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China Agricultural University (China Agricultural University), referred to as "China Agricultural University", is located in Beijing City By Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China Directly under the central authority Deputy ministerial level Organizational system Ministry of water resources , Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and Beijing City Co building, ranking Construction of world class universities " 985 Project "," 211 Project " 2011 plan "," 111 plan " Excellent engineer education and training plan , Excellent agricultural and forestry talents education and training plan , Overseas high-level talent introduction scheme , National construction of high level university postgraduate projects , Chinese government scholarship to receive international students in China , National University Students' cultural quality education base 。

China Agricultural University is the origin of modern agricultural higher education in China. Its predecessor was founded in 1905. Beijing Normal University Agricultural University. 1960 was The State Council It is listed as one of the 64 key universities in the country. In 1984, it was listed as one of the 10 institutions of higher learning in China. In September 1995, Kasetsart University in Beijing And Beijing Agricultural Engineering University Merger and establishment of China Agricultural University. Jiang Zemin Comrade himself wrote the name of the school.

After hundreds of years of development and accumulation, China Agricultural University has developed into a research university, forming a group of disciplines with distinctive characteristics, complementary advantages in life sciences and agriculture, resources and environmental science, information and computer science, agricultural engineering and Automation Science, economic management and social science. stay life sciences , agricultural science , Environmental ecology Such areas have outstanding influence. In the fourth round of the first round of discipline assessment in the country, 6 first level subjects were evaluated by A+, and the number of A+ subjects was ranked sixth in the national universities.

According to the official website of the school in May 2018, there are 11503 full-time undergraduates and 7780 full-time graduate students, including 4486 postgraduate students, 3294 PhD students, and 233 postdoctoral researchers. There are 1679 full-time teachers. Academicians 12 people. Changjiang Scholars There are 27 distinguished professors.

Historical evolution

Three sources

· College of agriculture, Peking University

China Agricultural University is the origin of modern agricultural higher education in China. Its history originated from Beijing University College of agriculture. 1898, the first national comprehensive university in modern China. Beijing Normal University Founded in 1905, the Agricultural University, one of the eight sub universities of Beijing University, began to construct, which is the earliest source of China Agricultural University.

From 1905 to 1938, the school went through three periods: the late Qing Dynasty, the northern Yang and the Kuomintang government.

In February 1914, the Agricultural University was reorganized into a national Beijing agricultural specialized school. Its aim was to teach agricultural higher learning and develop specialized talents. It was one of the eight famous national schools in Beijing.

In March 1923, Beijing agricultural specialized school was changed to national. Kasetsart University in Beijing 。

In 1928, the Kuomintang government changed Beijing into Beiping, implemented the university district system, and merged the nine national schools of Beijing to form the national Peiping University.

After the outbreak of the war of resistance against Japan in 1937, Beiping University moved to Xi'an, and joined with Beiping Normal University and Beiyang Institute of technology. Xi'an provisional University 。

In 1938, the Ministry of education of the national government, on the ground of "developing higher education in Northwest China and improving the culture of frontier provinces", ordered the temporary University of Xi'an to move to Hanzhoung instead of South China. National northwest United University The temporary college agricultural college was changed to the northwest United University Agricultural College. In July of the same year, the Agricultural College of the northwest Associated University merged with the national northwest agriculture and Forestry College to form the national Northwest Agricultural College.

In October 1946, Peking University resumed its studies in Peking. Peiping University Institute of agricultural reconstruction, agricultural college.

In July 1949, Furen University The agricultural college is incorporated into the Agricultural College of Peking University.

· College of agriculture, Tsinghua University

The second source of China Agricultural University is Tsinghua University Agricultural college. In 1921, Tsinghua School set up agriculture courses and set up courses such as crop science, fruit tree horticulture and animal husbandry. In 1934, Tsinghua University founded the Agricultural Research Institute. During the war of resistance against Japan, the Agricultural Research Institute carried out a large number of investigations and studies on Plant Pathology, physiology and entomology in Hebei and Yunnan, and trained a group of agricultural science and technology talents. In 1946, Tsinghua University's demobilization Peiping was founded on the basis of the Institute of agriculture.

· Agricultural College of North China University

The third source of China Agricultural University is North China University Agricultural college. The Institute was the predecessor of the Department of biology, Yanan Academy of natural sciences, founded in 1940 by the CPC Central Committee. In 1943, the Yanan Academy of natural sciences incorporated Yan'an University In 1944, the Department of biology of the Academy of Sciences was converted into an agricultural department. During the civil war, the Academy of natural sciences moved to North China. In March 1947, in order to carry out the rural mass production campaign and serve the war and the people, the Shanxi Hebei Lu Yu border area was established in Changzhi, Shanxi on the basis of the Department of agriculture of the former Academy of natural sciences. North College Agricultural college. In July 1948, North College and North China United University merged to set up North China University, and the agricultural college was changed to North China University Agricultural College and moved to Shijiazhuang, Hebei.

Merging schools

· Kasetsart University in Beijing

In September 29, 1949, the three colleges and universities of Peking University, Tsinghua University and North China University merged to form the first multi-disciplinary and comprehensive new agricultural higher learning institution in New China.

In April 1950, the school was officially named Kasetsart University in Beijing 。

In 1954 and 1984, Kasetsart University in Beijing was listed by the State Council as one of the six key institutions in the country and one of the ten key universities in China.

In November 26, 1981, with the approval of the State Council, the school became the first batch of doctors and master's degree conferring units in the country.

· Beijing Agricultural Engineering University

In 1952, the adjustment of national institutions of higher learning was carried out. The Agricultural Machinery Department of Kasetsart University in Beijing was merged with the Central Agricultural Ministry machinery farming school and the North China Agricultural machinery school, and the Beijing mechanized agricultural college was established. In January 1953, some teachers and students from Plains Agricultural College merged into the Mechanized Agricultural College of Beijing. In July of the same year, it was renamed Beijing agricultural mechanization college. In October 1960, the school entered the ranks of the 64 key universities in the country. In 1981, it became the first batch of national doctoral and master degree conferring units. In October 1985, the Beijing agricultural mechanization college was renamed as Beijing Agricultural Engineering University 。

· China Agricultural University

In September 1995, approved by the State Council, Kasetsart University and Beijing Beijing Agricultural Engineering University The merger and establishment of China Agricultural University has become a new type of Kasetsart University with larger scale and more integrated disciplines. Jiang Zemin Comrade himself wrote the name of the school for the school.

In 1998, schools were included in the national key construction. 211 Project Colleges and universities.

In 2003, schools entered the national key universities. 985 Project Colleges and universities.

In 2005, China Agricultural University celebrated its centenary.

In 2006, it was selected as the national cultural and quality education base for college students.

In 2007, it became one of the first 17 Pilot Universities to reform the training mechanism for graduate students.

In May 2012, it was appraised by the Ministry of education as "the typical experience college for graduates in the whole country".

In September 2014, the first batch of outstanding agricultural and forestry talents education and training project pilot universities were selected.

In December 2016, it was recognized by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission as the first batch of Beijing to deepen the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration University.

In January 2017, the Affiliated Middle School of Kasetsart University was renamed as Beijing. Affiliated Middle School of China Agricultural University 。

In September 2017, China Agricultural University was elected to the state. "Double First-Class" initiative List of universities in the world.

In March 2018, it was selected as the first national level of the Ministry of education. New engineering research and practice project 。 July, 2018 Typical experience of innovation and entrepreneurship in China 。

In July 2019, National Conservation Tillage Research Institute, China Agricultural University Established.