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Chaoyang Park in Beijing is a comprehensive and multi-functional cultural recreation and entertainment park with gardening as the main part. It is the largest city park within the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing. Originally known as Shuijiezi Park, it was built in 1984 and renamed Beijing Chaoyang Park in 1992. It is about 2.8 kilometers long from north to South and about 1.5 kilometers wide from east to west. The planned total area is 288.7 hectares, of which 68.2 hectares are water surface and 87% are green land. Chaoyang Park has built more than 20 scenic spots, such as the Central Head Planting Forest, General Forest, Esperanto Forest and so on.

Historical evolution

Chaoyang Park was founded in 1984 and renamed Chaoyang Park in 1992. It is about 2.8 kilometers long from north to South and about 1.5 kilometers wide from east to west. The planned total area is 288.7 hectares, of which 68.2 hectares are water surface and 87% are green land.

Leading comrades of the Central Committee came to Chaoyang Park three times in 1992, 1996 and 2004 to participate in the national voluntary tree planting activities. In December 1999, General Secretary Jiang Zemin personally inscribed the name of the park.

In 1997, Chaoyang Park was listed as a key project for the 50th anniversary of Beijing National Day. In 2001, it was designated as a candidate site for Olympic beach volleyball.

On September 15, 2004, the northern park of Chaoyang Park was built to open the whole park to the public.

Construction process

The development and construction of Chaoyang Park can be roughly divided into four stages.

Preparatory stage

From 1984 to 1988, the main work was the preparation of the park, relying on the surface of the water, a "park without walls" was initially enclosed.

Starting stage

From 1988 to 1995, real estate development and human landscape construction were the main contents.

Speed up the construction phase

From 1995 to 2000, Chaoyang Park organized the "People's Park Construction" project and the "National Day 50th Anniversary Gift" project. In September 1999, the southern scenic spot of Chaoyang Park was built.

Rapid development stage

Since 2000, the Chaoyang District Committee and the District Government have listed the construction of Chaoyang Park as a key project in the district. The Beijing Chaoyang Park Development and Management Company has intensified its efforts in raising funds and promoting the construction of scenic spots, completed the relocation of more than 3900 residents and 40 enterprises in the planned area of the park. On the basis of the completed Southern scenic spots, further green transformation has been carried out and the municipal administration has been improved. Infrastructure supporting facilities, the construction of European charm scenic spot, Cherry Garden scenic spot and sports park scenic spot with tennis center as the core, and the development and construction of 1300 mu of planned land in the whole North were carried out.

Introduction of scenic spots

Chaoyang Park has built more than 20 scenic spots and scenic spots, such as Central Head Planting Forest, General Forest, Esperanto Forest, International Friendship Forest, Layer Forest, Water Tourist Area, Nanmen Scenic Area, Brave People's Paradise, Continental Charm, Greenwood Carnival, Source of Life, Art Square, Waterfront Island, Ecological Water Stream, etc.

The Namdaemun

The south gate of the park holds up two floating clouds for five red pillars. The first one is golden and the second one is silver-gray. From the front, it is a combination of Chinese "21", meaning "entering the 21st century". The first golden cloud symbolizes Phoenix, meaning "Danfeng Chaoyang". The second silver-gray cloud symbolizes dragon, meaning "dragon and Phoenix are auspicious". Five red pillars symbolize the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic. The three-dimensional span of the South Gate is 45 meters, with a net span of 38 meters. The highest column is 24 meters high and the clearance height of the South Gate is 6.05 meters. The design of the South Gate of the park is a large-scale, large-span, big idea, large panorama and full-open design, which gives people a wide, open, generous and beautiful enjoyment. Its style and style are unique in the landscape of Beijing garden gate area.

General forest

"General Forest" is located in the north of the east gate of Chaoyang Park, covering an area of 13334 square meters. It is jointly constructed by Chaoyang Park, Beijing Greening Foundation and Beijing Eleventh Class Association. There are 514 Cuibei trees planted in the "General Forest", which symbolizes 10 marshals conferred by China in 1955 and 1965 and 504 generals in Beijing, and they are planted by themselves or their relatives.

"General Forest" was built on October 18, 1997. The forest building ceremony and the third "Golden Autumn General Day" were held at the same time as the "General Forest" in Chaoyang Park. On October 21, 2000, the unveiling ceremony of the 5th "Golden Autumn General Day", "General Forest" Monument and "General Forest" iconic sculpture was held here.

Tennis Center

Chaoyang Park Tennis Center started construction in September 2001 and was completed in August 2002. Chaoyang Park Tennis Center covers an area of 56,550 square meters, with a construction area of 5823 square meters. It has 11 international standard tennis courts, including a central competition court for 3,000 people and 10 outdoor practice courts. The outdoor practice courts are composed of 8 plastic courts and 2 artificial turf courts.

Olympic Beach Volleyball Course

Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Course is one of the temporary venues for the Beijing Olympic Games. It is located in the old site of the former gas appliance factory in the north of Chaoyang Park. It was designed by China Construction International Design Consultant Co., Ltd. The whole competition site includes a main competition venue, two warm-up venues and six training venues, with a total of 12,000 audience seats. The project planning covers an area of 184,500 square meters, with a construction area of 15,003 square meters and a total building area of 14,169 square meters. It consists of a stadium, two warm-up fields, six training grounds and three subsidiary functional rooms. The main structure of the stadium is steel tubular structure. Greening area is over 70%, which is one of the largest and most extensive venues. The beach volleyball stadium, like the Bird's Nest, is a steel structure building with a steel capacity of 2400 tons. Because it resembles "bird's nest", there are jokes about "bird's nest" in the north and "bird's nest" in the east.

Century Fountain Square

Century Fountain Square is located in the northeast of fireworks Square. It is 200 meters long in North and south, 80 meters wide in East and west. It covers an area of 20,000 square meters. It has absorbed the artistic conception and technology of France, Italy and the United States. Century Fountain Square is composed of artillery, cedar and other types, nearly 600 vents. Century Water Gate in the center of the square consists of 322 water lines and 32 underground fountains, which intersect left and right. Eight "cannon" fountains, with a height of 10 meters and a span of 30 meters, hit the Century Gate directly in the center. On both sides of the fountain are cedar fountains, water splash pinch fountains, mushroom fountains, rainbow curtains and so on. With the addition of "Century Gate" and eight "cannon" fountains, the fountain world is full of eyes. The observatory on the north side of the fountain pool is 3 meters higher than the fountain pool. On the platform lies a row of two-story arc-shaped European-style buildings, 16 meters high and 60 meters long.

Phoenix International Media Center

The Phoenix International Media Center project, located in the southwest corner of Chaoyang Park, covers an area of 18821.83 square meters. It is a key project for the implementation of the cultural development strategy of Chaoyang District and the creation of cultural and creative industries gathering area.

Peace Wall

Beijing Peace Wall, located in the eastern part of the park, was completed in May 2005. It is composed of 16 continuous and connected independent walls. Its overall shape is like a giant dragon with a high head. The terrain of its peninsula is like a pigeon with spreading wings. This layout reflects the moral of China's peaceful rise.

Tourist guide

Driving routes

bus line

Buses passing through the South Gate of Chaoyang Park: 976, 406, 305, 750, 988, 731, 729, 758, 831, 834, 815, 847, 302, 705, 117, 703, 710, 419, 31, 973, 431, 984, 754, 985

Buses passing through the west gate of the park:

419, 710, 852, 752, 984, No. 6

Buses passing through the east gate of the park: 952, 988, 99, 740, 840, 628, 976, 973, 852, Yuntong 111

Buses passing through the north gate of the park: 909, 420, 418, 402, 710, 852, 757, Yuntong 107

Driving route

To South Gate: South Third Ring - East Third Ring - Changhong Bridge Auxiliary Road Turn Right - Park South Gate

North Third Ring-East Third Ring-Changhong Bridge Auxiliary Road Turn Left-Park South Gate

South Fourth Ring-East Fourth Ring-Chaoyang Park Bridge Auxiliary Road Turn Left-Park South Gate

North Fourth Ring-East Fourth Ring-Chaoyang Park Bridge Auxiliary Road Turn Right-Park South Gate

To Beimen: South Third Ring - East Third Ring - Yansha Bridge Auxiliary Road Turn Right - Saxianqiao Road South

North Third Ring-East Third Ring-Yansha Bridge Auxiliary Road Turn Left-Saxianqiao Road South

To the East Gate: South Fourth Ring - East Fourth Ring - Cross Chaoyang Park Bridge, Walk Auxiliary Road, Xinzhuang Bridge Tunnel Turn-Auxiliary Road West

North Fourth Ring-East Fourth Ring-East Fourth Ring-East Wind Bridge, Auxiliary Road, West

Opening Hours

Summer 1 April-31 October

Opening: 6:00, stop ticket: 21:00, Jingyuan: 22:00

Winter: November 1-March 31

Opening: 6:00, stop ticket: 20:00, Jingyuan: 21:00

The total length of the peace wall is 60 meters, which symbolizes the 60th anniversary of the victory of the world anti-fascist war. Walking between rough and mottled walls, experiencing sinking, turning and rising, climbing 60 steps to a bright and open platform through narrowness and spaciousness, implies that the road to peace is not smooth.

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