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Chen Sheng

Chen Sheng? In the first 208 years), Yangcheng (now Southeast of Dengfeng, Henan) To talk about southwest of Shangshui County in Henan today People. One of the leaders of the peasant uprising in the late Qin Dynasty.

The first year of Qin II (209 BC), United Wu Guang Lead the garrison to start Daze Township (now Suzhou, Anhui) uprising has become a pioneer in revolt against violent uprising. Chen Jun Be king and establish Zhang Chu regime.

After Qin was defeated by Zhang Han, he was harbored by Jia Fu Zhuang. mangdang mountain After Liu Bang became emperor, he succeeded in tracing Chen Sheng as a "hidden king".

Paul Mauriat's History

Early experience

Chen Sheng worked as a hired laborer when he was young. Qin Dynasty In the period of brutal rule, class oppression was very deep. He was unwilling to be enslaved and sympathized with his own fate. One day, he said to the partners who plowed the fields, "if there's anybody who is rich, don't forget a poor brother who has suffered hardships." Everyone listened to the joke: "let's sell our strength to farming, where is the wealth?" Chen Sheng sighed with emotion and sighed, "how do you know the ambition of the swan?"

Uprising against Qin

Second Emperor of the Qin dynasty In the first year (the first 209 years), in July, the imperial court drafted a large number of troops to defend. Yuyang (now in the southwest of Miyun, Beijing), Chen Sheng is also on the list and has been appointed as the leader. Tuen Chang He and 900 other poor peasants were escorted by two Qin officials and traveled to the Yuyang city day and night. From Xing to Qi County Daze Township (now Anhui) Suzhou When the West Temple slope Township encountered heavy rain, the road was blocked by flood and unable to pass. Everyone saw that the arrival time of Yuyang was almost urgent. Ants on a hot pot I don't know what to do. In accordance with the law of Qin's coolest, anyone who has been asked to arrive at a designated place on time must be punished.

At the critical juncture of life and death, Chen decided to plan the uprising. This evening, Chen Sheng secretly sought another director Wu Guang. Wu Guang Yang Xia people are also poor backgrounds. Although they met soon, they were friends who had nothing to say. Chen Sheng said to Wu Guang, "our present situation is also to die, and to escape is to be brought back to death. Instead of being dead, why not choose to die for national affairs and do a great job? Chen Sheng then analyzed the current situation: "people in the world have been suffering from the rule of the Qin Dynasty for a long time, and the people's exorbitant taxes and service penalties for the Qin Dynasty have come to an unbearable degree. I heard of emperor II. Hu Hai yes First Emperor of Qin The youngest son should not have succeeded. The successor was the eldest son. Fu Su Fu Su was sent to take the troops out for his repeated admonition. But he was killed by the second world without reason. Another celebrity is called. Xiang Yan He was once a famous soldier of the Chu Kingdom. He was outstanding in military service and loved soldiers. Now the people do not know whether these two people are alive or dead. Why don't we call on the whole world to fight against the tyranny of the Qin Dynasty in their name? Wu Guang admired Chen Sheng's courage and thought that his idea accords with the hearts of the people at that time. He fully supported Chen Sheng's decision of "dead country" and "great plan".

Religious superstition prevailed in ancient times. Chen Sheng he Wu Guang After a great deal of planning, he has devoted himself to finding out a good fortune. The clever divination knew what they meant, and said, "your business will be successful, and you can make great contributions to the people. But you can ask questions about ghosts and gods. "Chen Sheng and Wu Guang were very happy after hearing this, and from the words of the divination, they realized the revelation of" ghosts and gods "by ghosts and gods. So they wrote three words of "W ng" with a cinnabar on a silk handkerchief. They were stuffed into the fish belly caught by fishermen. The soldiers came back to eat the fish and found the "Dan Shu" in the belly of the fish. They all felt surprised. At the same time, Chen let Wu Guang lurk to a barren temple near the camp. He lit a bonfire at the temple in the middle of the night, pretending to be a wildfire, imitating the voice of a fox, and shouting "Da Chu Xing, Chen Sheng Wang" loudly. The sleeping soldiers were awakened and terrified and frightened. On the second day, the soldiers were listening to each other, pointing at Chen Sheng. In addition, when Chen Sheng was always warm and friendly to his subordinates, he linked Chen Sheng's image with the revival of Chu. Chen Sheng's prestige in the hearts of the soldiers was even higher.

When Wu Guang saw that the time was basically ripe, he took advantage of the two officers who had escorted the officers to get drunk and deliberately threatened to run away, so as to provoke them to escort them to the side. The two drunken wrath wrath, and scolded and whipped Wu Guang, causing dissatisfaction among the soldiers and coax them up. Wu Guangfen grabbed a famous soldier to kill him, and Chen Sheng killed another captain.

Then, Chen Sheng summoned 900 soldiers together and said loudly, "we are caught in a heavy rain here. We can not arrive at Yuyang in due time. We will be killed if we miss the deadline. Even if we are not beheaded, we will have to kill six or seven of the people who defend the frontier. Besides, if a good man dies, he will die. Are there any expensive species of kings? "Chen Sheng's powerful and powerful words, the voice of everyone, the resentment and anger of the soldiers towards the Qin Dynasty, like the flood of the dyke burst out, shouted in a chorus:" we are willing to obey your orders! So, under the guidance of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang, the men exposed their right arm as a sign, and built the altar's pledge. Fu Zi Chu announced the uprising of Xiang Yanzhi. Chen Sheng set himself up as a general and took Wu Guangwei as a general. He took down daze village in one fell swoop, and then quickly seized the county town of Qi county. The first large-scale peasant uprising war broke out in Chinese history.

Establish political power

Chen Sheng and Wu Guang's "great plan" made a positive response to the people in the vicinity who were suffering from Qin's suffering. They were "chopping wood for soldiers, revealing poles for the flag" and joining the uprising team. Under the leadership of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang, after the attack of Qi County, less than a month later, even grams. Xian County (now Anhui province) Suixi County ) Xian County (now West Wing), Ku county (now Luyi county). Zhe County (now Zhecheng county), Qiao County Anhui Province Bozhou City Qiaocheng district and other five counties soon brought the revolt of the uprising to their hometown. Central Plains The earth.

Chen Sheng is a farmer leader who has a strategic sense. After controlling the large areas at the junction of Anhui and Henan, they decided to attack strategic points. Chen County Chen county was the capital of Chen state in the two and spring and Autumn period. In the later period of the Warring States period, it was once the capital of Chu state. Six wars in Qin Dynasty After that, Chen county was set up as a county rule. The importance of its status is obvious. If we can take Chen County, it will undoubtedly be a great blow to Qin. So Chen Sheng led the uprising army directly. Chen Cheng At that time, the rebel army had chariots six or seven hundred times, more than 1000 cavalry, and tens of thousands of Pacers. Chen's sheriff and county magistrate were frightened and fled. deputy to the chief of a prefecture (county deputy) shrink from the city. Fight stubbonly with one's back to the wall Already A badly frightened person The defending City Qin army collapsed quickly under the strong offensive of the uprising army. The rebellion killed the county Cheng, and entered the county town of Chen county.

Chen Sheng called the local government after Chen county. county official in charge of culture (in charge of local civilizing officials) and Heroes (prestigious people) to discuss plans. These people are not from Peasant class But they also witnessed and witnessed the tyranny of the Qin Dynasty, especially seeing that Chen Sheng led the uprising army for only a month, even in kcount county. They also respected Chen Sheng and recommended Chen Sheng to be king. They said, "general, you are going to battle yourself with your armor, holding weapons, fighting down the cruel and incompetent state of Qin, restoring the state of Chu. But there are also a few different arguments: Chen Sheng's self reliance as king will make the world feel that Chen Sheng is selfish and unwilling to follow. Chen Sheng thought over and over again, and finally made a decisive decision to call Wang Li Guo. Chen county was the capital city, and the number was Zhang Chu. Zhang Chu " Zhang Dachuguo With the slogan of Zhang Da Chu as the slogan, the first peasant revolutionary regime in Chinese history was established. Although Chen Sheng's banner is "Zhang Chu", it is not aimed at restoring the homeland of Chu, but to overthrow the Qin Dynasty and save the poor people in the world. This is his " Lofty ambition It is better to think of the emperor. Set an example by personally taking part It is also his strategic consideration of the unified command of the uprising army. Later, the practice of peasant revolution strongly proves Chen Sheng's necessity to call Wang Liguo.

Zhang Chuzhengquan The establishment of Zhang Chu's banner has promoted the climax of anti Qin struggle across the country. It has become the symbol of the peasant uprising center and displayed great appeal. Everywhere, in the name of the "Zhang Chu army", they all started to punish local officials and kill them to respond to Chen Sheng's call. The fire of peasant uprising has become a prairie fire. Under the impetus of the peasant revolution, some of the aristocratic remnants also gathered in the old army and started to fight against Qin. At that time, the famous leaders of various anti Qin forces were there. Liu Bang , Xiang Liang , Xiang Yu , Ying Bu , Peng Yue And many others.

Faced with the increasingly fierce situation of anti Qin struggle, Chen Sheng, with the help of Wu Guang and other farmers' political power members, further confirmed the "main force of the west, a little bit of a little land", and finally overthrew the overall strategy of the Qin Dynasty. He appointed Wu Guang as the False King (vice king) and led the main force of the uprising army to attack West. Xingyang By the way of correspondence Valley, they went straight to the capital of Xianyang. At the same time, he ordered the troops to set up the troops in Nanyang to enter the Wuguan pass, and then to turn around. Subsequently appointed Wu Chen , Deng Chung , Zhou Shi , Zhao Ping Wait for the general to go north to the Yellow River. Zhao Area (northwest of Jinshan, southwestern Hebei) To the south, take the Jiujiang County, go deep into the Huainan area, attack Guangling (now Jiangsu Yangzhou City North), and Wei's old land, take the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the south of the Yellow River (Kaifeng). For a time, the fire of the anti Qin struggle burned all over the river. All the uprising troops fought bravely and fought fiercely, and the peasant revolution reached a climax.

Failure of Western Expedition

But what Chen Sheng did not expect was that Wu Guangjiu attacked. Xingyang No, the Western army was blocked.

Xingyang is an important gateway to Guanzhong. Battleground Nearby, Qin also hoarded a lot of grain. Ao Cang Taking Xingyang away, we opened the gateway to Guanzhong. Taking Ao bin again can cut off the supplies of the Qin army, and also solve the problem of the Quartermaster's Quartermaster. The strategic intention of Chen Sheng faction to attack Xingyang is very clear. When the news of Wu Guang's defeat in Xingyang was passed back to Chen County, Chen Sheng was very anxious. Zhou Wen For the general, he used the west to beat Qin, and used the conditions of the army of Wu Guang to pin down the main force of the Qin army, and bypassed Xingyang to take the correspondence valley.

Zhou Wen Jun Capture many strategic points , Carry all before one He has been playing in the theatre of Xianyang only a hundred Li from the capital of Qin Dynasty (now Shaanxi). Lintong Territory. On the way, the people rose to respond, and the troops continued to expand. At that time, they had chariots and thousands of soldiers and hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

voluptuous Second Emperor of the Qin dynasty Hear the rebel forces approaching Xianyang, such as A bolt from the blue , Be frightened and change color When the capital was empty and the troops were unable to deploy troops, they had to be pardoned in accordance with Shao Fu's strategy. Lishan Mausoleum Hundreds of thousands of employees Criminal He was a general and temporarily organized the army to block the uprising army. The peasant uprising troops that are being recuperate have been hit by hundreds of thousands of Qin troops. Be taken by surprise He was forced to withdraw from Guanzhong. In Cao Yangting (today Lingbao northeast) defended and fought against the Qin army for dozens of days, he was defeated again. Mianchi The strong and unyielding Zhou Wen was defeated by the enemy for more than ten days after several setbacks and no food and aid.

After the defeat of the Zhou Wen army, Zhang Han led the troops to move eastward, and the peasant army besieged Xingyang faced. Have enemies in front and rear The danger of the rebel generals Tian Zang Contrary to false king Wu Guang's opinion, "false king is arrogant, does not know the military power, must not plan with the enemy", but actually killed Wu Guang by the name of Chen Sheng, which led to the rebellion army. The whole army was wiped out

Trouble breaks out at home

The situation began to reverse. The weaknesses and contradictions within the rebel army are gradually exposed. On the one hand, Queen Chen Shengcheng's thoughts gradually evolved, and the relationship with the masses was increasingly estranged. For example, a fellow townsman who used to work with Chen Sheng to land the landlords was told that he had been a king. Dengfeng Yangcheng's hometown came to Chen county to find him, and knocked for half a day. Until Chen Sheng went out and stopped shouting his nickname, he was summoned to take a bus back to the palace. Because Chen Sheng was his old friend, he came in and out more casually. Sometimes he told Chen Sheng about some old things in his hometown. Soon, someone said to Chen Sheng, "your guests are ignorant and nonsense, which is damaging to your dignity." Chen Shengbian was so ashamed that he killed the "false" partner. The words "rich and precious, do not forget" were thrown in early. Be flung to the four winds Since then, everyone of Chen Sheng's old friends has left on his own, and has never been closer to Chen Sheng since then. On the other hand, with the development of anti Qin struggle, the centrifugal tendency of the revolutionary contingent is also spreading. The generals Chen Sheng sent to all over the place were all bent on competing for the king. Such as the northern expedition. Wu Chen He became king of Zhao and transformed into a leader of separatism. Its ministry will Han Guang After he took the strategy of Yan Di, he also established himself as king of swallow. Taking the old part of Wei Zhou Shi Though he did not set himself up as king, he established the descendants of Wei. Wei Zheng To be a king and to be self appointed Wei Xiang Cut the ground and protect itself. At the same time, the heroes everywhere responded to Chen Sheng's control and directly isolated the Chen Sheng "Zhang Chu" regime as the main force against Qin, which gave the Qin army the chance to fight back.

Qin Zhang Zhang relieved the rebel forces' encirclement of Xingyang and then attacked Chen county with all their might. Qin II two years (the first 209 years, the early Han Dynasty inherited the Qin system, October was the beginning of the year), in December, Chen Sheng, who was a pro peasant army soldier and the Qin army launched a fierce battle, although struggling hard, and ultimately failed to recover the defeat, forced to retreat to the lower town father (now Anhui). Mengcheng In the northwest, we are ready to reunite our forces and fight against Qin. But I didn't expect to be followed by my driver for months. Zhuang Jia Kill, Become Eternal regret

Chen Sheng appointed Zhu Fang to do Zhong Zheng. Hu Wu He was a secretary, specially inspecting the faults of ministers. The generals seized the place to return to Chen County, and ordered to be slightly disobedient. They took charge of the crime and sought the loyalty of Chen Wang with the harshness of their courtiers' faults. Anyone who does not like them will be punished without authorization if they are wrong. Chen Wang trusts them very much. The generals were no longer dependent on him for these reasons. This is why Chen Wang failed.

Chen Sheng was killed and aroused his old attendant and general. Lu Chen Great grief and indignation. He is in Xinyang. Anhui frontier North, to carry out the flag, and to form " Cang Jun Chen took back from Qin army and killed the traitor of Qin army, Zhuang Jia, and erected the banner of Zhang Chu. The Ministry of development, which was originally ordered to go eastward, will be called for peace. Upper pillar state Make it through. Wujiang The West strikes the Qin Dynasty. The struggle against Qin revived again.

Chen Sheng started from the plan of uprising, to the king and the country, and then to the defeat of the victim, but only half a year before, but he lit up the majority of China. Although Chen Sheng was dead, he died in Qin Dynasty. Three years later, the peasant uprising army led by Liu Bang was killed in Xianyang and overturned the rule of violent Qin. In the history of China, the first large-scale peasant war finally won.

After Chen Sheng's death, he was buried and buried. mangdang mountain Southwest of the main peak. After emperor Liu Bang was crowned emperor, he seized Chen Sheng as a "hidden king", and sent 30 family guards. Chen Sheng tomb He also sacrificed sacrifices to Chen Sheng every year according to the royal treatment.

Main achievements

Chen Sheng launched the first large-scale peasant uprising in Chinese history, becoming a pioneer of the anti Qin army and the first peasant uprising in China.

After Chen Sheng occupied the army of Chen County, he became the official king of the country and the "Zhang Chu". This is the first political power established by peasants in Chinese history.

Character evaluation

Jia Yi The rate of dispersal will turn hundreds of people into Qin. Chopping wood as a soldier, revealing the pole as a flag, the world will respond to the clouds, and win grain and scenery from Shandong.

Yang Xiong Or ask Chen Shengwu Guang, saying: "chaos." He said, "if not, then Qin will not die." Say: "Qin Qin?" We fear that Qin will die before it dies. "

Huang Tan In the past Prince of Qin see Zhou room In order to preserve the status of the princes, we should keep the state of Kyushu, and see all the people in the streets, and all the sheep and pigs gather together. Chen Sheng, Chu , Chinese Salty by cloth, not sealed by monarch, and destroyed by Qin, then defeated.

Zhang Xie The heaven is expensive, and the four seas are rich. Who does not want to be? Righteousness must not be denied. Chen Sheng, Xiang Ji, Wang Mang, and the disciples of Gong sun are all alone in the south.

Lee rail It is not enough to be lucky to use it lightly, but not to be lucky.

Zhao Xu Chen Sheng was partial to singing before Liu Ji raised his sword and prospered. Fu Liu, Chen Zhujie, Bu Yi also have no power of Wu and Chu, but they have to compete with the emperor.

Si Ma Zhen The world is Hungary and Hungary. There is a shortage of people in the sea. Chen Sheng's first affair is Zhang Chu. Ghosts are by themselves. Ge Yingdong, Zhou Wenxi refused. Zhu Zhu house and Hu Wu. When you see it, you have no heart. Who is Zhuang Jia, who is the father of the city?

He Qu Fei Fang Chen Sheng's first thing is that the heroes of the world compete for the West and punish Qin. The cover shook his arm and took millions of people with his armor. It is also a kind of young man who is stubborn in mountains and woods. His survival or defeat depends on the first World War.

Hong Mei Chen Sheng is out of garrison, and once he makes no effort to ignore it, the hero in the sea starts to respond to the clouds, and starts to punish him. A few months later, the first world war failed, but unfortunately it fell to the hands of the king. Though he was dead, he died in Qin. From the beginning of Jiangshi, Jiangdong also called Chen Jiang's order and Du Jiang. What is the power of the Qin Dynasty? And at the beginning of the king, everything was created, and from the words of Chen Yu to Confucius's son, he was a doctor, and the Supreme Master was a teacher. Han Gao Di placed the tomb at Dang for two hundred years. Sub cloud means chaos, why evil? If we kill Wu Guang, punish the old man, forget the old and forget the emperors.

Liu Ke Zhuang It takes a long time to work hard, but a long way to go. Qin lost the deer, the first is the Han fish.

Guo Zheng Yu Since the ancient times, the calamity of the people did not arise from the four foreigners, but from the small people. Qin Zhi Qiang, the merger of six countries, the world of disturbance, not six countries, but also Chen Sheng, Wu Guang one or two small people.

Zhou Enlai Fu Chen's involvement in migration is nothing but morality. When the fishing sun was called, Qin moved. Those who made Liu Bang succeed did not make the power of non involvement. If Chen Shesheng is not arrogant, he will still love the people in the past, but he will fight for more strength and strength. Han is Chinese, but it is unknown. What a hero! Alas! Those who died in Qin Shihuang were also not Chen. Chen She died in the Qin Dynasty. In the case of the first emperor, the first emperor could not consider the six states. The latter can not be self-taught, nor is it sympathetic to Chen Shesheng.

A burial

Chen Shengmu is located. Yongcheng Northeast mangdang mountain Southwest of the main peak. The existing tomb is 5 meters high and its circumference is about 50 meters. Surrounded by bluestone walls, high tops, down Xu Mi Zuo Engraved in the middle Guo Moruo The book is "the tomb of Chen Sheng, a leader of peasant uprising at the end of Qin Dynasty".

After the failure of Chen Sheng uprising, he was killed by Chabu Zhuang Jia, and the Minister Lu Chen chop Zhuang Jia and buried Chen Shengyu. mangdang mountain Chen Sheng advocated the anti Qin merit in the Western Han Dynasty. Gao Zu It was the 30 family that had been involved in the preservation of the tomb. In 1975, the state allocated special funds to refurbishment, 4000 square meters of ground, stone tomb, carrying pine and cypress, and guarding the tomb.

Historical records

Sima Qian's historical records volume forty-eight. Chen's family Eighteenth "

Ban Gu, Han Shu volume thirty-one, Chen Sheng Xiang biography first.


Gou Fugui, don't forget: This is also a famous saying in the early days of Chen Sheng's hard labor. It means "if you are rich, don't forget (me)".

A swallow is aware of ambition. This is a famous saying by Chen Sheng early. How do you know the ambition of the swan? After comparison, ordinary people know the aspirations of heroes.

This is also the slogan that Chen Sheng and Wu Guang shouted when they uprising. It means that those who are the kings are natural. Expensive species Do you? Through this, we call on the vast numbers of poor peasants.

A rebellion is afoot This is Chen Sheng. Wu Guang False reference Fox ghost In order to mobilize the story of the mass uprising, the fire is placed in the cage at night, which makes it faint like phosphorous fire and learning from the fox at the same time. Later, it is used to compare planning uprising.

Rise up in arms Speaking: Chen Sheng and Wu Guang led the peasant army to resist the violent Qin, chopped the trunk as a weapon, raised the bamboo pole as a flag, and resisted. Refers to the people's uprising.

Chen Sheng and Wu Guang shouted slogans when they rebelled against the violent Qin Dynasty, which meant that they were to fight against inhuman (rulers) and destroy the cruel Qin Dynasty.

Gang is king Chen Sheng has worked as a king for six months. Where is the king? Chen County So it's called Chen Wang. And surrounded by a group of like-minded people, meaning collusion Gang, flock together, won the throne.