Chengdu Metro Line 1

Home Travel Guide 2020-11-28

Chengdu Metro Line 1 is the first metro line to be completed and put into operation in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. It is the first metro line opened in Western China. The first phase of the project was opened on September 27, 2010, The phase II project (Century City station to Guangdu station) was put into operation on July 25, 2015, and the third phase project (weijianian station to shengxianhu station, Sihe station to science city station, Guangdu station to wugensong station) was opened on March 18, 2018, with the sign color of blue.

Site nameEarliest Latest Transfer station
Weijianian06:1523:00Line 27
Shengxian Lake06:1723:03
North Railway Station06:1023:06Line7,Line 18
North Renmin Road 06:1223:08Line 6
Wenshu Monastery 06:1423:10
Luomashi 06:1623:12Line 4,Line 18
Tianfu Square 06:1823:14Line 2
Jinjiang Hotel 06:2023:16
Huaxiba 06:2223:18 Line 13
Sichuan Gymnasium06:2423:20Line 3,Line 18
Nijiaqiao 06:2623:21Line 8,Line 18
Tongzilin 06:2823:23
South Railway Station 06:3023:26Line 7,Line 18
Hi-Tech Zone 06:3223:28
Financial City06:3423:30
Incubation Park06:3623:32Line 9,Line 18
Jincheng Plaza06:3823:33
Century City06:4023:36Line 18
Tianfu 3rd Street06:4223:38
Tianfu 5th Street06:4423:40
Huafu Avenue06:4623:42
Haichang Road Line 18
Hongshi Park
Luhu Lake
Wuhan Road
Tianfu Park
Western China
International Expo City
Line 6,Line 18
Guangzhou Road
Xinglong Lake
Science City