Chinese Sun Valley

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 Chinese Sun Valley

Located in the development zone of Dezhou, Sun Valley of China is the largest base of research, development, testing, production, education and tourism of renewable energy in the world.

Jointly named by the Renewable Energy Society of China, Renewable Energy Committee of China Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association, and Solar Energy Thermal Utilization Committee of China Rural Energy Industry Association, and relying on leading enterprises such as Huangming and Yijianeng, the industry scale is expanding continuously, and has developed into the world's largest solar photothermal R&D, testing, manufacturing logistics and photovoltaic terminal research. The production base has become a window for the world to understand and learn about China's solar energy industry.

The Fourth World Sun City Congress was held in Sun Valley of China in 2010.

Solar Valley Information

China Sun Valley: Located at the junction of Dezhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Lingxian Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province, China, the headquarters of Huangming Group is built by Huangming Solar Energy Company and Yijianeng Solar Energy Company. It is a collective term for solar energy production, technology research and development, personnel training and related supporting industries. It covers an area of more than 3,000 mu. The image of energy industry cluster is summarized, and a world solar energy "Silicon Valley" integrating production, learning and research is planned. China Solar Valley covers solar water heater (household hot water solution), solar hot water system (unit collective hot water solution), solar energy and building integration, solar high-temperature thermal power generation, solar boilers, solar photovoltaic power generation, solar photovoltaic lighting, temperature screen energy-saving glass, ecological doors and windows, solar air conditioning, seawater desalination and many other categories. According to the plan, China Sun Valley will be built into a world-class renewable energy research and development testing center, manufacturing logistics center, popular science education demonstration center, tourism center, International Conference Center and other "five major centers".

International Conference Center

General situation of conference and Exhibition hall:

Six small conference rooms: small meetings for 15 to 40 people can be provided, and the conference rooms are arranged in a "back-typed" style.

Five medium-sized conference rooms: a small meeting of 50 to 80 people, with "back-typed" layout of the conference room;

Three large conference rooms: 120 people at a minimum and 160 people at any form of meeting requirements;

A super large conference room: 3000 people without pillars, meeting room, can meet large-scale performances, dances, and various forms of meetings;

A large banquet hall (with two private rooms: Blue Sky Hall and Baiyun Hall): 950 people's catering needs (buffet and table meal), performances, drinks, dances, wedding banquets (two private rooms can serve as makeup rooms), meetings (two private rooms can serve as reception lounges), cold meals, parties, birthday banquets, press conferences, academic seminars, etc.

Solar Silicon Valley

More than 500 new technologies are transformed into productivity every year

Sun Valley of China: It is the largest solar energy industry gathering place in China and the largest solar high-tech incubator in the world at present. Solar Valley collects the world's top solar thermal utilization technology, and controls the "interference coating, high temperature thermal power generation, temperature screen energy-saving glass and other solar thermal utilization, building energy-saving core technology. There are more than 500 new technologies transformed into productivity every year, most of which are the world's leading or unique new technologies and products. For example, Huangming uses patented interference coating technology to produce "three senior managers", "four senior managers" and UTLE polar super-cold pipes, and exclusively controls the production technology of coated steel pipes, the core component of high temperature thermal power generation. Huangming always leads the development trend of the industry in the field of solar thermal utilization in the world.

The rate of independent intellectual property rights is over 95%.

Sun Valley of China: It has a set of industrialized production system of solar energy heat utilization products in the world, and its independent intellectual property rate is over 95%. This industrial system is established by Huangming through independent innovation without reference and introduction. It covers the control of upstream industrial chain, core technology, automation production line and detection technology, including the world's first automatic production line of vacuum tubes, the world's largest, most testing projects and the finest standards of Huangming Technical Testing Technology Center. (It has 20 laboratories, more than 1,000 testing items and more than 350 enterprise standards, more than seven times the international standards). Huangming's annual promotion is more than 2 million square meters, which is equal to the total of the European Union and more than twice that of North America.

In the field of solar thermal utilization in the world, the scientific and technological research and development capacity of Sun Valley in China has been in the lead in the world. Tomorrow, China's Solar Valley will become the incubator of the world's leading solar technology and products, where the world's solar "Silicon Valley" is rising.

Global Leadership in Solar Energy Automation Production

With the industrialization and automation level of global solar energy production still very low, in December 2008, Huangming Group launched the world's first automatic production line of solar water heater, which indicates that the fundamental bottleneck restricting the development of solar energy has been broken through, and the world's first solar energy automation model factory has also emerged. Large-scale "replication" and "transplantation" of the production line will no longer be a problem. This will accelerate the industrialization of solar energy in the world, and further promote the promotion of the global low-carbon economy, thus promoting the development of energy conservation and emission reduction, which will bring immeasurable economic and environmental benefits.

In the face of environmental protection, business always acts as a rebel, but the "Huangming Model" has opened up a "road of harmony between business and environment" and realized a win-win situation between environment, market and industry. In more than ten years, Huangming has completed the industrialization road that western countries can only complete in 60 to 100 years. He has sought solutions for global energy substitution and become the benchmark of sustainable development of renewable energy in the world.

In May 2006, Huang Ming, chairman of the Huangming Group, was invited by the United Nations Headquarters to attend the United Nations Forum as a guest speaker. He introduced to more than 100 member countries and dozens of international organizations the sustainable solar energy model of China created by Huangming (hereinafter referred to as the "Huangming Model"); in April 2008, he was invited by the United Nations once again to attend the United Nations Asia Forum in Bangkok, Thailand. Taizhou Business Forum and delivered keynote speeches to further promote the "Huangming Model" to the world. In September 2008, Huang Ming was elected Vice-Chairman of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) to promote the Huangming model worldwide, which will change the unsustainable development status of renewable energy in the world, mainly driven by the government.

The 2010 World Sun City Congress is held here

China Sun Valley: is the host of the 2010 World Sun City Congress. The main venue of the Congress, Riyuetan Lake Weipai International Hotel (hereinafter referred to as Riyuetan altar), is a landmark building of China Sun Valley. It is invested and constructed by Huangming Group. It is the largest solar energy building in the world, with a total building area of about 75,000 square meters. On September 1, 2008, the headquarters of Huangming Solar Energy Group moved to Riyuetan.

Sun-Moon Temple integrates display, scientific research, office, conference, training, Hotel and other functions. It is the world's pioneer to achieve the perfect combination of solar hot water supply, heating, refrigeration, photovoltaic power generation technology and architecture. Building energy saving is over 70%, plus 60% heating, refrigeration, energy saving efficiency is 88%, fully in line with energy saving, environmental protection, humanization, ecology and other future fashion perspectives of "green". The "five-star" building standard is a model project combining comprehensive utilization technology of solar energy with energy-saving technology of buildings. Huangming Solar Energy Group not only improves the technical standard system of solar energy application, but also independently develops a number of solar energy products with independent intellectual property rights, which provides strong technical support for the large-scale promotion and application of solar energy buildings.