Cheongsam goes to the world

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Cheongsam goes to the world

As early as 1933, Chinese cheongsam won the silver medal at the Chicago World Expo.

The Organizing Committee of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo has customized 60 sets of tapestry cheongsam as gifts from the Chinese government to the wives of heads of state, each worth 100000 yuan.

The wives of consuls general in Shanghai also wore cheongsam to participate in charity performances.

When foreign tourists come to Shanghai, they often regard custom-made cheongsam as the first program and regard it as the representative of Chinese elements.

The media reported that American audiences wore cheongsam to watch the performance of Chinese Culture Festival.

Pierre Cardin, a famous French fashion designer, once said: "in my evening dress design, a large part of my works are inspired by Chinese cheongsam."

For the 2008 Olympic Games, more than 10 pieces of cheongsam are required for the opening ceremony of China's Olympic Games.

For European and American stars, wearing cheongsam in public may be more to add exotic flavor to themselves. Chinese and foreign media have released beautiful cheongsam photos of Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, Kelly Milo, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lopez, Bjork and Hamasaki.

The cheongsam style of Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lopez, British supermodel Ji moss, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckhams and Celine Dion can prove the international influence of cheongsam.

The wives of Lee Kuan Yew, the "father of Singapore" and the wife of Lee Hsien Loong, the current Prime Minister of Singapore, all wear cheongsam as their gowns.

Vietnamese officials believe that the traditional Vietnamese dress ao dai (odei) originated from Chinese cheongsam, and that the Chinese name of Ao Dai is Qipao

On August 29, 2006, Malaysia issued a set of stamps on the traditional costumes of various ethnic groups in Malaysia. Among them, the Chinese women's dress is cheongsam.