Chengdu Weiran flower sea

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Chengdu Weiran flower sea

Weiran flower sea is the largest flower sightseeing base in Chengdu, the top 50 rural tourism base in Chengdu, the most beautiful flower appreciation base in Chengdu, Chengdu music industry base, top 10 flower appreciation tourism destinations in Sichuan Province, China Youth International Camp, and national AAAA tourist attraction.

The basic orientation of the scenic spot is: Ecology + culture + fashion. Yuran flower planting is dominated by herbs, supplemented by wood, and characterized by space flowers; cultural industry is dominated by music, with other categories; Fashion activities involve many fields, with strong experience. The scenic area has rich business forms, including small train sightseeing, helicopter sightseeing, amusement facilities, RV camp, outdoor development, parent-child research, cultural experience, conference and exhibition, accommodation, wedding services, etc.

Weiran flower sea is a typical scenic spot with interaction of primary and tertiary industries and integration of cultural industries. Music activities and formats are a highlight of the scenic spot. The scenic spot has music square, music exhibition hall, music experience hall, cactus Music Festival theme hall, kilometer music wall and other facilities. At the same time, it also has the brands of spring wave music festival, sunset spring wave electric syllable, cactus Music Festival, star nest Music Festival and other landing Music Festival, and has the largest independent music incubator and two platforms of "maritime Silk Road Music Alliance". More than 50 music activities are held in the scenic area every year, and more than 1000 musicians from home and abroad come to the beautiful flower sea.

In the future, Weiran Huahai will be committed to building a music town, an industrial base and a tourist destination with multi industry integration and obvious international exchange characteristics. Weiran Huahai music town covers an area of 6800 mu, and its main industrial support includes music Park, music complex, music commune, etc. The project is listed as the key project of Chengdu to establish the Western cultural and creative center.


inspiration source

The landscape of Weiran flower sea scenic spot is designed by the vice president of the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University, Sudan, following the design principle of sustainable development, combining the characteristics of earth art, Rural flowers and urban country park landscape, reflecting the functions of sightseeing tourism, leisure and health care, and characteristic cultural experience. The design inspiration comes from the inspiration of the dynamic change of butterflies. With the change of flower period, colorful butterflies appear The visual effect of flying.

Flower condition

The space flower planting area of the park is more than 800 mu, mainly including sunflower, Verbena, goldfish grass, delphinium, drunken butterfly flower, calendula, gerbera, Verbena, echinacea, ageratum, etc.

Matching situation

The park is also equipped with star nest music exhibition hall, element hill house, children's playground, sightseeing tea room, sightseeing train and other functional facilities and equipment.

Main attractions

There are main scenic spots in the scenic area: tourist center, middle room, star nest music exhibition hall, cactus, ceramic workshop, RV camp, element hill house, cabin, Lily original multi-functional hall.

Star nest music exhibition hall

There are many famous musicians' signature guitars, vinyl records and other special music items in Xingchao music exhibition hall for tourists to visit and understand music knowledge.


There are not only tropical rainforest plants and desert plants in the cactus Museum, but also cactus, baobab tree, bottle tree, aloe and other plants growing in the cactus Museum, where you can drink tea and rest, usually flower sea featured snacks and hand grab rice, to increase the pleasure of visiting.

Features of scenic spots

The scenic spots can enjoy the following special items: re walking the long march road, self-control aircraft, electric turnip car, helicopter flower appreciation, international performance, tent camping, flower sea food, team development, student outing, private small parties, banquets, forums, auto shows.

Activities held in the scenic spot

Spring Wave

In 2017 and 2018, the spring wave music festival, Asia's largest outdoor music brand, kicked off. At this spring wave music festival, famous artists and bands such as Xiao Jingteng lion chorus, Zhang Zhenyue, Chen Qizhen, mchotdog and so on brought wonderful performances.

Independent music commune

On the afternoon of September 28, 2017, the press conference of independent music commune settled in Chengdu and the opening ceremony of hundred regiment war was held in Weiran Huahai, Longquanyi District, Chengdu. 100 groups of independent musicians from all over the country will pass the hundred Regiment Battle arena competition, the 40 top 20 PK competition and the 10 top competition competition in the Weiran Huahai music square, Chengdu, and gradually advance to compete for 120000 yuan of competition bonus and million venture capital funds. They will also receive the words and deeds of senior musicians in the master training camp of independent music commune

Cactus Festival

Cactus Music Festival is a local music brand in Chengdu. It made its debut in 2018, becoming the third music festival brand settled in Yuran Huahai after chunlang Music Festival and sunset chunlang Music Festival. It is also a business card for Yuran Huahai to build a music town. The festival lasts for two days, with 27 groups of powerful musicians performing on the stage, attracting more than 16000 audiences for a single performance.

Chengdu earth art and Culture Tourism Festival

On the morning of September 30, 2016, the first Chengdu earth art and Culture Tourism Festival officially opened in Weiran flower sea, Longquanyi District, Chengdu. The festival is attended by 10 well-known artists at home and abroad, including curator Sudan, Wei erqiang, Yu Jianshi, Qiao WANYING, Zhang Jian, Dong Shubing, Ren Rong, Wang Guobin, Wang Ning and Liao Bangming. This earth art and Culture Tourism Festival is the first attempt in China to focus on experiments and exhibition of earth art creation. Taking the opportunity of Chengdu's construction of a national center city and an internationally renowned cultural and creative center, efforts will be made to build the Weiran flower sea in Longquanyi District into a new comprehensive eco-tourism and sightseeing agricultural specimen with ecological diversity, cultural enrichment and functional integration.

The first pumpkin Carnival in Chengdu

On September 21, 2019, Yuran Huahai pumpkin carnival was launched. The largest pumpkin exhibition in Southwest China opened, with 50000 Jin of pumpkins gathered in the flower sea. The carnival pumpkin theme park is mainly composed of four parts: Pumpkin fairy landing, pumpkin paradise, pumpkin post station, pumpkin home, etc. there are more than 1000 pumpkins piled up into a yellow pyramid, surrounded by cute wooden houses full of pumpkins, three nearly 200 Jin giant pumpkins distributed throughout the park, creating a total of 12 photo spots.

The first Hakka Folk Lantern Festival in Longquanyi

The "2019 Chengdu · Longquanyi first Hakka Folk Lantern Festival" hosted by the people's Government of Longquanyi District was lit on January 31 in Weiran Flower Sea Scenic Area of Longquanyi District. With Hakka culture as the core, the lantern festival sets up nearly 100 groups of super large lantern groups through new space, new creativity and new technology. At the same time, it creates six plates, namely, the annual flavor area, the Hakka folk culture area, the charm Longquan area, the Nepal cultural tourism festival area, the parent-child garden area and the new spring market.

China Sichuan Nepal Cultural Tourism Festival

On February 1, 2019, China (Sichuan) - Nepal Cultural Tourism Festival kicked off in Chengdu Longquanyi District. This cultural tourism festival is supported by the Nepalese Embassy in China, the Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Provincial People's government, the Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal People's government, Chengdu culture, radio, television and Tourism Bureau, Chengdu Longquanyi District People's government, and hosted by Nepal National Tourism Bureau. During the activity, there were a series of activities such as Nepal photography exhibition, Nepal literature and art exhibition, Nepal art and featured commodity exhibition, Nepal featured food festival, Nepal health culture experience, etc.

Hand in hand international children's Music Festival

On July 20 and 21, 2019, handinhand hand in hand international children's music festival was held in the sea of flowers. The band of this music festival was the pink skirt band that won the "best children's record in America" and the Dutch cool brother band that was born for children's music.

2019 the first handicraft art festival of Longquanyi District

The final of 2019 "craftsman Cup" handicraft competition and the closing ceremony of the first Longquanyi handicraft art festival were successfully held in the original multi-functional hall of Yuran flower sea lily. With the theme of "inheriting the spirit of craftsman and spreading folk art", this art festival will contribute to the construction of "world famous cultural and creative city" in Chengdu's "three cities and three capitals" plan, and promote the cross-border integration of cultural and creative industries from online to offline.

Traffic information

Bus trip

Metro Line 2 to exit D of Longquanyi, transfer to bus 850 to get off at Weiran Huahai station, Xingguang Road, and then transfer to bus l021 to get off at Weiran Huahai station, Shuishan Road

Take bus 219 or l024 from Xihe station exit a of Metro Line 4 to Luodai Passenger Center Station, and then take bus L21 to Weiran Huahai station on Shuishan Road

Self driving trip

Direction of chengluo Road: Chengdu downtown - chengluo Avenue - Luodai Ancient Town - chenghuan road - Xingguang road - Weiran flower sea

Chengdu Xiamen Expressway (G76): Chengdu Chongqing Expressway - exit of sunshine city - Weiran Huahai

Chongqing Chengdu Expressway (g5031): Chengdu an Chongqing Expressway - Luodai exit - Weiran Huahai

Warm tip: just enter the beautiful flower sea from the side of Tong'an gas station


In May 2017, it was awarded the title of "one learning and one doing" education practice demonstration base by Chengdu Longquanyi District Committee of the Communist Youth League