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Chizhou college is Anhui Province Full time general Undergraduate Colleges It's the only one in China. Hui Style Architecture The style of colleges and universities is the only one in Anhui colleges and universities. open circuit TV station, selected data China " Hundred school project Project colleges.

The school was founded in 1977. Anhui labour University In 1980, the specialized class in Chizhou was renamed as Chizhou Teachers College In 1999, the former Chizhou Industrial School merged into the original Anhui economic and trade school in 2002. In 2007, it was upgraded to the provincial full time system. Ordinary universities The name is Chizhou college.

According to the official website of the school in September 2019, the school covers an area of 1959 mu, the school area is 367 thousand and 700 square meters, the total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is 134 million 538 thousand and 700 yuan, and 698 full-time teachers are among them. Highly professional title There are 66 people, 163 sub high titles, 611 doctorate and master's degrees, 15815 full-time students, 13 teaching and research institutes and 57 undergraduate majors.

Historical evolution

The Institute first dates back to 1917. Chizhou normal school "(1920, provincial seventh normal school).

In 1977, after the cultural revolution, in order to implement the spirit of the 1977 Anhui higher education enrollment conference, the entrance examination system was resumed. The government and the Chizhou normal school office were established. Anhui labour University Chizhou specialist.

In 1979, it was renamed " Anhui Normal University Chizhou specialist.

In 1980, the Chizhou normal school merged with the Chizhou Specialized College of Anhwei Normal University. Chizhou Teachers College "

In 1982, Chizhou Teachers College and Chizhou normal school split up, and Chizhou normal schools independently run schools.

In 1999, Chizhou Industrial School merged into Chizhou Teachers College.

In 2002, Anhui economic and trade school merged into Chizhou Teachers College.

In August 2004, the Anhui provincial education department and the Chizhou municipal government signed the agreement between Anhui provincial education department and Chizhou Municipal People's government to build Chizhou teachers' College and prepare Chizhou Institute.

By the end of 2006, the Anhui provincial universities set up the appraisal committee to pass the Chizhou Normal College as a "Chizhou College".

In January 2007, Ministry of Education It is approved to be upgraded to a provincial full-time full-time undergraduate institution, renamed " Chizhou University "

In September 2008, some schools moved to the university town of southeast Education Park in Chizhou.

In March 2010, the Department of information media and the Department of physics and electrical engineering moved into the new campus.

In April 2012, the Department of chemistry and food science moved to the new campus and completed the whole replacement campus.

In 2014, the Ministry of education passed the undergraduate teaching assessment.

School and Chinese medicine in 2017 Twilight company On the basis of deep integration of production and education, the first Anhui province was established. Big data Institute .

In January 2018, the Chizhou Institute was selected as "data China". Hundred school project Project colleges.

In 2019, the school entered the list of newly proposed master degree awarding units in Anhui province.

Teaching construction

· quality engineering

According to the official website of the school in September 2019, the school has 3 state-level specialty (comprehensive reform pilot specialty), 14 provincial specialty (comprehensive reform pilot specialty). At the provincial level, there are 6 new professional construction points, 19 provincial top quality courses, 11 provincial level boutique resources sharing courses, and 9 provincial teaching achievement awards. According to the official website of the school in July 2019, there were 1 national level practical education bases for university students, 4 provincial demonstration experimental training centers, 10 provincial level school enterprise cooperation practical education bases, 1 provincial level personnel training mode innovation experimentation area, 6 provincial outstanding talents education training plan, 1 provincial application teachers' teaching ability development center. 410 projects were approved for Provincial College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship training program, among which 145 were national college students' innovation and entrepreneurship training program.

National characteristic specialty Physical geography and resource environment Human geography and urban and rural planning

national level major Comprehensive reform pilot project Applied Chemistry

Provincial specialty Applied Chemistry and history Land resource management English

Provincial Comprehensive Pilot Reform Chinese language and Literature English, social sports guidance and management, statistics. Preschool education, surveying and Mapping Engineering Radio and television director Electronic information science and technology Electrical engineering and automation

New specialty construction at provincial level : international economy and trade, electronic information science and technology, visual communication design, pre school education, network engineering, intellectual property rights.

Provincial Quality Course Ancient Chinese, basic English, polymer chemistry, Marx's original selection, modern Chinese history, modern Chinese, analytical chemistry, English writing, inorganic chemistry, calculus module tutorial, modern educational technology, introduction to electronic commerce, civil law, and land law.

Provincial quality resource sharing course Environmental Science, land law and Pedagogy An introduction to ancient Chinese, English teaching methodology, Mao Zedong thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Analytical chemistry Organic chemistry, history curriculum and teaching theory, microeconomics, calculus module selection. Ancient Chinese Literature

National University Students' off campus practice education base Chizhou economic and Technological Development Zone Engineering Practice Education Center

Provincial Demonstration Experiment Training Center Experimental training center for chemical materials and Engineering Integration of research, research and application, IT talents demonstration internship training center Digital Media Experiment Center

Provincial school enterprise cooperation practical education base Chemical industry school enterprise cooperation practical education base Chemical and material innovation and practice base Water treatment engineering practice education center Economic and management specialty, school enterprise cooperation, innovation and practice base

Provincial talent training mode innovation experimentation area Tourism Management

Provincial excellent talent education and training plan Tourism Management provincial quality engineering excellence talent training plan Excellent engineers Construction of training mode for outstanding engineers in polymer materials and Engineering Specialty "Three in one" collaborative training reform and innovation plan for pre school teachers in outstanding towns Application and training program for outstanding liberal arts talents Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, the provincial "outstanding engineer training program" pilot program.

Provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center Virtual simulation experiment and Training Center for chemical industry

· Student achievement

According to the official website of the school in July 2019, in the past three years, students in the Chinese undergraduate computer design contest, the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, the national college student advertising design competition, Challenge Cup "National University Series science and technology academic competition" and other national and provincial disciplines and professional competitions won 462 awards.

academic research

scientific research institution

According to the official website of the school in September 2019, the school has 1 key research bases of Humanities and Social Sciences at the provincial level, including 1 research centers in the southern Anhui folk culture research center, 1 provincial key laboratories, 1 provincial key laboratories jointly established by schools and enterprises, 1 municipal engineering research centers, and 1 post doctoral mobile research stations. There are 20 research centers at the university level.

Provincial key research base for Humanities and Social Sciences Southern Anhui folk culture research center

Provincial Research Center Resource, environment and Tourism Development Research Center

School Research Center Chizhou Nuo Culture Research Center, research center for resources and environment and sustainable development, research center of Chizhou's ecological economy and tourism, Mount Jiuhua Buddhist Culture Research Center, Xinghuacun Culture Research Center, education research center, applied higher education development research center, South Anhui Agricultural History and rural social development research center, Internet of things application technology research center, Wanjiang City Development Research Center, Applied Chemistry Research Center, new energy and energy saving technology research center, advanced material preparation and forming technology Engineering Research Center, women and gender culture research center, rural development and legal system research center, regional industrial economic innovation research center, popular literature and Zhang Henshui Research Center, quantum information and photoelectric information science and technology cross research center:

Achievements in scientific research

From 2012 to 2014, a total of 189 research projects were undertaken by the school, including 9 projects of the national social science and natural science foundation, 180 provincial and departmental level projects, 22 horizontal projects, and 1015 academic papers published. SCI , EI 112 articles are included. CSSCI CSCD included 200 articles, published more than 50 books, and approved 44 national patents. There are 30 awards for scientific research at the departmental level.

According to the official website of the school in July 2019, in the past three years, 6 projects have been granted to the national social science and natural science fund, 125 have been awarded scientific research projects at the provincial level and above, 52 have been awarded scientific research at the provincial level or above, and 1029 academic papers have been published, among which 83 have been collected by SCI and EI. SSCI , CSCD It contains 154 articles, more than 50 publications, and more than 60 national patents. In 2018, the school won the first prize of the Anhui Provincial Social Science Award.

Academic resources

· Collection resources

According to the official website of the school in September 2019, there are 1 million 371 thousand and 900 books in the school library, 804 thousand and 500 in electronic books, 18 thousand in Chinese and foreign languages, and 2000 in Chinese and foreign paper periodicals. And has established data exchange relationship with more than 50 higher education institutes and academic institutions at home and abroad. The main collection of ancient books is " Complete Library of Four Branches of Books "," The four part is ready. And so on. Tripitaka "Academic Journal of Chinese Buddhism," Zen book "," Treasures of song and Tibet "," Master Tai Xu Quan Shu "," Folk quyi And other Nuo culture and Buddhist culture.

Electronic literature resources are owned by: Reading show Chinese search, Chinese Journal Full Text Database China journal full text database (Century Journal). Full text database of doctoral dissertation in China , Full text database of China's outstanding master's Theses Boxi foreign language e-book, China's important conference paper full text database, Full text database of China's important newspapers , China Yearbook Full-text Database , China Tool Book Network Publishing Base , China Higher Education Journal Literature Database China's top quality popular science periodicals database, Chinese fine works and periodicals database. The general database of China's party building periodical literature , SuperStar Digital Library , Wanfang Data Resource System CALLS electronic teaching reference book database. EBSCO The foreign language periodical database and various practical learning CD ROMs and CD-ROM attached to the books and so on; the shared resources of Digital Libraries in Anhui's universities and colleges are: reading academic search, university curriculum resources sharing platform, non book data resource center, vocational omnipotence training library, general knowledge navigation, e line diagram, and so on. CSCD China Science Citation Database, foreign literature, laws and regulations, etc.

· Academic journals

" Journal of Chizhou College "Formerly known as" Journal of Chizhou Teachers College ".

Founded in January 1987, it is the director of the Anhui Provincial Department of education, sponsored by the Chizhou Institute, and a comprehensive academic journal published at home and abroad.

It mainly publishes academic papers on philosophy, politics, law, economics, history and sociology, language and literature, mathematics and computer science, geography and environmental science, physics, chemistry, culture, art, educational psychology, education and teaching reform, etc. Featured columns are Mount Jiuhua culture. Guichi Nuo culture, Xinghuacun culture, Chizhou ecology and tourism culture, and southern Anhui folk culture.

The Journal of Chizhou college has been selected as "Anhui outstanding university journal" and "national outstanding social science journal". The column of "Mount Jiuhua culture research" has been appraised as "the outstanding column of the national local university journals".

Cooperation and communication

According to the official website of the school in July 2019, schools have established exchanges and cooperation with more than 10 universities in South Korea, the United States, Canada, Malaysia and Taiwan, among them, Taiwan University of practice , Longhua University of science and technology And other universities signed a framework agreement on cooperation in running schools. Kyung Yan University of Education , Hanseo University Became a sister institution. In the past 3 years, Canada and Canada university of regina Jointly carry out "2+2" cooperation in running schools, and cooperate with Irish high tech Mayo Institute of technology to carry out "3+1" cooperation in hotel management. Actively cooperate and exchange with the "one belt and one way" State University. University of botla, Malaysia Signed an exchange and cooperation agreement, declaring the "one belt and one road" project.

Cultural tradition

School badge

The school badge is based on the English abbreviation letter "CZU" of the Chizhou Institute as the main design element.

Pattern. The alphabet changes the composition and forms the herringbone image. It expresses the concept of "people-oriented" in the college. The overall pattern also constitutes "e", which is the English initials of "education" and expresses the meaning of teaching and educating people. At the same time, it also resembles an image of electronic trajectories, symbolizes school management science, keeps pace with each passing day, and keeps on growing.

The circular pattern symbolizes the prosperity of the school. The open pattern symbolizes the school based on Chizhou, serving the society and facing the future.

The whole pattern is concise and bright, elegant and atmosphere, full of the flavor of the times, and has strong distinguishability and affinity. It is easy to make and use in various carriers. The colors of the school logo reflect the broad and scientific, rational and eternal blue, reflecting the sense of science and the times.

School motto

Take Confucius as a teacher, and make friends with knowing.

The motto "taking Confucius as teacher and making friends with knowing" is the concentrated expression of the school running concept, school running goal, school running characteristics and cultural spirit of Chizhou college. It is a motto that schools encourage teachers and students to be enterprising and healthy growth.

"Taking Confucius as teacher" means inheriting Confucius's educational thoughts and ideas. It shows that the school pays attention to drawing wisdom from Chinese traditional culture, especially Confucius's Confucian educational thoughts, making the past serve the present, emphasizing the goal of "Tao" (life ideal), taking "Virtue" (moral education) as the basis, relying on "benevolence" (caring and devotion), and taking "art" (cultural professional learning) as the content.

"To make friends with knowing" is to uphold Mr. Tao Xingzhi. Unity of knowing and doing "Education thought" seeks educational inspiration from the educational concepts of seeking truth, seeking truth, seeking new and living, seeking Educational Enlightenment of school connotation development, transformation development and characteristic development, and promoting school reform and innovation.

The motto of "taking Confucius as a teacher and making friends with knowing" fits the reality of running a school. In the process of personnel training, the school pays attention to student oriented, pays attention to learning and doing heavy work, pays attention to using first, pays attention to inheritance and innovation, fully embodies the school's pursuit of tradition and modern, theory and practice, inheritance and innovation combined with educational philosophy and university spirit.