Chunqiu Temple

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Chunqiu Temple

Chunqiu temple, also known as Chunqiu pool and Chunqiu Pavilion, is located in Yandian street, Xuyong county (Xuyong town), Luzhou City, Sichuan Province. It is mainly dedicated to Guan Sheng emperor. It is said that Guan Yu likes to read the biography of the left family in the spring and Autumn period, so it is named Chunqiu temple. It is also called "Shaanxi guild hall". It was built in 1900 in the 26th year of Guangxu reign of the Qing Dynasty. At that time, the construction area was 4500 square meters, and the preserved building area was 2500 square meters. Sitting south to north, rectangular layout, along the central axis from front to back, there are four enclosed quadrangles, followed by the lelou, hall, main hall, Sanguan hall. On May 25, 2006, as an ancient building of Qing Dynasty, Chunqiu temple was approved by the State Council to be listed in the Sixth Batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

The pattern of Chunqiu Temple

The spring and autumn temple is rectangular in layout, and the entrance gate is composed of four enclosed quadrangles along the central axis.

From the front to the back, they are music tower, hall, main hall and Sanguan hall.

The wings on both sides of Guanglong in front of the music building are connected to the building.

Among the other halls and halls, there are three courtyard groups separated by patio and courtyard dam.

Above the walls, there are glazed tile roofs of different sizes and dragons on the ridge of the roofs, which rise and fall orderly and have distinct levels.

The whole building is famous for its exquisite wood carving art. On the window lattice, lintel, oblique lining, Chuanfang, Huaya, Fangba, and stone foundation, there are historical stories, myths and legends, flowers, birds, insects, fish, dragons and Phoenix animals, and mountain scenery. With the techniques of round carving, relief and hollow carving, the carving is fine, the shape is vivid and the composition is ingenious, Among them, the wood carvings of "hundred bird window" and "eight scenes of Xuyong" are the best.

"Bainiao window" is the eight carved windows installed on the front wall of the main hall. There are hundreds of magpies with different postures, and the design is composed of plum branches and flowers.

"Eight sceneries of Xuyong" are carved on the eight boards of walking buildings on both sides of the stage, with the technique of sketching, eight scenes are carved, including "longevity and morning glow", "night moon of double bridges", "evening photo of iron furnace", "morning bell of fixed water", "snow of red rock", "flying clouds over mountains", "Spring View of Baozhu" and "practice of quicksand" with impromptu poems.


The whole building is famous for its exquisite wood carving art.

The wood carvings of "hundred bird window" and "eight scenes of Xuyong" are the best. They are known as the wood carving Museum of South Sichuan.


1. Xuyong county has convenient transportation, with Xiamen Chengdu expressway, Yixu expressway, 321 national highway and Xuwei highway extending in all directions.

Chongqing, Chengdu, Yibin and Luzhou have direct buses to Xuyong, which can easily reach Xuyong county.

2. There is Lantian airport in Luzhou. You can transfer to Xuyong after going to Luzhou, and then go to the destination by foot or taxi.