Cheongsam and fan

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As the saying goes, the pipa is half covered. What did ancient beauties use to cover their faces? The first reaction must be a fan! Fans are also the most common accessories in ancient times. Men use paper fans and women use round fans. Chinese traditional fan culture has a profound cultural heritage, which is an integrated part of the Chinese culture. In the period of the Republic of China, the elegant cheongsam beauty is indispensable to a superb group fan!

The beauty holds a fan to cover her face, and the literati and poets can't help but associate the Tuan fan with the beauty of cheongsam. They even wrote in the poem, "the white fan in the hand is as pure as the autumn moon." Such a beautiful sentence. Since ancient times, the group fan is a symbol of hazy beauty. The paintings on the fan are the objects of women's affection, and they are also the incisive interpretation of women's charm, tenderness, implication and elegance as well as thousands of amorous feelings.

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