Climate characteristics of Mianyang

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Climate characteristics of Mianyang

Mianyang City belongs to the humid monsoon climate zone of north subtropical mountain. In 2016, the average temperature was 17.9c, the days of excellent air quality were 279, and the average annual precipitation was 823.3mm.

air temperature

The annual average temperature of Mianyang is 14.7-17.3 ℃. The lowest temperature was 14.7 ℃ in Pingwu County. The interannual variation of the annual average temperature in Mianyang City is not obvious, and the difference between the highest year and the lowest year is only about 1.5 ℃. The extreme maximum temperature is 36.1-39.5 ℃ and the extreme minimum temperature is - 4.5-7.3 ℃.


The precipitation in Mianyang City is relatively abundant, and the annual variation of precipitation is great, with an average annual precipitation of 825.8-1417mm. Its distribution characteristics are: less in the north and south, more in the middle, less in the East and more in the West.


Generally, the wind speed in Mianyang is small. Only in winter and spring, large-scale cold air intrusion in the north or thunderstorm in summer can produce gale weather. The prevailing wind is from northeast to north.


The average annual fog days in Mianyang are 3.3-61.0 days. Mianyang City is the highest, Pingwu County is the least.