitable for those who suffer from impairment, broken bones and tendons, pain and blood stasis, maternal placenta residue, pregnant women's labor contraction and fetal delay, especially crab claws.

Avoid eating crowd: plain spleen and stomach deficiency cold, loose stool, abdominal pain concealed, cold unhealed, persistent wind disease, stubborn skin itching disease people avoid eating; menorrhea, dysmenorrhea, pregnant women avoid eating crabs, especially crab claws.

Food phase grams: crabs and sweet potatoes, pumpkins, honey, oranges, pears, pomegranates, tomatoes, cantaloupes, peanuts, snails, celery, persimmons, rabbit meat, mustard, eat together; eating crabs can not drink cold drinks can lead to diarrhea.

Cooking process

Step 1: small fire crab oil


Ingredient: live crabs 800 grams.

Seasoning: onion, ginger, Shao wine each 10 grams, salt, vinegar each 4 grams, white pepper 3 grams, cooked lard 50 grams.


1. Wash the living crabs and tie them with rope. Steam them for 20 minutes until they are cooked. Remove the shells and take the crab meat and the crab yellows for reserve.

2. Pot into the cooked lard, cook until 30% hot, stir-fry the shallot, ginger, crab meat and crab yellow, stir-fry until the crab oil, add Shaoxing wine, salt, white pepper flavoring, foam, sprinkle with vinegar, start the pan dish can be.

Second step: chicken soup to make skin jelly.


Ingredient: Live hen 2500 grams, pork skin 1500 grams.

Seasoning: scallion, soy sauce each 50 grams, ginger, Shaoxing wine, shrimp, edible alkali each 20 grams, scallion, salt each 15 grams, sugar 3 grams, chicken essence, white pepper each 10 grams.


1. Kill the hen, remove the internal organs, wash it with clean water, cook it in a cold water pan, boil it in a big fire, remove the blood and water, remove it and wash it with hot water.

2. Wash the pork skin, cook it in a cold water pan, and boil it over high heat for 5 minutes until the skin is broken, and remove it when it curls.

3. Put 3 kilograms of warm water in the basin at about 50 degrees Celsius, mix well with edible alkali, put in the meat skin, wash off the fat, remove the alkali smell, remove the residual pig hair and fat, rinse clean.

4. Place the pigskin and hen in the pot together, add 10 kilograms of water, put the scallion and ginger in the pot, boil in the fire, change the small fire to braise for 2 hours and take out, grind the meat skin with the meat grinder, and make pigskin paste.

5. Fill the chicken soup into the pot, put in the pigskin paste, boil it over the high fire, change it to a small fire, boil it for 50 minutes, remove the foam. When the soup juice is about 7 kg, put shrimp, soy sauce, salt, sugar, Shaoxing wine in turn to season it. When the soup is thick, add chicken essence, white pepper powder, sprinkle onion, start the pot 2 minutes later, filter it while hot. The soup is placed in the tray and stirred continuously until the soup is cooled and solidified and then crumbled.

Third step: high gluten powder forming


Ingredients: Red Peony tall flour 500 grams, 400 grams of frozen jelly, made 100 grams of crab roe.

Seasoning: Chencun Jian water 2 grams, salt 3 grams, aromatic vinegar 20 grams, ginger 5 grams.


1, put Pi Dongrong and the prepared crab meat in the basin, mix it in one direction, and make the crab yellow stuffing.

2, add salt and Chencun Jian water into the bowl and add 275 grams of water to make it mixed.

3. Place the high-gluten flour on the board, pour the mixture water one by one, knead it into dough, rub it into thick strips, put it on the board, cover it with a clean wet towel, and wake up for 20 minutes.

4. Twist the thick strips, weigh about 25 grams of flour 30, are rolled into a diameter of about 16 cm, slightly thick in the middle, slightly thin around the round skin.

5. Take one piece of dough, put it in the palm of your hand, fold the five fingers, wrap it in 100 grams of crab yellow stuffing, fold the dough in half, hold it in your left hand, push it in your right hand and fold it into a round waist-shaped soup package.

6. Place the soup package in the cage drawer, each 3.3 cm apart, on the boiling pot, steaming for 7 minutes.

7. The plate with the soup bag is boiled and drained with boiling water. The bun is gently lifted with the right hand and the five fingers. The left hand is then inserted into the bottom of the bag, with vinegar, ginger, and a straw.