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Chengdu Institute of Physical Education is one of the six institutes directly under the former State General Administration of Sports. It is now a co-established Institute in Sichuan Province with the State General Administration of Sports. It has the longest educational history in China. The school is located in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, adjacent to the famous historical sites Wuhou Temple. There are more than 9300 full-time undergraduates and more than 1300 doctoral and postgraduate students. School environment is elegant, infrastructure layout is reasonable, sports training venues, teaching and scientific research and experimental equipment, books and literature support and related school buildings and other public service systems can better meet the needs of personnel training. In the long-term development process, the school adheres to the school motto of "keeping vigorous while keeping vigorous", adheres to the train of thought of "traditional school-running style, reform, innovation, gathering vitality, multi-service, expanding influence and connotation development to a higher level", and has formed a distinct school-running characteristic of "body-oriented, infiltration of sports medicine, combination of sports and literature".

Education has a long history. The predecessor of the school is Sichuan Provincial College of Stereo Education, which was founded in 1942. In the early days of the school, the founders always adhered to the belief that the strength of the national physique is closely related to the prosperity and decline of the nation and the survival of the nation. They planted the spiritual gene of "resolute, resolute, indignant and strong" for adults. In 1950, after the people's government took over, the school was renamed Chengdu Physical Education College; in 1953, it was transformed into Southwest Physical Education College, which entered the ranks of six major physical education institutions under the new China's key construction; in 1956, it became more famous; in 1957, it began undergraduate physical education; in 1958, it was the concern of Marshal He Long, then director of the State Sports Commission. Next, the school established the first sports hospital in the country; in 1960, it established the Department of Sports Health; in 1962, it established the Institute of Sports History, which specializes in the study of sports history in China. It opened the research of sports history and soon formed its advantages. In the 1950s and 1960s, marshal He Long hailed as "two branches of flowers" of Chengdu Institute of Physical Education. After the reform and opening-up, in the new stage of development, the school advocated the style of study of "hard work, red and professional", strengthened the training standard and orientation of "one specialty and multi-abilities", carried out the research of new sports disciplines, and compiled and published "Modern Sports Science Series" in the 1980s and 1990s, which still has a wide influence. In the new century, schools have seized the opportunity of enrollment expansion of higher education, adapted to the needs of national sports development for high-level professionals, actively expanded the discipline layout, and realized the leap from single discipline to multi-discipline.

The development trend of the teaching staff is good. In the long run, the school has trained and trained a large number of outstanding teachers, such as Professor Zheng Huaixian, a famous martial artist, former chairman of China Wushu Association, founder of Zheng's School of Bone Trauma of Traditional Chinese Medicine, famous expert in sports history, and Professor Zhou Xikuan, former convener of the evaluation group of sports disciplines of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council. There are more than 1200 on-the-job faculty members, including 600 full-time teachers and nearly 240 senior titles. There are experts from the subject evaluation group of the National Social Science Foundation projects, talents of the Ministry of Education in the new century, academic and technical leaders of the State Sports Administration, experts from the Government of the State Council on special allowances, members of the National College Physical Education Steering Committee, members of the National Sports Master's Degree Education Steering Committee and Sichuan Academy. Technological leaders, outstanding experts with outstanding contributions in Sichuan Province, famous teachers of teaching in Sichuan Province, famous traditional Chinese medicine in Sichuan Province, National Sports Administration of China, etc. 91 experts of various kinds, including "100 persons for outstanding young and middle-aged professional and technical talents" plan candidates; 44 full-time and part-time doctoral tutors; 146 international and national judges, 6 international health associates and sportsmen Four; more than 30 visiting professors and part-time professors at home and abroad.

The distribution of disciplines and specialties is reasonable. The school is the authorized unit of doctoral degree, and the affiliated sports hospital is the innovation practice base of Sichuan province and the national post-doctoral research workstation. The school is based on undergraduate education and has 17 teaching units. There are 21 undergraduate majors, including 8 subjects such as cross-education, medicine, literature, management, economics, science, art and history. The school has four Master's Degree Authorization Level 1 disciplines, including Physical Education Doctoral Degree and Physical Education, Clinical Medicine, Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Journalism and Communication, and 14 Master's Degree Authorization Level 2 disciplines. It also has four Master's Degree Authorization Points, such as Sports, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Journalism and Communication, and Art. The school has five key disciplines in Sichuan Province, three of which are key disciplines construction projects in Sichuan Province, and sports science and sports medicine are "two first-class" disciplines in Sichuan Province.

Talent training has achieved remarkable results. Schools adhere to the idea of "moral education first, multi-abilities, combination of general education and comprehensive development", and have achieved remarkable results in personnel training. They have achieved excellent results in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching level in 2006. Over the past 76 years, more than 60,000 graduates have been trained, represented by Major General Sun Xuechuan, founder of our military physical training, and Yin Jian, Olympic windsurfer champion, to make due contributions to the national sports and education. Four of the undergraduate majors have been approved by the Ministry of Education as the construction point of characteristic majors in Colleges and universities, and seven majors as the characteristic majors in Colleges and universities in Sichuan Province. The school currently has 88 national and 255 provincial-level projects such as "undergraduate teaching project", "undergraduate teaching quality and teaching reform project" for its characteristic majors, planning textbooks and "Dachuang" projects. Among them, the "five-year undergraduate talent training mode reform" of TCM specialty was selected as the pilot project of the Ministry of Education's Excellent Doctors (TCM) education training plan reform, the physical education specialty as the pilot project of comprehensive reform of national specialty, the "table tennis" as the national top-quality course, and seven textbooks as the "11th Five-Year Plan" and "12th Five-Year Plan". National-level planning textbooks; 1 national-level college students off-campus practical education base. Two second-class awards for teaching achievements of national higher education were awarded. From 2009 to 2017, he won 21 provincial and ministerial awards for teaching achievements, including 2 first-class awards and 6 second-class awards. The school is the national high-level sports reserve personnel training base, the National Weightlifting reserve personnel training base, the National Wushu routine youth training base and the national track and field sprint, hurdle reserve personnel training base, undertaking the task of training high-level competitive talents and excellent reserve personnel for the country. According to the school-running policy of "learning and training, scientific training" and the theme of "combining sports and education, exploring constantly, training talents and winning glory for the country", it has formed advantages and characteristics in weightlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, martial arts, track and field, water polo and other sports. Since 2009, our school has won more than 640 gold medals, 480 silver medals and 450 bronze medals in the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the World University Games, the Asian Games, the Asian Championships, the National Games, the National Championships and the National Sports College Competitions.

Scientific research work has steadily improved. Since 2009, the school has undertaken more than 1400 scientific research projects, including 45 national projects (including one major project of the National Social Science Fund) and more than 300 provincial and ministerial projects. It has formed high-level scientific research achievements represented by the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Achievement Library, and obtained excellent achievements in philosophy and Social Sciences in Sichuan Province. Thirty-seven provincial and ministerial research awards, including the first prize for outstanding achievements. There are key research bases of Sports Social Sciences of the State General Administration of Sports, Sichuan Sports Social Sciences Research Center, Sichuan intangible cultural heritage research base and Sichuan Sports Health Social Sciences Popularization Base. There are "Sichuan Key Laboratory of Sports Medicine" and "Key Laboratory of Sports Medicine of State Sports Administration" and two experimental teaching demonstration centers in Sichuan provincial universities. The school edits and publishes academic journals "Journal of Chengdu Institute of Physical Education" and "Research on Physical Education", among which "Journal of Chengdu Institute of Physical Education" is the core journal of Chinese, the Journal of characteristic science and technology of Chinese universities, CSSCI source journal and RCCSE core academic journal of China. The school also has a collection, exhibition, popular science research and cultural heritage as one of the only thematic museums in domestic universities with the theme of Chinese sports history.

The advantages of serving local economic and social development are prominent. Under the new opportunity of the reform of the National Sports Association, the school has led the establishment of the National School Sports Volleyball League, Sichuan Sports Dance Association, Sichuan Campus Football Association, Sichuan University Tennis Association, Sichuan Fighting Association and Sichuan Sports Products. A series of trade associations, such as Academic Research Promotion Association, have further broadened the platform of training school talents and social services, effectively improved the ability and level of serving the society, and enhanced the voice and influence of the school industry. For a long time, the school has actively played the professional advantages of sports medicine, provided scientific and technological research and medical services for the national and Sichuan sports teams, helped the national short track speed skating team, the national women's tennis team, and the national shooting and archery team win gold medals in the Olympic and Asian Games, and made positive tribute to the development of national and local competitive sports. Offer.

Extensive foreign exchange and cooperation. Schools insist on opening up as an important way to improve the level of running schools, and constantly strengthen and deepen foreign exchanges and cooperation. At present, the school has established exchanges and cooperative relations with more than 30 universities and scientific research institutions in 20 countries and regions, such as the United States, Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It has also established a joint training system of "2+2", "3+1" and "3+1+1" bachelor's and master's degree students with many world-renowned universities. Schools are institutions of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education with the qualifications to recruit overseas Chinese and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

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