Chongqing small noodles

Home Food 2018-10-12

Chongqing small noodles is one of the four characteristics of Chongqing; it belongs to Chongqing. It is a special traditional snack originated in Chongqing. It belongs to chongqing cuisine. Chongqing noodle is the simplest of Chongqing pasta.

Chongqing noodle refers to two types of spicy noodle, which are divided into noodle soup and dry noodle. Chongqing noodles also include Chongqing noodles and meatloafs, such as beef, fat sausage, pea paste noodles, Rongchang flour, etc. Chongqing noodles are full of changes. In the noodle shop, you can ask the shop to make your own custom flavors, such as "dry" (mixed noodles), "yellow" (harder), "green" (more vegetables), and "heavy spicy" (more spicy oil) and so on.

Seasoning is the soul of Chongqing. A bowl of noodles is flavored with seasoning. First adjust the seasoning, then add the cooked noodles. The spicy flavour is not harmonious, the noodle is smooth and the smell of the soup is strong.

Chongqing noodle is a traditional pasta generally accepted by Chongqing residents as a southerner. It is famous for its unique taste and spicy taste, and is well-known nationwide in recent years.

In January 2016, the local standard "Chongqing facet cooking technology guide" has been approved and passed.