Chengdu Giant Panda Base tourist service

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Chengdu Giant Panda Base tourist service

Tourist Centre

The tourist center is located 40 meters to the left of the entrance door of the scenic area (first floor of the Giant Panda Museum), with a building area of more than 400 square meters.

Consulting service: friendly, patient and meticulous staff can provide more consultation services for tourists.

Rest facilities: it can accommodate more than 30 tourists to rest. In addition, tourists can enjoy TV programs, read newspapers and related landscape publicity materials of the base.

The tourist center provides the activity program notice of the scenic spot (including the program of the day and the notice of staged activities) to facilitate tourists to arrange their itinerary.

Convenient service facilities: in order to facilitate the majority of tourists, the staff also provide free water dispenser, microwave oven, sewing bag and other convenient service facilities.

Rental portable optional voice guide equipment and provide interpretation services.

Postal service: if the tourists are still in the mood after visiting the scenic spot, they can choose the special commemorative postcard of the base to mail them to their relatives and friends, leaving warm memories for the whole trip, so that the beauty of life and nature will always be around.

Explanation service station

The center is equipped with wheelchair for the disabled, children's cart, crutches for the elderly and voice guide services for special groups. The number of official interpreters in the base is The number of them is suitable for the scale of tourist reception. There are 18 senior researchers in the base who can serve tourists. There are four kinds of Chinese, English, Japanese and Cantonese. Tourists can choose Chinese, English, Japanese and Cantonese tour guides as well as senior tour guides to provide more professional explanation services for tourists. Tourists can also choose the portable optional voice guide service provided by the base for ordinary tourists, which is convenient and affordable.

Parking lot

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base has its own parking lot, which is located on the north side of panda Avenue and the right side of the base. It covers an area of up to 16000 square meters; the ground of the parking lot is hardened ground. According to the standard parking lot, the parking lines and parking zones are set up with different color tiles and lines, and the return line, entrance and exit are set up, and the parking management Pavilion is set up, and the management system of the parking lot is perfect; the parking lot is covered with good green vegetation and coordinated with the surrounding landscape; there are more than 30 large car parking spaces, small parking spaces There are more than 70 parking spaces. There are standard parking instructions inside the parking lot, and the parking space is sufficient. Equipped with base security personnel and strict and standardized management system, it brings great convenience for tourists.

Sightseeing car

If tourists visit the base on foot, the whole journey will take 3 hours, and it will take 1-1.5 hours to visit the base by sightseeing and environmental protection battery car.

Note: the ticket price is 10 yuan, valid on the same day

Site: Gate - Giant Panda Theater - plantain - Giant Panda Kindergarten - Swan Lake

medical service

The panda base has set up a clinic (first-aid station) specially for tourists, with obvious location, full-time medical staff, daily medicine, first-aid kit, ambulance stretcher, etc., with complete infrastructure and strong processing capacity.

All kinds of signs, tourist centers, tickets and free tourist maps in the scenic area have clearly indicated the rescue telephone number; and has signed the transportation agreement with the nearby "Chengdu 416 Hospital of the Ministry of nuclear industry".

Shops and restaurants

"Panda House" gift shop

Buy a gift and give a love

The Panda House is located on the right side of the entrance of the gate area of the base. Its location is reasonable, and it is connected with the gate area building skillfully, which reserves a spacious access and viewing space for tourists.

The exterior walls of Panda House are decorated with brown wood materials, and its style is harmonious with the landscape of the base gate area and naturally integrated with the base buildings, which fully highlights the ecological characteristics of the base. The layout of the store is reasonable, and the containers and commodities are placed orderly and standardized. The sales staff are warm and polite, providing both Chinese and English services, which brings great convenience to tourists at home and abroad.

Tourist Service Center shopping mall

The shopping mall of the tourist service center is located on the left side of the tourist service center. It is an open shopping mall with appropriate area and strong functionality. The wooden shelves are placed compactly and reasonably. All kinds of tourist souvenirs with Chinese traditional characteristics are displayed in a standard way, which can be clearly seen by tourists and create a small and warm shopping space.

Panda Library

The shopping mall of panda bookstore is located next to the panda charm theater. The book house is compact and compact with panda charm theater. Its layout is clear, the books are arranged orderly, and the wooden building appearance is harmonious with the landscape in the base, showing a simple ecological style.

Panda Restaurant

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is equipped with Chinese restaurants, leisure open-air teahouses and snack bars. The Chinese restaurant can accommodate 200 people at the same time. Chefs have their unique cooking techniques, mainly traditional Sichuan cuisine. At the same time, there are various travel packages, conference meals and all kinds of banquet meals. The outdoor tea house can accommodate 100 people to enjoy tea at the same time.