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Chuzhou University is a full-time general in Anhui province. Undergraduate Colleges Yes. Anhui higher education revitalization program "Local application type" High level University Construction of colleges and universities, National innovation and entrepreneurship training program for College Students Implementing colleges and universities, National deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration University , CDIO Engineering Education Alliance Member units.

The predecessor of Chuzhou University was founded in 1950 in Chuzhou normal school, and was set up in 1977. Anhui Normal University Chu county teaching point (Chuzhou branch); renamed in 1980. Chuzhou Teachers College In 2004 5, approved by the Ministry of education, it was upgraded and named Chuzhou University.

As of February 2018, the school covers an area of 1 million 89 thousand square meters, has Huifeng and Langya two campuses, the school building area is 460 thousand square meters, the teaching equipment value is 250 million yuan, the collection of paper books 1 million 198 thousand volumes, the 17 two level colleges, 62 undergraduate majors, the teaching staff 1150 people, including the senior professional title 88 person, the associate senior professional title 240 person, the doctor 240 person (including reads the average person), the master degree extension person; the full-time undergraduate student.

Historical evolution

The predecessor of the school was Chuzhou normal school (Chu county normal school), founded in 1950.

In April 1950, the northern Anhui administrative office decided to organize the "Chuzhou normal school in Northern Anhui Province". In September, the newly founded Chuzhou normal school began to recruit students, and the first enrollment plan was 100. A number of students took part in all kinds of recruitment examinations and joined the army during the two years of reading. By the time the first students graduated in 1953, there were 56 remaining students.

In the summer of 1951, the school moved to Dingyuan's fire bridge and opened a teacher training class. It recruited a Junior Division and two secondary normal schools.

In early 1952, the school moved back to the Chu County Horticultural Farm (now Chuzhou University North Campus), and the Chu county normal school in Northern Anhui was renamed as the Chu county normal school in Anhui.

During the cultural revolution, enrollment was stopped in the three years from 1966 to 1969. Since the autumn of 1970, students have been enrolled and enrolled in the two annual one-year crash course. In 1973, the entrance examination was resumed and the school system was two years.

In November 11th of 1977, Chu county normal school was approved by the Anhui provincial Revolutionary Committee and set up "Anhwei Normal University County Chu county teaching point". Relying on the establishment of the Chuzhou normal school, Anhwei Normal University, Chu county teaching point began enrollment in 1977. For the first time, it enrolled 204 students from two undergraduate majors in Chinese and mathematics. The students enrolled in the spring of 1978.

In 1978, Anhui Normal University The teaching point of Chu county was renamed Anhwei Normal University (Chuzhou branch).

In August 1981, approved by the State Council, Anhwei Normal University (Chuzhou branch) and Chu county normal school were merged. Chuzhou Teachers College .

In March 9, 2001, the Chuzhou municipal government held a coordination meeting of the extension of Chuzhou teachers' college. In May 30th, it initially decided to expropriate the new campus of the north side of Zhengda feed factory. In April 4th, the Anhui Provincial Department of Education issued a reply on the planning of the new campus of Chuzhou teachers college. In principle, it agreed with the campus design plan, and accelerated the construction of the new campus. It ensured that the new campus scale of 2005 reached the goal of 6000 people. In June 12th, the school Party committee decided to set up the headquarters of the South Campus of Chuzhou teachers college.

In August 27, 2002, the first phase of the south campus was opened and 2540 students were admitted. The experimental buildings, libraries and wind and rain playground corresponding to the South Campus and the teaching building were put into operation in 2005.

School of economics in May 2004 Ministry of Education Approved for upgrading to provincial full time system Ordinary universities Renamed Chuzhou University . The first 6 undergraduate majors in Chuzhou University enrolled 500 undergraduates in the first year.

In 2005, Chuzhou University added 6 undergraduate majors, some of which were first enrolled in provinces such as Xinjiang and Jiangsu. This is the first time that Chuzhou University has been recruiting students nationwide since its establishment.

In 2014, he was selected as the "local high level university in Anhui province" construction school.

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Discipline construction

As of March 2016, the school has established a provincial key discipline. Relying on the "Anhui thermal sensitive material processing engineering technology research center", it has been approved to set up the post doctoral research station in Anhui province.

Key disciplines in Anhui : Applied Chemistry

Faculty strength

As of May 2019, there were 1170 teaching staff, including 89 senior professional titles, 232 senior vice titles, 274 PhD candidates (including 98 students) and 737 masters.

The construction of teaching staff has been upgraded. We should vigorously introduce and cultivate high-level talents, promote the doctorate project, constantly improve the structure of teaching staff, and effectively support discipline construction. The implementation of the "double hundred", "double certificate" and "blue blue" plan will enhance teachers' "dual ability" quality. More than 10 national level talents were introduced. We have been awarded the 1 leading teams of the provincial and provincial universities, the provincial and provincial organizations, and the third and third categories of talent recruitment platforms. The "dual energy" teacher was identified as 402. 1 professors as representatives of grass-roots science and technology workers were invited to attend the national assembly of academicians and academicians. 1 professors were selected for training talents in Xinjiang Tianshan elite project. 1 professors were selected in the fifth batch of "special branch plan" in our province. The high quality school completed the national homestead system reform pilot project "Jinzhai County Rural Homestead survey and utilization of technical services project", has been fully affirmed by the Ministry of land and resources, and the ability and level of teachers have been highlighted.

National model teacher : Xu Zhi CAI

National Excellent Teachers Zhao Zhenhua

Provincial Teaching Masters Xu Zhicai and Zheng Pingjian Dai Shibao, Chen Guilin Xu Xuefeng, Xue Lianhai, Song Deru Zhu Lixin, Zhang Xiaoxu

Provincial Education show Li Qinghong, Ben Peiyun, Zheng Ailong, Ge Hao, Yu Chunyan, Wu Wenjie Zhai Mingqing, Xia Yanlei Wang Min, Qin Li, Huang Shuliang, Zhang Ling Yao Guangshun, Gu Liu bowl, Wu Xiaofang, Zhou Liangguang

Provincial exemplary teacher Ge Xiutao, Jing Gang Deputy

Provincial Academic technology leader and reserve candidate Li Hu and Zhai Mingqing

Excellent moral educators in Colleges and universities in the province Xing Cunhai

Excellent teachers in Hunan Province Wang Xiaomei, ye Gao Fu, Xing Cunhai, Liu Li deputy, Xu Xuefeng

Excellent educators in the province Wu Kaihua

Outstanding young and middle-aged backbone teachers in the province Zhao Shenghui

Teaching construction

Data as of May 2019, new achievements have been made in discipline and specialty construction. Focusing on local pillar industries and strategic emerging industries, we should optimize the professional layout, cultivate applied professional growth points, and create professional and professional characteristics through new construction, adjustment and transformation. The transformation of disciplines and specialties is promoted by the Ministry of education evaluation center as a typical case of transformation development. "The exploration and practice of the adjustment and construction path of applied disciplines and specialties in single teachers colleges and universities" has won the first prize of teaching achievements in Anhui province. 3 applied specialties, such as geographic information science, Internet of things, food quality and safety, were awarded the first class (brand) specialty in Anhui. There are 1 provincial-level industrial innovation teams, 3 Chuzhou's "221" industrial innovation team, 8 provincial science and technology innovation platforms, and 2 academician workstations have been approved. Geography approved Anhui's "double first class" construction of the first class discipline in China (class B). They won two national awards for scientific and technological progress, 1 items, and 10 provincial (Department) level scientific and technological achievements. 1 teachers were selected as the list of highly cited scholars in China in 2014.

The oil painting of the school. Fight against SARS "Selected works of" major historical themes art creation "," sunshine on the ruins "won the bronze medal of the 2008 Olympic Fine Arts Conference.

National characteristic specialty Geographic Information Science

National specialty comprehensive reform pilot program Geographic Information Science

Anhui Characteristic Specialty Geographic information system, automation, quality and safety of agricultural products, and network engineering. Internet of things project Journalism

Anhui professional comprehensive reform pilot program Network engineering Surveying and mapping engineering, Business Administration Food quality and safety, geographical science, chemical engineering and technology. Preschool education, tourism management, automation

Anhui province school enterprise cooperation practical education base Practical education base for Applied Information Talents in school enterprise cooperation Chuzhou University, Anhui Huashi salt (chemical) training base construction Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, school enterprise cooperation practical education base Chuzhou University, Anhui Jinhe industrial Limited by Share Ltd co construction of chemical practice education base

Anhui excellent course : computer basis, computer network, introduction to Chinese geography, geographic information system, GIS application skills and computer network.

Anhui Province excellent resources sharing course The principles of geographic information system, ancient Chinese literature, advanced mathematics, and Java object-oriented programming. Application technology of single chip microcomputer, probability theory and mathematical statistics. GIS basic application skills, University Physics, data structure, tourism geography Food Chemistry and educational psychology

Education and training plan for outstanding talents in Anhui Outstanding liberal arts talents education and training plan Excellent food engineer program Excellent engineer training program for chemical engineering and technology, excellent primary school teacher education and training plan Excellent mechanical engineer training plan, excellent international business talents education and training plan.

Anhui province talent training mode innovation experimentation area: Local universities, geographic information system professionals applied talents training experimentation area, excellent engineer plan, local university geographic information system applied talents training program

Anhui demonstration experiment training center Comprehensive training center for advanced manufacturing technology and equipment Food experiment and Practice Teaching Center Surveying and mapping experimental training center

Anhui virtual simulation experimental teaching center Network engineering virtual simulation experiment center Geographic Information Science Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center

Teaching exchange

As of March 2016, schools and universities in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong and other countries and regions have established contacts and exchanged teachers for visiting scholars. A master's degree training program was launched at the University of bridge in America, and a teacher training program was carried out with the Colorado Polytechnic University of the United States. 4+1 Malaysia City Polytechnic University has held an 6+7 business master's degree program with Malaysia Polytechnic University. It has held an exchange program with the University of botla in Malaysia. It has jointly hosted the "3+2", "4+2" and the international project of "2+2" and exchange fees for students in the field of visual communication design.

School Honors

In 2010, it won the national green model unit.

In June 2011, it was awarded the 2010 national advanced institution of energy saving management in Colleges and universities.

In November 2011, he was appraised as the Ninth "Anhui provincial civilized unit".

In December 2011, he was awarded the third national civilized unit.

In December 2011, it was awarded ten years of advanced social reform in Colleges and universities.

From 2011 to 2014, the Provincial Department of education has been awarded "excellent" assessment of energy conservation for four consecutive years.

In February 2012, he was awarded the employment unit for graduates of ordinary universities in Anhui in 2011.

In 2014, it was the advanced unit of summer social practice in China.

In 2014, it was selected as the first batch of conservation oriented public institution demonstration units in Anhui.

In February 2015, he was awarded the fourth national civilized unit.

academic research

scientific research institution

As of March 2016, there were 1 "2011 collaborative innovation centers" at the provincial level, 1 key research bases in Humanities and Social Sciences at the provincial level, 1 in the provincial engineering and technology research centers, and 8 in the research institutes at the university level, with the Anhui provincial university students' ideological dynamic analysis and research center and the Chuzhou food processing research institute.

Provincial "2011 Collaborative Innovation Center" Anhui geographic information integration application Collaborative Innovation Center

Provincial key research base for Humanities and Social Sciences in Colleges and Universities Jianghuai watershed ecological environment and Regional Development Research Center

Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center Anhui heat sensitive material processing engineering technology research center

Research institutes at the university level : Institute of geographic information technology, Chemical Technology Research Institute, Chuzhou special agricultural products deep processing engineering center, Internet of things applied engineering technology research center, geographical conditions and Regional Environment Research Institute, Anhui east historical and cultural research center, Institute of urbanization and new rural construction, Fengyang Flower Drum Music Research Institute

Achievements in scientific research

As of March 2016, the school has undertaken 187 research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial level, and 572 scientific research projects in the Department (city) level. 318 projects have been signed with the enterprises and institutions, 265 have been authorized by the state, and 3705 academic papers have been published, among which 304 have been retrieved by SCI and EI, and 174 have been published monographs and textbooks.

"Research and promotion of extrusion technology for vegetable protein" has won the two prize of "China Agricultural Science and Technology Award". "Phylogenetic study of animal mitochondrial genome and related groups" has won the two prize of Anhui provincial science and technology. "The research and development of WDX60 super large surface area adsorption resin" has won the three prize of Anhui science and technology progress. "The identification and related biological research of the sex pheromone of the ground tiger" has won the three prize of Guizhou science and technology progress.

Academic resources

· Collection resources

As of March 2016, the school library had 1 million 140 thousand volumes of books and 920 thousand copies of electronic books. . As of June 30, 2013, the school library has 727 thousand and 900 books of electronic books, 1980 kinds of Chinese and foreign newspapers and periodicals, including Tsinghua Tongfang's "China Journal Net full text database", Tsinghua Tongfang's "China excellent database of full text", Wan Fang's "China Digital Journal group full database", "reading academic search", Wan Fang's "Chinese dissertation database", "national newspapers and Periodicals Index Database", "Renmin University Press copy data full text database", "China Code", "SpringerLink", "Ebscohost", "Silver Puzzle examination simulation question bank", "Superstar Digital Library", "China Digital Library", "Digital Library of Chinese scholar", digital library electronic book and self built special database "Wu Jingzi research thematic database" and so on more than 20 databases.

· Academic journals

The Journal of Chuzhou University is a comprehensive bimonthly publication. It is published by the State Press and publication department at the end of the month.

Academic publications that are publicly issued to China and abroad. Founded in 1982, it is the "China Journal Net Full-text Journal", "China Academic Journal (CD-ROM) full-text included journal", "China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journal", "China Science and technology periodical full text database source journal", "Wanfang Data - Digital Journal group network magazine".

" Journal of Chuzhou University "Every year 1, 3, 4, and 6 issue academic papers on Social Sciences, 2 and 5 published academic papers on natural science research, and three characteristics of" Jianghuai watershed study "," East Anhui culture research "and" Anhui east development research ".

In 2009, the journal was jointly selected by the Anhui provincial education department and the press and Publication Bureau as an excellent journal. In 2010, it was awarded the title of the excellent journal of the National University Social Science Journal.

Cultural tradition

School badge

The four character system of Chuzhou University Guo Moruo Mr. calligraphy. Guo Moruo once wrote the name of the school in 1964 for the "Chu county normal school" of Chuzhou University. "Chu" and "Xue" all came from two words. The two words of "state" and "Yuan" were selected from Guo Moruo's other calligraphy handwriting.

The emblem of Chuzhou University is based on "Chu", "U" (abbreviation of University) and "1950".

The seal character "Chu" is the core of Chuzhou University. The shape of the banner represents the firm belief that Chuzhou University is united and enterprising and advancing bravely. The shape of the shield bears the spirit of struggle for the advance of the people of Chuzhou University. The shape of the trophy represents the lofty sense of collective honor and innovation of Chuzhou University. The sophisticated structure of the chip symbolizes the demeanor of Chuzhou University.

The name "Chuzhou University" uses Guo Moruo's font, highlighting the profound culture of the school. The word "1950" marks the course of struggle of Chuzhou University people for more than half a century. The organic integration of Chinese and English reflects the heroic attitude of Chuzhou University in its internationalization.

The school badge presents an open form, showing the mind of Chuzhou University. The elements of mountains, water and people in the Chinese character "Chu" depict the beautiful campus of Chuzhou University and the concept of running a school based on people.

School motto

Cultivate virtue, seek truth, learn knowledge and act well.

"Virtue" is the foundation of human life. We should strive to improve moral cultivation and develop good habits of words and deeds.

Seeking truth is the courage to pursue truth and explore the law.

"Erudition" means learning all kinds of knowledge widely.

We must emphasize practice and realize unity of knowledge and practice.

Celebrity inscription

· Zhu Xiaoling, director general of the US East Asia Pacific, inscribed for the school

In November 27, 2003, the American Christian Association, director general of East Asia Pacific, Mr. Zhu Xiaoling (Chuzhou native).

When I visited the school, I wrote the inscription with scarlet paper for the school: "I have never seen a university like this in my hometown today. I wish you more fruitful results in the new process. "

· Shu Nan, a famous musician, wrote an inscription for his alma mater.

In April 22, 2010, the famous musician, the 1992 alumni of Music Department of Chuzhou University. Shu Nan

Inscribed with scarlet paper for the school: "everyone has their own spiritual home. Alma mater is always warm and quiet in my heart. Bless her! "

· Guan Peijun, director of the Ministry of Education

In May 2004, the state Ministry of Education Director of teacher training division Guan Pei Jun Use scarlet paper as a school

Inscription: "do well. Chuzhou University We should train high-quality talents to serve the development of social economy and basic education.