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Chinese Cheongsam QiPao

When it comes to the beginning of cheongsam fashion, it is generally believed that in the period of the Republic of China in the 20th century, Mr. Zheng Yimei said that "the original women wore short clothes in the Qing Dynasty, but did not wear cheongsam, and Qipao was only used after the Republic of China". As for the specific year, previous studies are relatively vague. Both Mr. Zhou Xibao and Ms. Zhang Ailing thought that the popularity of cheongsam was after 1921. Based on the materials of pictorial in 1923, Zhou concluded that the so-called cheongsam was only one or two of the dozens of people in Shanghai at that time. In fact, based on the sensitivity of Shanghai's press to social phenomena at that time, a new style of fashion was bound to cause widespread concern. However, it was difficult to find the words about cheongsam in newspapers such as Shenbao before May 1925, and a large amount of information provided evidence for the emergence of Cheongsam in 1925. In Beijing, as the old capital, there are also records that Qipao fashion began in 1925. Therefore, it is reasonable to regard the beginning of the popularity of cheongsam as 1925.