Chen Jingrun

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Chen Jingrun

Chen Jingrun (May 22, 1933 -1996 March 19th), male, Han, non party personages. Fujian Fuzhou Man, a contemporary mathematician.

Studied from 1949 to 1953. Xiamen University The Department of mathematics was assigned in September 1953. Beijing No.4 Middle School Teach. In February 1955, by then Xiamen University Headmaster Ya Nan Wang Sir, return to his alma mater. Xiamen University Assistant professor of mathematics. In October 1957, due to Hua Luogengbest-known Chinese mathematician Professors appreciation Chen Jingrun was transferred to Institute of mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences A detailed proof of (1+2) was issued in 1973, which is generally acknowledged to be right. Goldbach's conjecture Significant contributions to the study. Elected in March 1981 Chinese Academy of Sciences Member of academician (academician). He was a member of the Mathematics Department of the State Science and Technology Commission and a researcher at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 1992 appointed Journal of Mathematics Editor in chief.

At 1:10 p.m. on March 19, 1996, Chen Jingrun was there. Beijing Hospital He died at the age of 63.

In December 18, 2018, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, The State Council Conferred Comrade Chen Jingrun Pioneer of reform Designation Reform pioneer Medal And was encouraged to encourage youth to climb the peak of science.

Paul Mauriat's History

Born in Fujian province in May 22, 1933. Minhou County (now Fuzhou city) Cangshan District Shing Mun Town Lei Lei Village )

Admitted in February 1948 Affiliated Middle School of Fujian Normal University Former Fuzhou Yinghua high grade spring class.

In 1950, senior high school was admitted in advance. Xiamen University Mathematics and physics department.

From 1949 to 1953, he studied in Xiamen University Department of mathematics. After graduation, the government is assigned to Beijing fourth middle school Teach.

1953-1954 years in Beijing No.4 Middle School Teaching, because of unclear articulate, was "suspended to return home for illness".

Repatriated in 1954 Xiamen University As a reference clerk, at the same time number theory Right. Combinatorial mathematics Problems related to modern economic management, scientific experiments, advanced technology, and human life are also studied.

1955 2 menstruation then Xiamen University Headmaster Ya Nan Wang Sir, return to his alma mater. Xiamen University Assistant professor of mathematics.

In 1956, the issue of the tower was published and improved. Hua Luogengbest-known Chinese mathematician Mr. Elementary theory of heap The result.

In September 1957, due to Hua Luogengbest-known Chinese mathematician Professor's attention, transfer Institute of mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Be a research intern.

1960-1962 years, transferred to Chinese Academy of Sciences Dalian Institute of chemical physics.

1962 term Assistant Research Fellow

In 1965, he said he had proved (1+2) by his brother. Wang Yuan After review, in June 1966 Chinese science bulletin Published on.

In 1966, the expression "the sum of even numbers is a prime number and a product without more than two prime numbers" is called "1+2". Goldbach's conjecture Research Milestones.

He was in 1973. Science in China "1+2" has been released in detail and improved the numerical results announced in 1966. It immediately caused a sensation in the international mathematics community, and it was generally acknowledged that it was right. Goldbach's conjecture The great contribution of the study is the glorious vertex of the sieve theory. His achievement has been called "Chen's theorem" in International Mathematics circles, and it has been written into many books of numbers in six countries, including the United States, Britain, France, Soviet Union and Japan. This work also made him and Wang Yuan , Pan Chengdong In 1978, he won the first prize in Chinese Natural Science Award.

He was seriously ill in 1974. Premier Zhou Personally recommended for the four NPC deputy, and was elected to the Standing Committee of the NPC.

In January 1975, he was elected deputy to the Fourth National People's Congress and the five or six NPC deputy.

In 1977, he was promoted to a researcher.

In 1979, the minimum prime number in arithmetic progression was finished, pushing the minimum prime number from 80 to 16, which was well received by international mathematics circles.

1979 should be the United States Princeton Institute of advanced studies The invitation to lectures and visits has attracted wide attention from foreign counterparts.

Elected in 1980 Chinese Academy of Sciences Member of physics mathematics department. ( Academician )

Elected in March 1981 Chinese Academy of Sciences Member of the faculty. ( Academician )

It was designated as a first class researcher in 1988.

1992 appointed Journal of Mathematics Editor in chief, won the first session. Hua Luogeng prize in Mathematics

At 1:10 p.m. on March 19, 1996, Chen Jingrun was there. Beijing Hospital He died at the age of 63. His last dedication to the cause of science was to donate the remains for hospital anatomy.

Main achievements

In 1957, Chen Jingrun was transferred to Chinese Academy of Sciences As a new starting point, the Institute worked harder. After more than 10 years of calculation, in May 1966, he published his thesis "the sum of even large numbers is a prime number and a product of no more than two prime numbers". The publication of the paper is highly valued and praised by the world's mathematicians and famous mathematicians. British mathematician Halberstam and German mathematician Richter wrote Chen Jingrun's thesis into mathematics books. Chen's theorem "

Young Jing Run

A sensational reportage in China. Goldbach's conjecture "Making Chen Jingrun, a mathematical wonder, knows and knows a lot of streets overnight. In March 2, 1973, he published the famous paper "the big even number table is a prime number and a product of no more than two prime numbers" (that is, "1+2"). The proof of Goldbach's conjecture that has not been solved for hundreds of years has been greatly promoted, causing a sensation and being named internationally. Chen's theorem " He has superhuman diligence and tenacious perseverance. He has worked tirelessly for many years in mathematics research, sleeping and sleeping, and working for over 12 hours a day. When suffering from illness, he did not stop his pursuit and made great contributions to the development of mathematics. His deeds and dedication have been widely celebrated throughout the country and become legendary characters and learning models in the minds of generations of generations.

In the Sanming City archives of Fujian Province, there is a collection of Sanming one (formerly known as "the middle school").

Three Yuan county junior high school archives, after years of dust, they seem to be talking about the vicissitudes of history. Turn over the first directory of the third volume, through several pages of thin edged paper, although some of the handwriting is faded, but we can see the famous mathematician Chen Jingrun's footprint in Sanming: in February 1945, it was promoted to three yuan junior high school, the whole class had 18 students, and the length of schooling was three years. In January 1947, Chen Jingrun left the county of three yuan to return to Fuzhou with her father before leaving the second grade.

Stories and legends about Chen Jingrun's high school are widely circulated, but his learning experience and life experience in Sanming are hardly mentioned. Looking through his life information, there is only one simple sentence: "1938-1948 years in Fuzhou 31 primary schools, three Yuan county primary schools, three Yuan county junior high schools, 31 secondary schools in Fuzhou and Yinghua middle school."

Marriage story

In 1977, Chen Jingrun was admitted to 309 Hospital for illness. Wuhan Military Region I have just been sent to the hospital for further education. In the past, Chen Jingrun did not even touch the names of women. Even Chen Jingrun, who had not even said a word, saw a lot of words. Later, Kunqu was sent to Chen Jingrun's ward as a doctor on duty. In this way, there were many opportunities for contact. Chen Jingrun was very happy every time he appeared. One day, Chen Jingrun asked where Kun lived. Do you have a boyfriend or a family? Without being defended by Kun, she said with a straight heart, "no, no, it's still early." From then on, Kun also showed great concern for the Chinese mathematician. Finally, one day, Kun asked the mathematicians around him: "you are a mathematician, many people worship you. Why do you choose me?" In the face of the beloved girl, Chen Jingrun was red faced with anxiety. He would not take the pledge of the young people. For a long time, Chen Jingrun just said, "I have thought, if you do not agree, I will not marry in my whole life." It was this sentence that made her no longer hesitate, and she accepted Chen Jingrun's feelings in a calm way, and she went through 16 spring and Autumn Periods together.

They got married under the help of the organization. From then on, this is called "idiot" and " Weirdo Mathematician Chen Jingrun has a warm home.

Character evaluation

Chen Jingrun is challenging. Analytic number theory The sum of the world's mental limits in the past 250 years. If China has

The one thousand Chen Jingrun is not allowed. ( China net , Deng Xiaoping Comment)

Every job Mr. Chen Jingrun does seems to be The Himalayas It is dangerous to walk on a mountain top, but once it is successful, it will surely affect the world. (French mathematicians) Andre Veil Comment)

Chen Jingrun has a special passion for mathematics, and has amazing perseverance to complete his mathematical research. This is his most valuable personality and quality. ( Changchun daily Comment)    Chen Jingrun is very kind and very approachable. He is very enthusiastic. ( People's net Comment)

In the face of adversity, Chen Jingrun concentrated on his studies and made great achievements in the field of analytic number theory. In 1973, a detailed proof of "1+2" was published in Chinese science, which caused great sensation in the world. It was recognized as a significant contribution to the study of Goldbach's conjecture. It is the glorious vertex of the sieve theory. The International Mathematical circles call it Chen's theorem. So far, it still maintains the world leading level in the study of Goldbach Chai's thought. His advanced deeds and spirit of struggle inspired generations of young people to go all out to reach the peak of science.