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        Chengdu cold pot is a traditional local snack in Sichuan. It belongs to Sichuan cuisine department. It first appeared in the middle of 1980s. But slightly different. It consists of a variety of vegetables, meat cut into irregular shapes, and then used to do a good job of bamboo sticks to put these dishes into a string, and finally put it into a special recipe pot processing cooked to eat.

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        Chengdu cold pot string, grass-roots food is the embodiment of the most popular, it is actually the predecessor of Sichuan and Chongqing hotpot or another form, so people often call it a small hotpot.

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        Cold pot string is not only spicy and spicy taste, but also affordable price. Vegetarian five hair, meat one yuan, some characteristics of 2, 3 yuan. Cold pot string of dishes are various, vegetable: lotus root slices, potatoes, head dishes, cabbage, kelp, green bamboo shoots, tribute dishes, lettuce, tofu, broccoli and other meat: County liver, chicken claws, duck paws, chicken, wings, characteristics of crispy sausage, ham sausage, rabbits, etc.

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            As a special flavor snack in Chengdu, cold pots are popular among men, women, old and young. Invest 1-2 million to set up a special cold pot series of snack bars, careful management, monthly income of tens of thousands is not a problem.

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