Construction Techniques of Traditional Residential Buildings in Southern Fujian

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Construction Techniques of Traditional Residential Buildings in Southern Fujian

South Fujian residential building technology is a unique traditional architectural technology originating in Quanzhou, which began in Tang and Five Dynasties, is the mainstream of ancient architectural technology in South Fujian, and spread in Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia in the cultural circle of South Fujian.

The official Dacuo, commonly known as the "Palace Rise", is the most typical type in Quanzhou. It can be seen everywhere in the overseas Chinese hometown of Quanzhou. Its representative works include the ancient residence of Cai's family in Nan'an, a national cultural relic protection unit, and the former residence of Yang A Miao, a cultural relic protection unit in Fujian Province.

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What is "Building Skills of Minnan Residential Buildings"

Southern Fujian dwelling belongs to a school of traditional Chinese courtyard dwelling. It is a type of dwelling with the most advanced material use and structural technology, the most abundant constituent factors, the most complex level of "ritual" and the most diverse decoration.

The construction techniques of folk houses in southern Fujian are divided into big wood work, small wood work, tile work, brick and stone work, paint work, color painting, stacking and cutting work, among which big wood work is the most important. Craftsmen are also classified and divided according to their types of work, with large carpenters as the core.


This technique originated in Quanzhou and is the mainstream of ancient architectural techniques in southern Fujian.

Morning Post News (reporter Zhang Suping) Quanzhou Nanyin, Quanzhou Li Yaobao carved paper has been selected into the world's "non-heritage" list, but little known is that the Quanzhou Museum initiated the election of the Southern Fujian residential construction skills are also included in the world's "non-heritage"!

Reporters learned yesterday that from August 19 to 20, China was selected as the UNESCO "intangible cultural heritage of mankind" project certification ceremony and Protection Forum was held in Beijing. Chinese traditional wooden structure construction techniques are listed in the "non-legacy" list of the world, and southern Fujian residential construction techniques, as one of its three major skills, are also included.

Yao Hongfeng, renovator of the International Ancient Architecture of Quanzhou Cultural Relics Conservation Research Center, said that the traditional Chinese wooden structure construction technology is "bundled" together with the construction technology of three provinces in China and jointly declared. Fujian Province is one of them, and Quanzhou is the only city in Fujian Province to participate in the merger.

In fact, the declaration work started as early as 2008. "We take Yang'a Miao Residence as a representative building, and have produced relevant text, pictures and video materials to introduce the building techniques of Minnan Residence." Chen Jianzhong, curator of Quanzhou Museum, said that the building skills of folk houses in southern Fujian originated from Quanzhou, and the staff took Yang A Miao's building skills as a model to "elaborate" the skills. This skill is a sub-item of "Chinese traditional wooden structure construction skill". Perhaps it caused this skill to be selected into the world "non-legacy", but for a long time "raised in the boudoir people do not know".