Chuanxindian earthquake site

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Earthquake site of chuanxindian

Compared with Beichuan earthquake site, Yingxiu earthquake site and Hanwang town earthquake site, chuanxindian earthquake site in Shifang has unique advantages. It can fully reflect the great spirit of earthquake relief and has great protection and construction value.

Site introduction

The chuanxindian earthquake remains the original appearance of Hongda Chemical Plant destroyed by the earthquake. In the Wenchuan earthquake, Shifang City, which is located in the middle of Longmen Mountains, suffered a disaster once in a century. The houses, factories, schools and scenic spots in mountainous areas have been seriously damaged. Hongbai Town, once beautiful and rich, has also suffered a heavy blow. The red street and the White Street are gone, leaving a piece of ruins. In the core conservation area of the site, chuanxindian production base of Sichuan Hongda Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd., the phosphate ammonia drying tower with a height of more than 30 meters collapsed at the gate, becoming one of the landmark landscapes here; various office buildings, workshops and various facilities and equipment in the plant area were completely damaged by the earthquake; the buildings in the living area also collapsed, some of which were six stories There are only three floors left in the building. Clothes that people dried before the earthquake can be seen on the balcony. There are schoolbags and ink bottles used by many students in the ruins. There are still candles and ashes burned by survivors in commemoration of their relatives in some corners All of these seem to be telling the visitors in silence about the tragedy of the earthquake and the profound disaster brought to the people in the disaster area.

On April 18, 2018, aerial photos were taken of the chuanxindian earthquake site in Shifang City. In the Wenchuan earthquake 10 years ago, the buildings of Shifang chemical fertilizer plant, the predecessor of the earthquake site, were seriously damaged and many casualties were caused.


The 51.2-meter-long and 2.28-meter-high earthquake Poetry Wall in Shifang City, Sichuan Province, is located in the "5.12" earthquake site square in chuanxindian to remember the sudden disaster on May 12, 2008. Through experts' selection, 20 earthquake poems such as Su shansheng's "children, hold fast to mother's hand" and Wang pingjiu's "life and death are inseparable" have been put on the wall. The authors are not only famous Chinese poets, but also new poets who are popular on the Internet.

"Shifang earthquake site theme park, China" is located in chuanxindian, Renhe Village, Yinghua Town, 29 kilometers northwest of Shifang City. The earthquake site theme park covers an area of 7.72 square kilometers, of which the construction planning area is about 2.6 square kilometers, mainly including "chuanxindian Memorial square" and "sculpture creative park" with the theme of promoting the great earthquake relief spirit. The completed "Shifang 5.12 earthquake site theme park" is a first-class earthquake site theme park in China, which takes carrying forward the great earthquake relief spirit as the design soul, takes "chuanxindian Memorial square" as the core landscape, takes the earthquake site experience, natural landscape tour and pleasant environment vacation as the characteristic carrier, and integrates Memorial, popular science education and leisure vacation into one.


1、 The chuanxindian earthquake site has a special political significance. On May 18, 2008, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the people's Republic of China, visited chuanxindian in Shifang, the hardest hit area. On the ruins, he sent the inspiring voice of Huang Zhong Da Lu to the people of the whole country that "no difficulty can defeat the heroic Chinese people". The whole country has shown a situation of unity, unprecedented unity and overcoming the difficulties. The cohesion and centripetal force of the Chinese nation have reached an unprecedented historical height. At this moment, Shifang chuanxindian has become a great historical monument for the Chinese people, who never bow to difficulties and disasters, never yield to their fate, and are industrious, brave, indomitable and indomitable. It shows the confidence and strong national strength of the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

2、 Chuanxindian earthquake site has the characteristics of diversity of Wenchuan earthquake disaster. The core of chuanxindian earthquake site is large-scale industrial buildings and various production and living facilities including office buildings, hospitals, schools, cinemas and civil buildings. The degree and mode of its collapse are extremely diverse, and its visual impact is incomparable to other sites. Third, the chuanxindian earthquake site is rich in cultural tourism resources. The site area is located in the piedmont area of Longmen Mountain, with rich cultural tourism resources and beautiful natural scenery. It is surrounded by Li Bing's mausoleum, the only Sun Temple in China, and many relics of ancient Shu civilization. Fourthly, the construction of chuanxindian earthquake site can effectively solve the problem of employment and livelihood of local people in disaster areas.

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