Chaoyanggou tourist attraction

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Chaoyanggou Scenic Spot in Hebei Province is one of the 30 most beautiful scenic spots in China, including AAAA-level scenic spots, National Geological Forest Park, National Rural Tour Demonstration Site and Hebei Province. Located in Chaoyanggou Village, Guantao Township, Wu'an City, Handan City, 80 kilometers away, Chaoyanggou Scenic Spot is the hometown of the famous dramatist and director Mr. Yang Lanchun, and the prototype of the story creation of Chaoyanggou, a dramatic work of Wan

cultural background

In 1958, Chairman Mao delivered a speech entitled "The countryside is a vast world with great achievements". He called on the young intellectuals to change the backward situation in the countryside. In order to reflect the characteristics of this era, Yang Lanchun, a famous director from Chaoyanggou, compiled and rehearsed Chaoyanggou in only seven days, based on the story of Chaoyanggou when he went home to visit his relatives and the geographical characteristics of Chaoyanggou. A play, once performed, won the applause of the people of the whole country.

Chaoyanggou Scenic Area is a tourist area developed according to the prototype of this story. Yang Lanchun's former residence, Shuan Baoyinhuan's former residence, Li Zhishu's former residence, the former residence of the Second Lady and the former residence of a small herdsman are preserved in the scenic area. In Chaoyanggou Opera, rope hill, weed bay, sunny slope ridge, falling rock and so on have become scenic spots for sightseeing. Other scenic spots you can visit are Heilongmiao, Jiulianxi, Jiulianwaterfall, Xiangshan, Huashan Cave, Peak Grassland, Longquan Waterfall, Watching Rifeng, Yufeng Pagoda, Yaowang Cave, Notre Dame Cave and so on. Mr. Yang Lanchun pointed out that this is the place where I created the story of Chaoyanggou and the prototype of my creation. And gladly inscription for Chaoyanggou: Chaoyanggou - "diligent people, sincere people strive forward. Good mountains, good waters, good places.


Chaoyanggou is located in the hinterland of Eastern Taihang Mountains, with unique geological landscape, cliff cliff cliff, vegetation coverage of more than 95%, spring Chaoyanggou Peach Blossom Manshan, apricot Blossom Manpo,. In midsummer, butterfly dancing, rippling water, Chaoyanggou is located in deep mountains, high altitude, Qingyazhai 1898 meters above sea level, favored by Korean guests; Mafengyan, the main peak, 1776 meters above sea level, has a cool climate, and is the first choice of mountain climbing enthusiasts at home and abroad. Chaoyanggou is a tourist attraction that integrates tourism, conference, leisure, vacation and entertainment. Chaoyanggou in autumn, dense green pine trees, cumbersome fruits and red leaves all over the mountain make you linger and forget to return. In winter, the snow is drifting, the silver is wrapped in plain, the branches and weeds are covered with ice hanging, glittering and translucent in the sunshine, and the ice waterfalls down the ditch make people seem to have entered the fairy tale world.

There are natural ecological sightseeing gardens, tourist picking gardens, agricultural sightseeing gardens, fruit and tree grafting gardens and green vegetable planting bases for space breeding. It has the first drifting playground and the latest 5D stereo cinema in North China. Accommodation: Four-star hotel conference center, luxury villa, antique courtyard, while accommodating 500 people meeting, accommodation, 2000 people dining. Entering Chaoyanggou Scenic Area, you can feel different cultural backgrounds, different historical conditions, different folk styles and multi-opera performances. In the scenic area, you can feel the simplicity and beauty of the natural scenery of Xiaoshan Village. Compared with the noisy city, you have a fresh feeling of returning to nature.

Chaoyanggou is a magnificent, strange and dangerous place with beautiful scenery. Our ecological garden has five elements: cloud, fog, forest, spring and waterfall. It is the preferred place for people to eat, live, travel, buy, entertain and take shelter from the summer. Chaoyanggou is a good place.


The name of Wu'an is to calm down the chaos and stability of the country by martial arts and to make it long-term peace and stability. The famous figures in history, Su Qin, Baiqi and Li Mu, were all named Wu'an Hou. Wu'an has a long history, simple and unique people's sentiment, beautiful mountain life, the ancestors of human beings are built on the basis of mountains, living near water, felling and burning, endless, handed down from generation to generation, shaping the wisdom of human beings, brave and strong, first into Chaoyanggou, people feel that there will be no one living here, mountains and rivers are full of doubts, Liu Yinhua Ming another village, when you enter the mountain to see the village. Zhuangzhuang, houses, bridges, running water, grinding pans, you will believe that there have been people living here, houses, ancient houses, stone walls, stone houses, stone tables, stone mills, stone roofs, stone courtyards, stone benches, stone gates, built with stones, local materials and natural scenery, natural scenery and human landscape are ten attractive.