Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure EXPO Park

Home Scenery 2018-12-12

Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure EXPO Park ,Changlu Tourism Xiubo Park, or Changlu Environmental Protection Holiday Farm (hereinafter referred to as "Changlu Farm"), became the national 5A scenic spot in November 2014. It is the only national 5A scenic spot in Shunde District. It was invested and constructed by Guangdong Changlu Group in 2001. It is located in three continents of Shunde Lunjiao, adjacent to the main stream of the Pearl River and covers an area of 400,000 square meters. The total investment is estimated to be 780 million yuan. It is a comprehensive scenic spot featuring Lingnan history and culture, Shunde water village customs and farmer's life interest. It integrates eating, living, playing, enjoying, entertaining and purchasing. The main scenic spots are "Changlu Leisure Resort", "Mobile Recreation Theme Park", "Water World Theme Park" and "Farmer's Recreation Park". Theme parks and animal theme parks are composed of five major parks, each with its own characteristics and splendor. They are high-quality places for leisure and entertainment, tourism and vacation, and business meetings. They are also suitable bases for team development and collective tourism.

Screaming paradise

A collection of hundreds of world's top recreational projects, the ghost ship "Gothenburg" with advanced acoustic and photoelectric effect technology is thrilling; 2 seconds take you to the extreme speed of "ejection flying man" at an altitude of more than 30 meters; feel the "super space shuttle" stimulated by direct flight into outer space; and the "magic ring vertical roller coaster" with a span of 50 meters, take you to feel 100 kilometers/small. The ultimate pleasure of vertical dive; the endless excitement of tornado rotation brought by the "roller coaster"; the "brave turntable" belongs to the 360-degree revolving challenge of the brave; the super-rotating "flying saucer"; the "polar seat" experiences the polar exploration of swaying left and right; the "windmill castle" with the whirlpool-like pleasure; and the pursuit of meteors 360 degrees. Rotating "meteor hammer"; children's favorite "naughty castle"; "four-dimensional dynamic ring theater" lets you follow the film's plot to move all over the body; "dynamic video game city" has more than 200 new imported game machines, bringing dazzling exciting pleasure experience; and can overlook the whole farm panoramic "Ferris wheel" and enjoy the air roaming "empty". "Cycling" and so on, so that you can enjoy the peak of mobile entertainment projects, enjoy unlimited happiness!

Fairy tale animal kingdom

Fairy Animal Kingdom breaks through the traditional zoo model in the world. It shows you the mysterious and interesting side of animals with its unique garden shape, showing the characteristics of "male, strange, quiet, wild and beautiful". Every scene is a beautiful fairy tale, unique animal castle, all kinds of animals are welcomed. Hundred Birds Paradise, Lion Tiger Mountain, King's House of Giraffe, Oceanographic Hall, African Prairie and so on let you close contact with human good friends.

The animal kingdom is rich in poultry, livestock, birds, animals, aquatic terrestrial habitats and various rare animals. In this happy and peaceful paradise, the lion, the tiger and the boar, the king of beasts, coexist in a room of peace and become good friends. The vicious Grey Wolf was also infected in this peaceful atmosphere, and became close friends with the goats.

The fairy tale animal theater has created a large number of "farmhouse music" programs, such as the five farm households (piglets diving, racing pigs, racing ducks, cockfighting, pet dog shows), and added Kitty talent show. At the same time, the farm has created an incredible spectacle for you in the large sea, land and air zoo, which can accommodate 1500 people: the timid and tame pony dares to go for a ride with the tiger, and the aggressive lion rushes to shake hands with the tiger prestige and greet the audience, while the elephant with a simple appearance acts as "football profession". Athletes, masseurs, musicians and dancers show off their talents to the audience. Old goats walk on tips of horns with inverted monkeys while showing off their stature. In addition, sea lions, old black bears, parrots, crocodiles and other cherished wildlife also show off their skills. The performance hall is a paradise for animals. The characteristics and wisdom of species are fully demonstrated, which can be called animal wonders.

Changlu Leisure Resort

The five-star lake house built near the water and full of fruits and vegetables makes you feel like you are in Lingnan Waterfront. The resort is equipped with multi-functional conference hall. The brand-new horse-car theme hotel, boathouse theme hotel and train theme hotel will soon come out; unique water delicacies, so that you can enjoy delicious food in the sparkling Lake scenery; there are also underwater restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food while watching fish shuttle around; well-known chefs gather, Shunde farmhouse flavor in the middle. Restaurant; let you relive the farm life interest, display superb cooking skills of the farm kitchen; Changlu Art Stage, can accommodate thousands of spectators at the same time, using international advanced lighting and audio equipment, heavyweight guests to join in, large-scale singing and dancing performances, folk acrobatics, magic performances all-weather performance. And children can participate in the animation theatre, take you into the wonderful cartoon animation world.

Dynamic water playing area

There are not only many water sports such as swimming pool, cave steam bath, traditional Chinese medicine SPA, foot bath and so on. In addition, the five districts of Dream Fish Catching Water City are fountain fishing area, cloud fishing area, swamp fishing area, water curtain hole fishing area and surfing fishing area. They are good places for adults and children to play and entertain, so that you can forget to return. The beautiful scenery of mountain springs integrates skillfully and deduces into the joyful water world.

Farmhouse Theme Park

Lingnan Waterfront Louxie, covered with bamboo forests, can experience farm vegetable gardens and grasslands for farming pleasure; fantastic flowers and weeds, contending for beauty, hundreds of acres of terraced garden, 100 orchards, 100 grass gardens; winery, tofu workshop, Tao Leju and other farm characteristics projects, fully demonstrating the rich farm customs, so that you can be in the lake garden. Wandering and forgetting to return, we can appreciate the beauty and chic of the water village. The folk art puppet show and shadow play with a history of more than 2000 years offer you classic and nostalgic wonderful performances.