Cheongsam Qipao anecdotes

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Cheongsam Qipao anecdotes

Helen foster snow is the widow of snow, the author of a journey to the West. This book records his meeting with Mao Zedong in Yan'an cave dwelling period. Helen was only 23 when she first went to Shanghai in 1931. Helen's good friend Polly went all over the United States to raise money for "Gonghe" in China. After learning that, Song Qingling sent her own cheongsam and asked Polly to wear it when she gave speeches all over the country. The snow and his wife arrived in the Philippines to continue to raise money for China's "Gonghe". Polly gave the cheongsam to the snow couple again. On March 17, 1998, 58 years later, the beautiful cheongsam returned to China from the United States and returned to Song Qingling's former residence, No.46, Houhai Beiyan, Beijing.

2. The number of cheongsam pieces in Song Meiling's wardrobe is probably the best in the current Guinness world record. The large number of cheongsam pieces of Song Meiling was closely related to a diligent tailor. The tailor's name is Zhang Ruixiang. He is a male tailor. The reason why Zhang Ruixiang was taken good care of by Song Meiling was that she was delicate and loyal. Zhang Ruixiang worked hard almost every day to make cheongsam for Song Meiling. He could make a cheongsam every two or three days. After making it, Zhang Ruixiang held the new cheongsam to Song Meiling for credit. Generally, Song Meiling only takes a glance and orders people to take it into her closet for safekeeping, and then she never sees her wear it again. Therefore, Song Meiling's cheongsam is likely to be worn from one set to another, and there will be no too many changes. Apart from taking a rest on New Year's Eve, Zhang Ruixiang spent all her time making clothes for Song Meiling. In addition, some of the official wives, large and small, gave Song Meiling clothes, which made Zhang Ruixiang busy for the whole year. Song Meiling's super large wardrobe has become the world's largest cheongsam storeroom.

3. Chiang Kai Shek once hated his foreign daughter-in-law, Jiang Fangliang, the Belarusian wife of Chiang Ching Kuo, whose original name was fina ibatyva vahriva. He refused to meet him without wearing a cheongsam.

Cheongsam is the favorite of Eileen Chang

The master who once made cheongsam for Zhang Ailing recalled:

"How many cheongsam pieces have I made for Eileen Chang? I can't remember the exact number, but each cheongsam is" constructed according to the drawing ". For example, the cheongsam she wears in winter has a pile inside, and the head should not be too high or too hard, because she said, "the head of the cheongsam is high and hard, and the head and neck are straight, so it's uncomfortable to sit and write." Tight fitting, narrow long sleeves, slit at both sides to the knee. Plus a "sea tiger fur" coat. I like to wear Qipao with low collar and girdle in spring and autumn. And the style of Qipao she painted in summer, such as "no collar, short sleeves, length to the knee", which is called "cool Qipao", should be called "dress", and has been popular until today. My master is a magnanimous person who adores Eileen Chang. He was not only indifferent to Zhang Ailing's "deviant behavior" (giving her cheongsam pattern to me to make for her), but also praised: "Zhang Ailing has become a fashion designer!"

Eileen Chang once said: even when a woman who has no heart again talks about her "last year's Brocade jacket", she is also devoted to love.